top 10 best selling books 2016

It is 2016 and Amazon has been getting quite a handful of people buying books. It comes a time when you want to buy a book and you are not sure which to pick. Here we’ve come up with amazon’s top 10 bestselling books as of 2016. It is interesting to find out that best sellers include cooking guides and recipes. These reviews are based on the popularity of the book when it comes to sales.

1. Lean in 15: 15-minute meals and workouts

By Joe Wicks

Lean in 15- 15-minute meals and workouts amazone

Are you having trouble with your weight loss workouts? Here Joe Wicks shows great recipes that will help you shed off more weight by actually eating more with minimal exercise. It provides an easier and more adaptive approach to weight loss. It has been having very many sales in 12016 hence tops our list.

2. Me before you

By Jojo Moyes


Me before you

amazoneThe book is about Lou Clark and how she gets to meet Traynor and both impact in each other’s lives in the most amazing of ways. Packed with instances of laughter, sob and smiles as different emotional realities are expressed in the book hence make it number 2 in our list.

3. The girl on the train

By Paula Howkins


The girl on the train

amazoneIf you are looking for a novel full of suspense then look no further. Rachel’s normal routine and her constant envy of Jess and Jason who in her opinion have a perfect life. In relation to this, her life changes into what she never thought it could be.

4. The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet

By Michael Mosley

The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet


Ever wondered why many people nowadays are suffering from blood sugar or even how to ensure you do not fall in the same category? Dr Mosley explains why easily digestible cabs pile up more abdominal weight and how to actually shed it off.

5. Harry Potter and the cursed child parts 1 and 2

By J.K Rowling


Harry Potter and the cursed child parts 1 and 2 amazoneIf you are a lover of Harry Potter and adventures packed with amazing wizardry this book is ideal for you. Harry is now a father of three and an overworked employee at the ministry of magic. Harry being always fast to learn the truth and new things in the world of magic, now his youngest son Albus joins him as they discover strange sources of dark magic.

6. Tanya Bakes

By Tanya Burr

Tanya Bakes amazone

Tanya is back with her cook book. Being a passionate cook, she shares some of her amazing recipes that will help you make great pastries loaves and puddings. Readers will fall in love with her delicious Celebration cake, Banoffee Pie and Earl Grey Tea Loaf just to mention a few.

7. The Trials of Apollo

By Rick Riordan

The Trials of Apollo amazone

The god Appolo angers his father Zeus and is cast down from Olympus and lands in New York City. Now he has to live like a normal teenager and overcome his enemies such as monsters, other gods and mortals. Without his powers this makes him vulnerable. He has to seek help which can only be found in Camp Half Bloods. With trouble surrounding him, every day is an endeavor to not get destroyed by his enemies. Also, keeping his situation temporary is another challenge.

8. Lean in 15 – The shape plan

By Joe Wicks

Lean in 15 – The shape plan amazone

Joe is back with all new way to burn fat and get muscles that are lean. If you want an upgrade I your workouts and diet for better results this book has all you need. It has hundreds of Joe’s recipes and workout routines that will leave you getting great results.

9. Behind closed doors

By B A Paris

Behind closed doors amazone

At number nine is behind closed doors. A chilling thriller revolving around a couple; Jack and Grace. Is the marriage too good to be true or is there more than meets the eye. With Jacks wealth and charm and Grace’s elegance it is interesting to find out how these two get along especially with strange behaviors from the couple.

10. Delicious Ella everyday: Simple recipes and fantastic food for a healthy way of life

By Ella Woodward


Simple recipes and fantastic food amazoneWith a rather different perspective on looking good and feeling your best, Ella talks about delicious and natural food. She understands everyone has a unique lifestyle hence it is necessary to figure out how wholesome ingredients fit in. Here you get to know how to nourish your body and glow from the inside out. Thus this book rounds up our review on top 10 bestselling books from amazon.