Top 10 Best Skateboard Trucks for Street 2018 Review

Right into this blog post, we will be all talking about the best skateboard trucks for street skating, and yet the difference between them. This article will make you learn about to figure out what you want from a skateboard truck. Here we are sharing on with the list of the well-known and top 10 best skateboard trucks 2018 which you can buy right now at the reasonable rates. We did mention the pros and cons of the product for your assistance. Let’s check out the list below!

1. Independent Silver 139mm


Independent Silver 139mm has been for sure taken to be one of the best skateboard trucks you will find on the market. It measures the dimension of around 139mm wide and is a set of 2 lo trucks. It is accessible as in the color range of silver and has a high-performance. While being durable it would stand out to be perfect for nearly all types of skateboarding.

It has been carried out with the stable nature that you can expect in any best truck.  The truck has been all set with the balance on those sharp turns and while performing different tricks. No matter whether you have been working on the 8.25 deck or larger, this item will quickly fit and is well just as inside the working range.

2. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks, Black(T-HA-BLK)

This truck product has been all rather put together with the excess finishing with the set of two and features double barrel brushing which hence makes it stand out from its competitors. You will even view with the layered brushings that can be easily adjusted from soft to very hard. This varies from one user to user. Some skateboard riders are much fond of hard setting while some soft.

3. Another Very Close Runner-Up: Venture Super Lights


On the next, we would be coming all into the medium of the venture skateboard trucks that have been taken to be one of the highly recommended ones. They are much durable and turning out to be well as well. They have the smooth grind. They are being altogether set with the basic look and reliable feel as there is no such kind of wrong with these strong, versatile and lightweight trucks. You should be finding it much unique looking.

This has been known as one of the top-rated items on the market as which has been consistently providing quality. It is all added with the very reasonable price and is also perfect for all type of skateboarders. It has the strong design. It is light in weight. It would be making it quicker for faster reactions.

4. Tensor Andrew Brophy Mag-Light Skateboard trucks


This skateboard truck has been putting together much of the attention over the reducing of the truck weight. It is coming out to be 29% lighter than any other similarly sized truck on the market as this has been all made possible because of the hanger and base plate’s magnesium construction. It has been set best with the 8.375″ axle-width.

This product is much suitable for boards around the 8.25″ to 8.5″ that do range so for tech heads looking for the sake of the strong but super-light truck in a standard height profile.  They are made from the high quality of the materials in the complete light manner.

5. Silver Truck Company L-Class Pro


Silver Company L-Class Pro is taken to be known as the professional grade skateboard trucks. However it might be expensive, but it is all set in offering with the high value of the price paid for. It has been all put together with the set of 2 that is perfect for beginners, intermediate and expert players. You would love using it all the time! This company has been providing the skateboard trucks for the last so many years and do guarantee a top-notch product that delivers you quality and performance together. They are all the more aimed as in squarely at the tech end of the skate truck market.

6. Mini Logo Skateboard Truck



Have you been in search of the mid-range entry level skate truck? If yes then here we have the best product for you!  It has been all settled out with around 20% cheaper than your standard set of ‘pro’ trucks as the Mini Logo are tried and tested with a great. It does have the sizes ranging from a 7.13″ axle-width as perfect for kids and all right through to 8.75″. It is one of the best choices as for the reliable entry-level set of skate trucks.

It has been also featuring out with the light hollow kingpin with an axle that shaves the extra weight. It has been put together with the magnesium hanger just as along with a baseplate that not only reduces weight but it hence maintains the strength of the steel. This item is around 29% lighter than the traditional steel trucks as it also offers easier ollies. This makes it easier in view with skate your board.

7. Owlsome 5.0 Black Aluminum


Owlsome 5.0 Black Aluminum is hence taken to be the aluminum made a truck that on the whole comes in a range of premium colors to choose from. You can match over one of the colors to complement your skateboard. In this product, the axle is made from Carson steel by means of the 95a black bushing which gives it the strength and a finishing touch. It at the same time uses the Owlsome’s exclusive precision ABEC 7 bearings that come just as with your purchase.

8. KRUX Skateboard Truck


The Krux K4 skateboard trucks are designed at the best as all type of players. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert skater this item hence guaranteed to hold your balance on top of the sharpest turns and those crazy tricks. It has been put together with some of the best cushions with a solid baseplate that nicely fits just as under the skateboard.

9. Bear Grizzly 852 181mm

Bear Grizzly 852 181mm will give you the chance to get into the amazing longboarding experience. This product will always be best for your riding style, no matter your skill with skateboarding. It has been all manufactured with the highest quality standards as it is durable and performs great on the streets.

It is all put together with the 2 trucks and is designed for freeriding, carving and cruising. The 52-inch baseplate angle hence fits firmly on the deck, and also the barrel bushing shape that would be offering the better stability and shock absorbing.

10. Turbo 5.0 (7.75″ Axle) Pro


Turbo 5.0 (7.75 Axle) Pro is all settled at the best as in offering with the lightning-quick response. This has been all made possible due to the lightweight design with unmatched levels of control. It has been all the more adjusted to the amazing strength with a custom turbo detailing. This item is perfect for the purpose of the Deck Size 8”-5.5” and comes in a set of 2.