Top Best of 2016 Cinema

BEST OF 2016 CINEMA This year has been a treat for movie lovers as many super hit movies have rocked the charts so far. Whether it was genre of horror, thriller, comedy, drama or real stories, every film was worth watching. But there is definitely a few of them which grabbed all the limelight from others. The eye popping trailers of these movies already captured thousands of viewers’ interest before the releases and bang the charts after they were released. We have listed down the best of the best movies this year, in case you haven’t experienced the thrill. Here are those who rocked the box office with their superhero presence or dramatic story.

1. The 5th Wave



The year started with this amazing thriller which gave the audience with a nail biting experience throughout the movie. The plot was based on a famous novel, The 5th Wave written by Rick Yancey. Unlike others, the movie totally justified the writing. The movie revolves around a sister trying to save his brother from the numerous alien attacks as the earth comes to its extinction. The movie was not well received by critics but was loved by the audience.

2. Deadpool



Deadpool, based on a Marvel Comic character rocked the box office in the first 3 days. The movie was loved both by the critics and audiences as it gave a whole new identity to the comic book genre where the movie had a sense of comedy and fun along with the fighting and suspense. Whether you love comics or not, you would burst out laughing to the funny punches and enjoy the hunt down by Deadpool.

3. Zootopia



Zootopia, a Walt Disney Production, is so far the best animated movie in 2016. It started in a conventional way, but going ahead, the movie unfolded scenes which were witty, funny and brought forward a great concept. The movie provided us with lovable characters, with Zootopia partying hard and a heartfelt message for both kids and adults who were enjoying every bit of it.

4. London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen March gave us this action thriller film which was both intense and dramatic. The movie showcased present day situation of terrorist attacks and how it would affect if leaders are targeted rather than common people. Though movie was well received by the audience, this one again failed to impress critics.

5. Batman vs. Superman


Batman vs. Superman Since the first trailer was launched last year, the audience has been crazy waiting for the DC Comics movie, Batman vs. Superman. The movie was houseful for weeks all over the world and was loved by the comic lovers. The plot to story to watching the iconic fight of two superheroes was much appreciated by everyone. The movie even gave hints to future sequels and left the audience in a trauma towards the end. These were some movies which had rocked the box office. So far, the superhero movies are stealing the show with some more master pieces coming along the way with promising trailers and heavy casts. Hope the cinematic industry experiences the perfection this year. Which one do you think will get the best movie title of 2016?