Top Ten Best Cabin Air Filter Review In 2018

To get your cars all clean and remove off from the dirt, and debris particles it is important to add your car get installed with the premium cabin air filter product. Are you searching for the excellent product? If yes, then let’s scroll down and catch with the list of top ten best and famous cabin air filters reviews in 2018 for you! Catch them all right now!

1. EPAuto CP134 Premium Cabin Air Filter


EPAuto CP134 (CF10134) Honda & Acura Premium Cabin Air Filter has been all added on with the activated Carbon. It does contain the carbon and soda which generates a fresh breeze clean air for the driver and passengers. The enhanced form of the HVAC performance is recommended to undergo replacement after the timeline of the 12,000 miles or every one year. This has been one such kind of the filter can clean your interior air.

It is super easy with its replacement. You just all need to squeeze at the sides of the glove box to lower it down, and hence it does reach it in and then push the side tabs in to hold the filter. You will be able regarding replacing this filter in just 3 to the 5-minute job and requires no tools. You have to remove and replace.  You do need to point down the directional arrow and check the side of the housing to match its direction.


It is much easy to use and replace.

It generates the air.

It contains soda and carbon.

​The cabin air filter is taken to be the ideal replacement for ​many Toyota engines.

It lasts for around 12 months or 12,000 miles.


​It might do not fit some of the models that it advertises to work on.

It hence causes the foul smell at the time of running the HVAC system.

2. Fram CF10134 Cabin Air Filter

Fram cabin air filters will be able to keep up with the 98% of pollen particles and road dust from the side of entering your vehicle. This would be on the whole improving your comfort in driving. This is taken to be the just cabin air filter with a hammer, arm, as well as activated carbon and baking soda that is all the more embedded in the filter media. It will be helpful as in removing any odours flowing through the category of vehicles’ ventilation system.

This is much easy to install. You have to open the glove box. On the very direction of the right hand of the glove box is the latch all along with the hook. You unhook this latch and later on the glove box that will automatically drop. You have to push in the first sides of the glove box to cut to expose the filter area on the whole.


It is much comfortable in installation.

It is easy to filter up to 98% of pollutants and other airborne allergens.

​The cabin air filter will make you provide with the improved airflow in the cabin.

​The Arm and Hammer baking soda is all working using the carbon to clean the air.


It does emit with some foul smell from the HVAC system.

The quality of some of its parts is not high.

It does fail as to filter some pollutants.

3. Kootek Car Cabin Air Filter Review

The Kotex cabin air filter is best when it comes to filtering pollutants ranging from 5 to 100 microns. This is all because of the unique design as the airborne allergens will not affect you or the passengers in the vehicle. This would be much help when it comes to improving the airflow in the car and hence enhances the performance of the ventilation system.

The cabin air filter has been all composed with the carbon and baking soda. These elements are essential in the condition that they will absorb odours and this assures you of the fresh air in the cabin. They will be improving, on the whole, your in-vehicle airflow and quality.


It will enhance the performance of the HVAC system.

​It is much easy to install as it is all accessible with an instruction manual.

​The air filter will on the whole rap dust outside pollen ranging from 5 to 100 microns.

​It is best as it reduces odours in the air due to the combination of soda and carbon.


It would not be suitably fit with some of the models.

Its equipment of the AC may not be as durable as expected.

4. Fram FCF8791A Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter

FRAM FCF8791A Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter with Arm & Hammer is one of the best options to choose right now. This product has the ability regarding keeping up to 98% of the road dust and pollen particles just as away from entering any of your vehicles to improve comfort in driving. It has also been added on with the cabin air filter that is allowing baking soda, Arm, as well as activated carbon and Hammer that are embedded in the filter media. It will be much help as in removing odour that may flow through the vehicle’s ventilation system.

Fram FCF8791A is taken to be much easy to install. It is all the more generating better and more powerful air flow. It will be much pleased with the results of the clean cabin air filter just as after following the included instructions.


It is much easy to install as it has been adjusted with the pre-treated and ready to fit.

​You can make it clean and re-use this cabin air filter, that is quite economical.

​This cabin air filter will hence control odours by capturing mould, as well as allergens, mildew, pollen, fungus, plus the germs, spores and bacteria.


As the filter is new so it might emit a foul smell.

It is pricey.

5. ECOGARD XC36115 Cabin Air Filter Review


The ECOGARD XC36115 is taken to be one the whole the best cabin air filters on the market. It hence improves the air quality by 99.5%. It does this all the way by removing the allergens, dust, and also the pollens. It will be leaving you and your passengers with exceptional air quality. It is all coming into the way with the instructions to install, that makes it easy and simple. The cabin air filter will hence offer with the premium filtering, that is quite efficient.

It is also coming up with the option of custom installation. This is one of the air filters that is all made with the installers in mind. It contains the baking soda and carbon in the air filter will ensure that you do not get any of the odours getting into the vehicle’s cabin.


It is much easy to install.

It will be able to get up to 99.5% quality airflow through the HVAC system.

​It is all designed with the installer in mind and is not added with any the problem installing it.

​It works with most of the OE engines.


It is not at all compatible for all the Subaru engines.

6. Mann-Filter Cabin Air Filter Review

​The Mann-filter is taken to be much efficient as it has a charcoal layer that will absorb pollutants all along with the harmful gases. The non-woven material will be making it much of the easier to absorb fine pores. It is around 10,000 times smaller than a human hair. It is all known as the combi-filter and will grant you a clean and healthy cabin air.

It is similar to the category of the sponge and as such all as it traps all pores and allergens, and this assures you of clean incoming air. If you have been in search of the modern cabin air filter, then, this would be the ideal choice for you. It has a particle filter media, that is all taken to be the non-woven based. It has also been installed with the carrier media and an activated charcoal layer as it will enhance the stability and quality of the airflow.


It has been all set with the combination of electrostatic and mechanical attraction by which it provides excellent filtration.

​It comes all into the range of the exact fit and seal that is making it easy to install.

It hence filters away the spores, harmful gases, dust and so many other pollutants.


It does not fit all types of engines.

​It would hence cause the HVAC system to emit the smell.

7. Bosch ​Cabin Air Filter Review

All through the use of the Bosch Carbon activated air filter; you will enjoy free clean air in your vehicle. T​his screen is much able at the best as it does absorb 100% of the dust particles, as well as harmful gases and pollen. The overall air quality straight away in the car is hence improved. ​ This product of the air filter is carbon activated and ​will generate a fresh breath of air. This cabin air filter has been all adjusted with the 5-layer design that hence sets it apart from the others.

This is all settled with the additional layer made of carbon, that will absorb all the foul smell from toxic gases like nitrogen oxide, as well as hydrocarbons and sulfur dioxide.  You will even witness with the added layer that will provide extra protection against the dust particles.


It has the multilayer design that is unique. This will enhance performance and durability of the air filter.

​The carbon layer will be active as it captures all the toxic fumes from harmful gases.

​It delivers out with the 100% clean air.

It ensures you to get the maximum protection.


By using it for the first time, you will get the foul smell getting inside the cabin.

8. Beck Arnley Cabin Air Filter Review


​This is another one of the excellent and high qualities of the cabin air filter to use it right now. Using it will ensure you of a clean cabin environment at all times. You have to make sure that you are replacing the filter at the given intervals. The Beck Arnley 042 series are all manufactured of the OE high-quality materials. The filter media will even ensure that the debris, as well as dust particles and other allergens,  do not get into the vehicle’s cabin. This will at the end maintain your car in the best way possible. Make sure that the clean air is essential for your health and so as the comfort.


It is many filters are easy to install and comes with installation instructions.

​This air filter is all the more direct OE replacement that meets and even exceeds the OEM requirements.

It gets fit accurately and adequately. In the end the airflow in the cabin in clean and healthy.


It does not get fit some of the engines.

9. POTAUTO Car Cabin Air Filter Review

This is the three-layer fabric on top of the POTAUTO MAP 1018P. It is the high-Performance Car Cabin Air Filter that guarantees pure and clean air in the vehicle’s cabin. The air filter will hence reduce 98% of the contaminants from the way of getting into the cabin of your car. It is also added on with the ability to capture particles that range from 5 to 100 microns adding on with the dust, bacteria, pollen and toxic gases. This is also the range of the activated carbon media in the filter which will provide extra protection. This is all done by the absorption of the airborne agents and allergens. It will hence improve the performance of the HVAC system.


It works for the best with all the brands.

You will be enjoying the improved HVAC system performance and get clean air inside the vehicle.

It hence reduces with the 98% of the pollutants and prevents them from all the way through the air systems in your vehicle.


Not mentioned

10. TYC ​Replacement Cabin Air Filter Review

​The TYC cabin air filter has been all known out to be the exceptional design that provides excellent efficiency in air filtration. It will filter the air that will be getting into the vehicle cabin, all the way through the air conditioning, plus the heating and air conditioning systems. This will often make sure that you are getting clean air that is free from any toxic contaminants drawn from the air outside.  There is all set with the clear installation guide, which makes it easy to fit this replacement air filter. You will be able to get with the accurate drop-in fitment, that is all coming out to be the assurance of a clean interior environment.


It goes all the way rigorous tests to ensure that it is durable and hence often provides exceptional service.

You will be able to get the OE comparable installation instructions.

​It works for the best with all top brands.

​It has been all set with the more natural replacement.


Not mentioned