Top best Asian Movie Stars 2016

1. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan

Chan tops the list of Asian’s top actors. He is a kung-fu icon as well as a Hollywood star that has surpassed many people expectations. A blend of excellent martial arts with screwball physical has earned Chan the title of most famous Chinese star in the entire world. Surprising Chan has appeared in more than 150 movies. His participation in “Dragon Blade,” earned the star an overwhelming $120 million. Chan is arguably Asia’s most successful actor.

Asia is home to some of the world’s best actors. With hundreds of films being produced each year, the film industry is growing and hence the need for talented actors. The top actors in Asia have received massive paychecks for their incredible work in successful films. This brief overview looks into some of the most successful actors in Asia.

2. Salman Khan


Salman is an incredible star who has acted in over 80 movies. His first breakthrough was in 1989 after his role in the film “Maine Pyar Kiya.” Since then Khan continued enlarged his brand as a producer, endorser, entrepreneur and actor. Khan also has a very successful clothing line, Khan’s Being Human that reported huge revenue of about $30 million last year. Khan has great endorsement deals such as Thums Up and Suzuki. Though he is controversial, Khan is also very charitable. Some of his hit movies include “Kick”. According to Forbes Khan earned about $33.5 million between2014-2015. It is safe to say Khan is a highly successful actor both in film and fashion.

3. Donnie Yen



Yen is not only an actor but also a film director, martial artist, action choreographer and producer. The Hong Kong born actor holds a black belt in Judo. He has earned the title of Hong Kong’s best action star. Reportedly, Yen earned $7.2 million in the period between2014-2015 thanks to his appearance in highly successful films. We can only wait to see more from this rising star.

4. Huang Xiaoming


Huang XiaomingXiaoming is a very popular Chinese actor, singer and model. He has taken China’s entertainment to high level and hence is one of the highest paid actors in China. According to 2015 Forbes China, Xiaoming earned $12.4 million for his appearances in box office hits such as  An Inaccurate Memoir’,  White-Haired Witch’ and  An Inaccurate Memoir.’ He also has great endorsement deals including Tissot, Olay and Baleno. Xiaoming is without a doubt a promising actor who has made a name in the Chinese entertainment industry.

5. Ranbir Kapoor


Ranbir Kapoor is one of the most popular Indian actors today. He was named one of the highest-paid actors by Forbes. His roles in successful films “Bombay Velvet” and “Roy” earned him $15 million. Kapoor is the 30-th top earning actor in the world. Bollywood directors have named Kapoor one of the most demanded actors in the industry.

6. Ananda Everingham


Ananda EveringhamEveringham is a Thai movie star and model who was discovered at the age of 14. He has made appearances in successful Thai and Asian movies. His great breakthrough was in the film “Shutter” in 2004. Since then Everingham has enjoyed a huge popularity and become a demanded star in the industry. He has also pocketed huge sums of money for his contribution in movie roles.