Top 10 Habits that make kids hate school

Schools are among the leading cause of stress among kids. Virtually everywhere in the world, there is that kid being pushed to attend school, and despite experts’ opinions-child therapists and educationists, to pin this problem on parents and teachers, it really boils down to the kids bad habits. This are ingrained manners among school going kids that makes it harder for either the parents or teachers to help them much.


BullyingBullying (by other students) is the leading reason why kids everywhere dreads going to school. The thought of that mean student always torturing them in school, makes them fearful, and in turn this affects their grades and social skills. Most schools don’t have a clear policy in dealing with issue, and, well, you can’t quite control kids anyway.


Rebellion of students
Rebellion of students towards schools regulations. Most schools require their students to adhere to strict school codes, such as attending mass, or being part of a club, or group discussion programmes. Many of them deem this to be too much control over them, and they’d rather sneak away to play video games.


Low-set assertiveness in studentsLow-set assertiveness in students makes them shy out in seeking help, or asking important questions to teachers and counselors. Especially the introverted ones who are only comfortable in seeking reassurance from their parents. This ends up in them bottling bad feelings which may even translate to depression at an early age.


LazinessLaziness. Waking up early in the morning and preparing for school is a tall order for majority of kids, and this makes them seethe silently, wishing they never had to go to school. This, coupled with huge homework packages, and intense lesson hours makes them fear school, and they may play truant, or fake illness to avoid going to school.


Negative perception towards schoolNegative perception towards school. If you’d ask a random group of ten kids what they think their school is like, probably a half of them would tell you that it is like prison. And with that inferior perception of their school, they’ll tend to rebel, and take up anti-social behaviors in school.


Bad teacher-student relationshipBad teacher-student relationship. This one is sad, as most parents have solely entrusted the well being of their child to the student, but if the teacher can’t establish a rapport with their students, some of may be difficult to understand, the child will develop negative feeling about school, and the subjects taught in school.


SluggishnessSluggishness. Some kids can’t handle any pressure. Let’s face it. Schools and students are competing to be the academic cream of the country. So that only means that teachers have to go the extra mile in getting that goal out of their students. That is attained by more homework packages, and strenuous learning activities. So indolent kids are bound to hate school because of this.


Anti-social attitudeAnti-social attitude. The school is an environment where, apart from learning, kids get an opportunity to bond with other kids, and cultivate healthy relationships. If a kid exhibits any kind of standoffish attitude, he/she may tend to be a loner most of the times, and the constant chiding from other kids, may make them resent such an environment.


Negative attitude towards exam.Negative attitude towards exam. When a kid flounders most of his/her exam papers, he/she may end up hating school. And this can be attributed to the preferred mode of teaching. Most schools stick with the conventional methods of learning, which kids find boring. Using this approach to teach kids makes them take longer to grasp concepts that they would have gotten easily if the teacher used interesting learning methods.


Bad healthy habits by other kids in schoolBad healthy habits by other kids in school, for example, not flushing the toilet makes some kids hate school.


Creating factionsCreating factions. The school is a diverse environment with kids from different backgrounds. Some are rich, others come from a race that may be deemed inferior, and this is where the trouble starts. They are going to form cliques based on this preferences, and the result? There are going to be popular students, who will ride roughshod over the other students. This is psychological torture, and some may see themselves as not important, and dread being subjected to humiliation in school.