Top 10 the Cutest Sterling Silver Rings Ever

Why do people love wearing ring? Why do couple need ring in their wedding day to proof their relationship? Ring is one of the jewelries that put on fingers to be represented on something or to be stylist. However, on engagement or wedding, couple need ring to represent their big day in life. According to the red string of fate from ancient China: the two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless time, places or circumstances. Therefore, ring can be represented as a red thread that connected two people with their pinky fingers.

10. Sterling Silver Knot Ring



This ring is made from sterling silver which won’t get black after a long used. The style of this ring is simple yet attractive; the knot is very well made and it goes along with any outfit you are wearing. It is just a small ring that could be best on your pinky finger or index finger. This ring is so durable and it is so beautiful; mostly people don’t wear only one ring, they always add on more rings or bracelets to be fashionable.

9. Adan Banfi Women 925 Sterling Silver Ring




This crown ring is so stunning and mostly it was used in engagement or wedding ceremony. By the way, you can also buy this ring for anniversary, as a gift for your daughter or on Mother’s Day as well as birthday. This sterling silver crown ring is suitable for humble woman who is sensible and lovely. Wearing this ring will show the inner peace from the inside, just like a queen wants peace for her country. Woman can paint their nails in light color to fit the this crown ring.

8. River Island Jewelry – Size 5-9 Dainty 925 Sterling Silver Lifeline Pulse



This is a trend ring which every girl love to wear for their daily life. It is so fashionable and beautiful. The pulse heartbeat ring is somehow meaningful and interesting. However, those who love wearing this kind of ring are so lonely and they always say “if this pulse heartbeat) stops, would you miss me?”. This phrase is literally referring to their ex and they still love him or her very much hoping that ex would miss them the same.

7. Sterling Silver Ring



Basically, this sterling silver ring can divide into two parts or you can put it together to make it another new style. This was perfectly designed and there is one big diamond on the top surrounded by the small diamonds. If you put these 2 rings together, you will get one big cute ring that suitable for wedding or any purpose. This item is so durable and highly recommend for every girl since it is so affordable.

6. Women’s Elegant 925 Sterling Silver Dragon Cat Rings



This ring was designed for cat lovers. It is perfect to wear because we can adjust its size. It is one of the most stunning animal rings you’ve ever seen. The sterling silver is so smooth and clear while the edge of the ring was designed just like a cat’s paw. This ring is suitable for those who are talkative and love to share experience. Those who are active and helpful not to mention about cat lovers would definitely love this ring as much.

5. Sterling Silver Infinity Symbol Wedding Band Ring



Do you know the definition behind the infinity symbol? Infinity is represented for forever, strong and no one can break you. Normally, couple choose infinity ring as their wedding ring because it will show that they will have endless t love which no one can break them apart. This ring can be suitable for both men and women and those who are independent and brave. Infinity has been used not only to design on the ring, but it is also used as a tattoo as well.

4. Sterling Silver Heart Halo Promise Ring



For this ring, there are many small diamonds surrounded while there is one big diamond on the top. The big diamond can be adjusted to whatever color as you love. This ring is suitable to wear in any parties such as birthday, wedding, house warming, etc. This one big ring could be perfect on your finger and the dark nail-painted. And it is suitable for those who are already married or in mid 30s. It is durable which you can save a lot of money.

3. Sterling Silver Red Created Ruby Women’s Ring



What I love the most about this ring is the high quality gem stone- which is fully guaranteed. This ring is so stylist and make you the prettiest girl. Everyone will admire how smart you bought this ring. The designation of it is really unique yet it is affordable. The sterling silver is so solid and smooth which won’t allergic with your finger. You will be very satisfied after using for the first time because of it quality.

2. Silver Plumeria w/ Maile Leaf Ring Hawaiian Silver Jewelry



This is a flower and leaf ring will is absolutely perfect for calm and sensitive women. It is so beautiful and unique that was designed as an ideal gift for lady. There is also one diamond on the top middle of the flower which is really cool and amazing. You cannot get your eyes out of it since is so simple yet interesting. It could catch all the girl’s attention with just a first glace and the price of it is really reasonable with the high quality.

1. Plated Sterling Silver “I Love You” Ring



This plated silver ring is so classic yet there is a dubbed “I Love You” which is really nice. Men should have this ring whenever he wants to propose to his girlfriend. It is just a simple ring but your effort is counted. If you, man, really love her, the price of the ring doesn’t matter at all. This ring could show your love, kindness, effort and your girlfriend would say “I DO”. A pure heart with a little promise could cause everlasting love once you are committed to do it together.