Top 10 Stabilizers for Smartphone Reviews

Technology is getting update days by days and almost everybody has the smartphone in hand. People who owned smartphone and ability to access to every kind of news, knowledge, and they can even share what they have known across the globe. Not to mention, these-days-people are using SNS to share article, photos and videos. Even though, some of those sharing is too personal, they tend to share it with their friends. For example, if they saw something happened, they will film it and share to SNS. However, in order to film those real-time video properly, users ought to have a good equipment as well. Let’s check these top 10 stabilizers for smartphone that you must need one for your daily life.

10. Official Zhiyun Z1-Smooth2 3 Axis Brushless Handheld Camera Gimbal Stabilizer for smartphone




If you are a citizen journalist, you will absolutely need this type of handheld stabilizer for your smartphone. No matter how fast the speed is, the stabilizer will play its job best to secure the motion of the video. It was built with app and wireless connection which you can even connect it with gimbal with phone to adjust camera focus. It was in medium size which you can keep it easily. It is so handy for a starter in a career “citizen journalist” because it is quite affordable.

9. Z1-Smooth 3-axis Handheld Smartphone Brushless Stabilizer Gimbal



This model can be used with different type of smartphones. It could record everything just like a professional one. If you go for a trip with friends, you surely need this stabilizer because it will help you a lot when shooting videos. After the trip, you will get a nice and cool video since this handheld stabilizer will maintain the stability of the video. Shooting without this stabilizer will cause you much time in order to take a right one. Users should consider to use this handheld stabilizer since using one hand could deal with movement.

8. Neewer® 2-Axis Handheld Smartphone Stabilizer Brushless Handheld Gimbal



Why do we need professional DSLR when our smartphone could snap all the movement? Smartphone nowadays also has an ability to shoot 4K format which is totally cool and counted. Moreover, using smartphone to shoot videos is easy to carry around and you don’t need a big team. If you are a starter in media field, you can try using the resource that you have and affordable to buy such as smartphone plus accessories. Shooting video with good quality is good but the matter is the concept. If you have a good concept already, using smartphone is enough.

7. X-CAM Handheld Gimbal Folding Stabilizer Phone Holder



amazonFilled in white color, this stabilizer is so convenient to use since it is portable and small enough to put in a bag. The pro things of this handheld stabilizer are countless. However, I will introduce you to a few important points that you must know. This stabilizer had good battery life which means you can enjoy shooting various type of photos/video at any time. It is not heavy which is good to carry around and if you are shooting video, it will surely stable the image. Lastly, it fits to any type of smartphone no matter how small or big the phone is.

6. Zhiyun Z1-Smooth-C Multi-function 3 Axis Handheld Steady Gimbal PTZ



This Handheld Smartphone Stabilizer is so amazing; users can adjust the stabilizer into any movement and it just needs a second to do it. There are buttons which is easy to control your smartphone when shooting video or photos. Importantly, this Handheld Smartphone Stabilizer also attach with battery charger which is kind of helpful. Those batteries are easy to charge since the connection port can be used either USD port or AC electricity.

5. Ikan FLY-X3-PLUS 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Includes GoPro, Small and Larger Gimbal Cradles



amazonThis is one of the best- selling stabilizers that you will admire. It can be used not only with smartphone but also with GoPro. If you are a GoPro lover just like me, you will surely buy this one. It is so helpful than you are imagine. GoPro can be shoot video angle video but all we need is the stability of videos. Therefore, having this handheld stabilizer is one of the great gift in shooting field. And I cannot thank this little cutie stabilizer enough.

4. Movo Smartphone Video Enhancement Kit with Stabilizer Handle



If you are looking for an affordable smartphone stabilizer, this one will be counted. This type of handheld stabilizer come up with set that user need to shoot video. It was designed in black color yet different style. The lower part of this stabilizer also have a mini slider which you can pull in or out. The handle part is so soft since there is an extra soft fabric. This product is so wonderful and there is also 1-year warranty.

3. BINKO Videook Handheld iPhone & GoPro Stabilizer



With waterproof ability, this handheld stabilizer is also great when recording professional videos. It is likely similar to a selfie stick yet it will your video looks smooth and steady. This handheld stabilizer is so durable and portable to keep around without worrying about damage. It is suitable for any kind of weather and even shooting underwater but you have to make sure that you are using waterproof camera.

2. LanParte HHG-01 3-Axis Motorized Handheld Gimbal Active Stabilizer



What will you notice after using this lanparte handheld stabilizer? Users proudly be satisfied with this product because it is compatible with any devices. No matter you use smartphone such as IOS or android device or you use GoPro; this handheld stabilizer will play it role very well. The performance of this handheld stabilizer is so perfect because it will stabilize the video and user will get an amazing video later.

1. RetiCAM® Smartphone Tripod Mount with Hand Grip – All Metal Heavy-Duty Hand Held Stabilizer



amazonThis is one of the best handheld stabilizer which ranked in the first place. The design of it is so attractive since there is a mixing color of red and black. It is so strong, sturdy and extremely durable plus there is an extra tripod mount for users. User can use the extra mount to hold the camera whenever they wanted to shooting time-lapse video because it will help them a lot. From the first glace for its performances and ability as well as the price, user will definitely buy this one.