Top 10 Best Yoga Mat Bags Reviews 2016

Yogi’s agree that the yoga mat is one of the most important investments to make. Without the right mat, yoga practice would be uncomfortable and risks of slipping and falling over increase. With that said, investing in a quality yoga mat bag to carry and store the mat is recommended. There are hundreds of yoga mat bags to choose from. These range from simple to complex and high end bags. It can be overwhelming to research through all bags to find the right one. To make it easy to find the top yoga mat bag, we’ve reviewed the top 10 yoga mat bags in 2016.

10. Gaiam Full-Zip Cargo Pocket Yoga Mat Bag

Gaiam Full-Zip Cargo Pocket Yoga Mat Bags


This is a top quality yoga mat bag that’s made from cotton. It features a full zip closure to make it easy to fit and remove your yoga mat. The cotton body is easy to clean and highly breathable. Other great features include a front cargo pocket for storing additional gear and an adjustable shoulder strap.

9. Bean Yoga Mat Bag Extra Large with Easy Open Zipper

Bean Yoga Mat Bag Extra Large Easy Open


This large yoga mat bag measures 27″X7″ and is made from pure cotton. It also features a full closure zip for easy access. An additional side pocket makes it easy to store additional yoga equipment. This bag comes in 20 different color choices.

8. Gaiam Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bag

Gaiam Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bags


This yoga mat bag comes in a unique top loading design so you don’t have to worry about busted zippers. The long cylindrical design ensures that the bag will fit yoga mats of different sizes. The Gaiam top-loading yoga mat bag also includes a zippered exterior pocket and adjustable shoulder strap.

7. Gecko Active Yoga Mat Bag

Large Yoga Mat Bag by Gecko Active


This bag offers abundant space in its 28″X7″ construction. It also includes 3 storage pockets for all your yoga gear. A dual airflow design ensures that your yoga mat and bag remain odor free even with repeated use. This bag is also available in 6 different colors.

6. Aurore Yoga Mat Sport Bag

Aurorae Yoga Multi Purpose Crossbody Sling Back Pack


This yoga mat bag features great design and abundant space to ensure that you can always carry your yoga mat with it. This heavy duty bag is made from polyester and features a specialized mat-locker system to safely secure yoga mats of different sizes. It also includes adjustable shoulder straps with lock buckle. Also included are a front zippered pocket and cell phone pocket to hold your valuables.

5. Large Yoga Mat Bags from Joyne


Large Yoga Mat Bags from Joyne

amazoneThis yoga mat bag is made from quality cotton canvas and offers abundant space for storing your yoga mat and accessories. It also includes 3 multi-functional storage pockets. This bag features full closure contoured zipper design to ensure that the zipper hold up even when the bag is fully packed. The design also includes an adjustable shoulder strap and dual air-flow system.

4. YogaDirect Nylon Yoga Mat Bag

YogaDirect Nylon Yoga Mat Bag


This yoga mat bag is designed for durability. Made from nylon, it’s both lightweight and sturdy. It features a full closure zipper for easy access. The bag includes a meshed area which makes it highly breathable. It also comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

3. Yes4All Premium Yoga


Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit

amazoneThis is not entirely a yoga mat bag. In fact it’s a high quality yoga mat that includes a carrying strap. It’s a good option if you don’t want to invest in a new yoga mat bag since it’s easy to carry. All you need to do is fold the mat and used the strap to carry it.

2. Prosource Premium 1/2 Inch Mat and Carrying Strap

Prosource Premium 1:2-Inch Extra Thick 71-Inch Long High Density Exercise Yoga Mat


This is another good choice for yogi’s who don’t want to invest in both a mat and a bag. This high quality 1/2 inch yoga mat includes a carrying strap for easy portability. Besides offering the best quality, this mat also comes with limited lifetime warranty.

1. Prosource Yoga Mat Bag

ProSource Yoga Mat Bag with Side Pocket


This is a quality top loading yoga mat bag that offers tons of space. It includes a drawstring top closure and a 100% cotton canvas body. It also includes a zippered side pocket and adjustable shoulder strap. This yoga mat bag comes in 5 color options.