Top 10 Best Waist Bag Sport 2017

Running and cycling find it hard to carry with them important things such as phone and keys while exercising due to the lack of pockets in most of their customs. Even with pockets, the weight of these items makes it difficult to enjoy one’s exercise. Waist bags sport products are designed to solve this problem by providing these individuals with a bag that solve the two problems. This list of top 10 best waist bag sport 2017 consists of the best-designed products in the field:

10. Running Belt iPhone 6 6s 7 Plus with case

Tune Belt employs its 30 years experience of providing solutions to its client to design this waist bag for running, hiking, and cycling lovers. The product can accommodate large smartphones such as iPhone 7 Plus and its made from 100% neoprene for excellent comfort and stability. With extra pockets on the back, a user can store his ID, credit cards, cash, and keys. The product is sweat resistant and has a touch control window for the smartphone.

9. Running Belt Waist Pack

Running belt waist pack comes with a smartphone compartment for large smartphones with a reflective transparent touch screen. The sweat proof and water resistant product is made from Spandex-Lycra blend material. The product is expandable and, hence, individuals with waist sizes ranging from 20 inches to 55 inches can use it. It has a second compartment for keys and wallets.

8. Running Belt PLUS Two Bonuses

This product comes with Urban Runner’s survival guide e-book and a pair of urban elastic locking laces. It has a transparent touch screen that allows a runner to see the run statistics easily, answer a call, or change music. Its main pocket can carry a 5.5-inch smartphone. In addition to the phone compartment, there are three other pockets for keeping keys, wallet, and credit cards. The product’s elastic expandable strap ensures it fits waist sizes between 27” and 47”.

7. Fitters Niche UltraSlim Running Belt

The Fitter’s Niche designed product comes with many qualities such as ultra light weight, water resistance, and made from the super strong Spandex-Lycra blend. The product is ideal for hiking, running, and cycling. It has a zippered pouch to hold phones, keys, money, and power bank. It has a headphone cable hole to allow the user to enjoy music and receive calls as he or she works out.

6.Gear Beast Sports


Gear Beast Sports Running Belt Gear Beast sports running belt comes with and expandable pocket to allow the user to hold lots of items such as phones, money, keys, inhaler, credit cards, and wallet. The pocket is zippered and pleated. The bounce-free design used in the product eliminates movement of its content as one exercise. It is made from Spandex.

5. MoKo Sports Running Waist Pack

MoKo sports running waist pack is ideal for individuals with large smartphones such as Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 7. The ultra-light product comes two pockets: one for the smartphones, and the other for sharp items like keys and coins. The product can stretch to a maximum length of 55 inches and has a reflective strip to ensure the safety of the user during low light conditions.

4. Flip Belt

Flip Belt is designed to be flipped to close and lock the items inside. The blend of Mircopoly and Lycra used to make the product is soft to the skin and does not cause chafing. The material also ensures wicking and quick drying. Flip Belt also has a high reflective logo for safety in adverse lighting conditions.

3. Foot Forward Running Belt

The product is designed by Foot Forward Sports to provide cyclists and joggers with a water resistant and bounce-free belt for carrying their items during exercise. With its adjustable strap, the product can fit individuals with various waist sizes. The polyurethane made waist bag is designed for maximum comfort. The spacious storage it provides can be used to carry small water bottles to keep the user hydrated.

2. AIKELIDA Running Belt

The unisex product is designed by AIKELIDA for use during running, cycling, workouts, and hiking. AIKELIDA running belt is light and has a reflective strip to enhance the user’s safety at night. The zippered pockets can hold phones, watch, keys, and cash. The pocket measures approximately 7.2” by 4”.

1. Light-Up Running Belt With Reflective Strip

The light-up running belt comes on top of the top 10 best waist bag sport 2017 review due to its enhanced security features. The product has LED lights powered by two CR2032 batteries. Moreover, the belt provides bounce-free storage for valuable goods such as phones, keys, watches, and credit cards. It is ideal for individuals who love long-distance running and cycling. Its adjustable buckle means children can also use it.