Top 10 wireless IP cameras of 2016

Top 10 wireless IP cameras of 2016 written by: Alex Quill Security cameras have saved hundreds of lives and helped to prevent and solve millions of crime cases. There are many possible uses for a security camera which include thief and grief prevention, pet and baby monitoring, proof collection, observation of your employees, etc. Although we’re used to the classic, �old school’ security cameras that delivered a black and white, low-quality picture, the good news are that times have changed. Modern cameras not only provide a great (sometimes High Definition) video quality, but they can also be accessed from any place of the world using a Smartphone. Here’s the list the top 10 wireless cameras on the market:

1.iZtouch AP001 Black Wireless

iZtouch AP001 Black Wireless_Wired IP Camera with Two-Way Audio Night Vision Pan_Tilt Control, QR Code Scan Phone remote monitoring supported amazone

The iZtouch AP001 is one of the most economic and trustworthy cameras on the market. It provides a 640 x 480 video resolution, a built-in microphone and a speaker. The quality of the recorded audio is acceptable, so it is possible to hear the words of a conversation if no background noise is present (like wind or rain).

2.Deebol DB-754GA Wireless Wifi IP 1080P Bullet Camera

eebol DB-754GA Wireless Wifi IP 1080P Bullet Camera amazone

This is an outdoor camera which means that it’s completely waterproof. Its compact design helps it to remain unperceived by most of people. Another great feature this camera provides is an advanced night vision for up to 20 meters thanks to its 36 infra-red LEDs.

3.iZtouch IZSP-012 Black

iZtouch IZSP-012 Black 1280x720P HD H.264 Wireless_Wired IP Cameraamazone

The iZtouch IZSP-012 offers a high-quality 1280 x 720 video resolution. This camera can be operated through a smartphone thanks to a specialized mobile app. The iZtouch IZSP-012 also supports TF cards with up to a 128GB total storage size; 128GB of storage are usually enough to store up to 60 days of video recording.

4.HOSAFE 1MW9 Smart Home Security System With Door/Window

HOSAFE 1MW9 Smart Home Security System amazone

This camera brings your security to a new level by having the capacity to act like a siren, when needed. Like if that wasn’t enough, the HOSAFE 1MW9 can also be configured to work with door/window contactors, gas leak sensors, smoke detectors, etc. The video quality provided by this camera is 720p HD.

5.Ganewry HD 720P WiFi Surveillance Security IP Camera

Ganewry HD 720P WiFi Surveillance Security IP Camera amazone

The elegant, compact and extremely fancy Ganewry HD 720P security camera is perfect for indoors. Its looks won’t scare people away, while the HD 1280 x 720 video quality it provides will let you to have a clear picture of what’s going on in your house, office or shop. Its unique design also allows the Ganewry to pan and tilt at 350 and 100 degree.

6.ImogenStudio QCP-A420 +Cam HD All Weather Outdoor

ImogenStudio QCP-A420 +Cam HD All Weather Outdoor amazone

The ImogenStudio QCP-A420 offers everything you need to enjoy a total control over your house, office or shop security. It is suited for all types of weather conditions; the camera also uploads the recorded video to a cloud storage server in real time. The owner of an ImogenStudio QCP-A420 will have access to a lifetime 1-day Cloud storage service, with the ability to upgrade to better plans.

7.Raynic Raycam X3 Wireless Camera Night VisionSmart

Raynic Raycam X3 Wireless Camera Night VisionSmart amazoneThere’s a reason why the Raycam X3 is called an intelligent camera’. Take a look at its installation process: forget about any complications you ever had with security cameras; you’ll only need to follow a couple of easy steps that won’t take you more than a minute in order to set up this one. As any outdoor camera, the Raycam X3 is both waterproof and it offers an advanced night vision with a maximum view distance of 65ft.

8.Daytech® Best Wifi Home Security Cameras Night

Daytech® Best Wifi Home Security Cameras Night amazone

You won’t ever miss a thing with your Daytech® DT-C8816. Its design allows a 355 degree pan and a 110 degree tilt; you can use your cellphone to control the camera anytime. This camera also supports up to 128 GB SD storage and aceepts U Disks.

9. HooToo Security Camera with HD Video Streaming


HooToo Security Camera with HD Video Streaming amazone

Do you hate getting low-quality, light-sensitive security camera recordings? Well, not anymore! With the HooToo security camera you’ll have high-quality 1280 x 720p video recordings at any time of day or night. This camera includes an antenna that further increases the connection rate and radius. The easy installation process consists of two steps: physically attach the camera and scan the QR code. That’s it; this camera offers an almost �plug-and-play’ installation experience. The HooToo has a port for a SD card of up to 32 GB, so you can be assured that the recordings will be stored safely.

10. IdeaNext HD 1080P H.264 Wireless WiFi IP Camera 4X

IdeaNext HD 1080P H.264 Wireless WiFi IP Camera 4X amazone

There are many good cameras on the market, but this one overcomes any expectations. It provides a 1920×1080 high-quality video image; its 2 Megapixel lens allow you to zoom up to 4x. That great combination of high resolution and zoom allows you to see as much details as need to. This camera is not only equipped with the best Wi-Fi antenna in the market, but it also allows the usage of 3G and 4G. You’ll forget about signal problems with this camera. It’s 100% waterproof and made of aluminum.