Top Best Gel Nail Kit (Nail Gel Polish) 2018

If you’ll provide yourself a good decent mini, you can give yourself a decent gel mani! Below, we’ll share a variety of at-home gel Nail kits that’ll help you get chip-free nails without the salon .

1. EFT Nail Art Full Set UV Gel Set for Nail Art Decoration Manicure Kit

This kit is not only for personal use but professionals can also make it of great use. As it includes all of the basic tools required for polishing nails. The kit is assisted with another item known as the UV machine. This kit is an ideal use for professionals as well as beginners. This UV gel kit is a complete package for polishing and maintaining nails. It contains builder gel available in 3 colors white, clear, and pink with 2 nail polishes. There are 7 brushes, 20 false nail tips, 20 nail forms, 1 nail plier, 1 UV topcoat, 1 cleaner plus and above all quality matters the most. This manicure kit is a full package with all of the above-mentioned items, available in only $18.90 with free shipping. This is a full set of nail art with all the privileges.

2.Nailene Professional UV Gel Kit #71356 by Nailene


This product contains 1 UV gel base, 1 UV gel container, 12 Lint-free wipes, 1 manicure stick, and 1 buffer. This deal will only cost you $9.99 with all the tiny tools for perfect nail polish. The polish bottle is quite bigger and more than enough for use. This is quite an addition to gel nail kits available in the market at an affordable price with some quality products. You can even carry it with you to the places, easy to handle, easy to go.

3.IBD UV Hard Gel Professional Kit by IBD


Here comes something more convincing with all the perks of nail gel polish and a kit that will bring you everything. Kit Contains:
1 LED/UV Clear Gel 0.5oz, 1 LED/UV Builder Gel Clear 0.5oz
1 LED/UV Intense White Builder Gel 0.5oz, 1 LED/UV Pink Builder Gel 0.5oz
1 LED/UV Intense Seal 0.5oz, 1 LED/UV Bonder 0.5, 1 Cleanser Plus 2oz
1 Nail Prep 4oz, 1 Ultra-Fast Nail Glue 0.07oz, 1 Gel Glue 0.14oz
1 Gel Brush, 20 Nail Wipes, 3 White Padded Files, 3 Cuticle Pushers, 20 Nail Tips, and Instruction Booklet
Doesn’t it feel you like a salon at home? The product has got some of the best reviews on Amazon with a high selling rate. The stock is limited until you grab a piece for yourselves. The price of $89.0 satisfies the customers as the products are worth it. This professional kit will make you a professional at home.

4.Warm Girl 12 Color UV Gel Builder Clear Pink White Gel


This fresh and high-quality product is another attraction for girls of all ages. It is suitable to apply on UV gel nails, acrylic nails, false nails, natural nails, etc. All you need to do is to apply UV gel on nails and let it dry. It will not only leave a durable shiny coat but also strengthen your nails. The price for this kit goes to $13.49 with free shipping at all. While an addition of nail art tips extension and builder brush pen will cost you a total of $16.38. This combo makes it perfect for use and set the table for excellent crafts with your nails. Now you can shape your nails as you desire. Further specifications are available at the site but this product is one of the most appreciated among all. Just keep it away from the reach of children and prevent it from touching the skin or eyes.

5. UV-NAILS Salon Quality UV Gel Polish Starter Kit



Another costly product but with lots of emerging products for nail care and polish. This is another starter kit with 10 watts LED nail dryer and 15 ml bottles. According to the reviews available at the site buying a Rubbing Alcohol makes it a complete package for its buyers. This treatment of your nails can let you sleep at peace for at least 2-3 weeks. Enjoy salon quality nails and best UV gels. The complete kit includes UV base coat, UV top coat, cuticle oil, three UV gel polish for an eternal manicure and the quality just like you get at an expensive salon. Along with it, you’ll get three brilliant and shiny gel colors to make your nails look shiny and alluring. Get it all n $79.00.

6. Coscelia 5pcs Clear Soak Off UV Builder Gel Set Nail Art

These are cute UV gels that hardly weigh ½ oz each thus easy to carry wherever you want. This high-quality gel strengthening your nails and leave an impression of durable, shiny coat for even longer. All you need to do is just to let it dry under UV lamp after applying the gel. It costs a mere $8.65. it provides a fantastic look for your nails and easy to grab with you. It can last for a week but not more than that. It is cheap yet durable.

7.Combo Set Professional DIY Nail Art Decorations Kit


Which one of you is crazy for nail health and art as well? Well, if you are a lot excited to get all the nail products in one jump then here is a perfect deal for you with all the variable products in it. This toolkit contains 23 pieces, all empowering your nail health and leaving a shiny look at the end. The whole list is quite long to mention but it will definitely water your mouth as the product costs only $14.55 with $2.49 cost of shipping.

8. IBD Introductory UV Gel Kit


the product is worth $32.72 with free shipping all over the world. it contains clear gel, clear builder gel, ultra-white builder gel, pink builder gel, UV bonder, cleanser plus, with all the brush and stuff but UV light is not included in this kit.

9. OVERMAL 24 in 1 Combo Set Professional DIY UV Gel Nail Art kit

This kit is perfect for acrylic nail art in only $21.99. if you want long-lasting shiny nails for all your events or even on occasional events, you can do it in just a few minutes using this kit. No need to rush to salons and waiting in the queue. The perfect nail art is ready for you right at your own place.

10. Yoyorule Pro Full 36W White Cure Lamp Dryer

Here the list ends with some special kit that contains the pro machine with a 36W UV curing lamp. There are a variety of UV products. To get a long-lasting shiny look and a fine finish all you need to do is to spend your $47.88, worth it.