Top 10 Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising 2018 review

Are you fond of skateboarding all the time? Well to skate easily and on best basis, it is important to make it get attached with the high quality of the wheels too. So, to make you help a little bit, here we are sharing the list of best and top 10 skateboard wheels for cruising 2018

1. Spitfire Bighead 51mm White W Blue

This is one such kind of the wheel category on which you can put all your trust into! This wheel category has been made all through the hand poured and made in the USA from the finest quality materials. If you are facing any sort of the defect issues with your skateboard wheels, then choosing with the Spitfire will not for sure disappoint you. They are hence durable and would come up with the lasting long results as well. They are hence all accessible into the guarantee against all manufacturing defects. As you would make it purchase you would be getting the set of 4 wheels with a pretty treaded surface, 51mm diameter and 99a durometer with a wide profile. This shows the fact that they are put all together being hard ones with more speed and less grip.

2.Blood Orange Morgan Pro Series

You would be finding the wheels in the perfect finishing of the extremely incredible shaping. The wheels are settled with the three lines as ups with the ideal and much unique form of the characteristics of design and quality. Plus, all the three types are made using the LMF formula that makes you learn about the feature of durability and top-notch quality. These amazing Bloods Orange Morgan skateboard wheels are made with a diameter of 65mm. The wheels are turning out to be perfect to use by the specialty riders who are all the time involved in the skate riding and offer the high speed of the variations.

3. Pig Wheels Head Green Skateboard Wheels – 52mm 101a (Set of 4)



On the 3rd spot, we would be adding on with the name of Pig Wheels Head Blue! They are being taken as one of the best skateboard wheels which you can buy at the affordable rates. They are being set with the harder impression that is around 100 durometer and is wrapped with ice white polyurethane that would be giving away with the nice and amazing look at your board. They are being also readily accessible in the variations of the range of 50mm and as much as 60mm.  The just attractive feature has been the price range that makes it stand out inside the marketplaces.  They do make the usage of the grooved surface, that would simply be resulting in the better traction, and so as the speed and stability.  They are wide with their width as compare to standard options of the wheels.

4. Mini-Logo Skateboards C-Cut 53mm 101A


You can often make the choice of the Mini-Logo Skateboards C-Cut 53mm 101A! They are top in quality terms that would make you get the feeling that you are not wasting your money at all. They are hence set with the super-high rebound formula which all the more provides it better traction and speed. The high-rebound, as well as long-lasting urethane, give it a better performance. They are being shaped into the C cut wheels that are much reasonable in rates and are perfect for technical street skating. The skinnier profile and also with the access timeline of the hard durometer scale clearly gives out with the sign that they are made for the pro riders.

5. Remember Collective Hoot Freeride Wheel


Remember Collective Hoot Freeride Wheel is much is one such kind of the wheel category for the skating that is all put together in the speed genius terminology. It has been settled at the best with the hoot aspects as well. You will be finding its designing much unique looking that is slightly rounded beveled lip and is very appealing and indeed a masterpiece of art. These skating boards are being put together into the access of the diameter of 70 mm that is an elevated sense of a perfect looking speed genius.

6. Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

These Wheels is the kind of wheel category that is all accessible in so many sizes ranging from 48 mm to 63 mm. They are also available in wide range of the shape and color. They are put together all into the set of four made. Plus their prices all time amazing and affordable. They are also made of a urethane material. They are championed as being the first handmade wheels in the USA that is all the more making it possible to adapt them to the dynamism of skating mentioning with the speed and balance that is making it high in demand and popularity.

7. Sunset Skateboards Cruiser Wheel with ABEC-9 Bearing (4-Pack)

This amazing skateboard wheel has been all featuring out with the 8 Phoenix Bearings. It is equipped with LED Light-up that illuminated during the night. This feature will be making this wheel suitable for the purpose of the adventure as giving the user chance. You will be also being finding the feature of LED lights eliminate the need for the purpose of the rechargeable batteries. It features out with the amazing quality ABEC-7 for better performance. This skateboard wheel is all accessible in the market at the affordable rates. The measurement of the wheel is coming out to be approximately 60mm by 45mm.

8. ABEC 11 Freeride Centerset Green

ABEC 11 Freeride Centerset Green is on the 8th spot of the list of ours! This spot of the wheels is all made from the feature of the ultra-fast free riding experience. They come with a wider profile and a range of the 39mm contact patch with a symmetrical shape. They are all the more featuring out with the better wear characteristics as in view with the longer life-span. It has the lip profile that is pretty rounded and much steeper as well. This would be giving the wheel with the aspects of being durable and sturdy too.

9. Sector 9 Nine Ball 69Mm 78A

Sector 9 Nine Ball 69Mm 78A has been added with the diameter of 69 mm. There do contact patch is 49mm. They have a durability of around 78a. The materials incorporated are somehow being high quality and tested urethane. They are available in wide range of the colors but mainly red.

10. Bones Skateboard Wheels

On the last, we will be adding on with the name of Bones Skateboard Wheel. They are being attached to the awesome appearance and are favorite among the bike riding skateboard players. It is all put together in the diameter of 51mm and have a hardness of street tech formula of waxy white that is also coming out to be the basis of its hardness. The contact patch is around 28mm.