Top 10 Best Recordable DVDs 2018 Review

As we all know that before making the use of USB storage and SD drives, normally people used to make the usage of the recordable products for storing large scale of the files. They are also standing to be great to be used as for storing files on hardware. They are much easy to be used for storage as in your home movies, music, and photos as digital files. So here we are enlisting down with the list of top 10 best DVD recordable 2018 reviews for you to choose out the best one.

1. Verbatim 4.7GB up to 16x Recordable Disc

This DVD-R set can, on the whole, be compared to USB drives. Each single of the disc can hold with almost 4.7GB of data or 120 minutes of video. These DVDs record will be making the usage of the advanced AZO tech that will be giving out the quality of the data at the end of the day. It is suitable to be used for the recording of things just like the home movies, music, or any other media. We would make you recommend using it right now as for the backing up your computer or burning a hard drive image. A pack is readily accessible into the100 discs as in this way you can burn 470GB of data. As if you will be comparing it with the SD cards or the USB sticks you would be able to find the actual difference in working quality. It is packed with the protective plastic casing that makes storage much more convenient.


2. Verbatim DVD+R DL 8.5GB 8X with Branded Surface


This product has been all stated to be the 5 high-grade non-rewritable DVD+R discs by means of almost one hundred years archival life. It is a complete OEM drive certified. You will often be finding it being included with the advanced AZO recording dye optimizes read/write performance. It is also supported by high-speed double layer writers. It has been settled with the amazing speed that is almost 10X allow for 8.5GB files that can come up with the recording of almost 12-15 minutes and store 4 hours of DVD quality television and video. It is perfect to be used for the home movies.  It can work on compatible terms with the DVD-R and DVD+R drives mentioning with the Pioneer, Apple, Sony, Dell, LG, HP, Lenovo and so many others.


3. AmazonBasics 4.7 GB 16x DVD-R



This is taken to be one of the best and perfect high qualities of the recording products. It is a versatile form of the disc that has been perfect for most data backup needs. This has been known as one of the cheapest DVD recordable products which you can buy much easily from marketplaces.  This product has been much reliable to use it all around right now. It has been accessible in the pack of around 100 discs that can record 4.7GB of data per disc. In this way, you would be able to burn a video file around 120 minutes on a disc. The pack will even make you offer out with the excellent perks as hard storage for data backups, as well as videos, music, movies, and so as even games. You can even burn HD files much more quickly. The discs of DVD recordable have the ability where it can record the data at the speed of 16 multiple.


4. Philips Branded 16X DVD-R Media 100 Pack in Spindle



Right into this product, you will be finding the timeline accessories of the spindle that offers the 100 pieces of 4.7 gigabytes at the timeline of 16x write-speed DVD-R recordable video discs. It has the ability where it can store with almost 4.7GB data or up to 2 hours of video. It is much stable to use and has been put together with the accurate recording at high speed. It is much excellent and ideal to be used for the sake of recording DVD quality home movies and video clips.

5. Sony 50DMR47SP 16x DVD-R 4.7GB



This product has been all stated to be the high quality of the DVD recordable that is somehow coming as the perfect solution for burning homemade movies, as well as personal music CDs, and backup images for your hard drives. It is manufactured by Sony company that is also known as one of the best brand companies in the market world. This DVD recordable product has been offering with the 4.7GB of data that is somehow standard. They do have the ability as where they can record data at a 16x speed that has been taken as the highest speed rate that is currently available for DVDs.  These discs are one of the best solutions as meant for the storing homemade movies, as well as mixtapes or backup data files that only you can access. You can often think about to burn with the full feature-length MPEG movie in one of these discs. These discs would be working straight on the modern optical drive that can write to a DVD.

6. Maxell 638006 Dvd-R 4.7 Gb Spindle



This product has been all settled with the 4.7 GB of the spacing with the working of almost up to 2 hours of recording. It would make you present with the features of superior recording layer technology and a 100-year archival life. It has been put together with up to 16x write speed. You can use it as to read the compatible with the most DVD playback devices mentioning with the DVD-R recorders, as well as DVD-RAM drives, DVD-ROM and DVD video players. It is best to be used for the beginners and casual users.  If you are in the minor data storage needs, then choosing with this DVD player is the best alternative out for you.  You can make the use of this product as in terms of occasionally burning a home movie or even at the time of backing up your music folder.

7. Smart Buy 100 Pack DVD+R 4.7GB 16x



This DVD recordable product has been much affordable to use and is durable as well.  We would be recommending you to use this product right now. This product has been offering you with the 4.7GB DVDs that can write at a 16x rate. You can easily store the 2 hours of video with the maximum amount of photos.  This product pack has the label too that would make it easy for you to write on. The labels are included with the perfect finishing of the matte that hence turns out to be much attractive looking on the whole. You can burn a file in just as less than 10 minutes. They are much durable to use. The disc has the ability where it can read millions of the times.

8. Memorex 16X DVD-R 10-Pack Spindle


This disc product has been all put together with the support of DVD-R and DVD+R formats. The best feature about this product is that you will be finding it all settled with the color coding impact working. Each single of the Memorex discs is color-coded in vibrant shades. Plus the writable sides of the discs have been put together with the bright shine color use like the kaleidoscope.  If you have been in search of the recordable DVDs in order to build on with the external movie, as well as music, or a data library, then this product is the best alternative for you. One of the biggest benefits of this product is that you can make the best choice as in between the DVD-R or DVD+R for recording. Both of them will carry out the recording in a similar way.

10. Verbatim 4.7GB 1x- 4x DVD plus RW



On the last, we have this superb product of DVD recordable! This product has been offering the range of DVD+RW discs. You can use it as to write data and erase them later by means of these discs. This pack of the product has been added with the 20 discs almost. They are being added with the writable DVDs that come in DVD-R or DVD+R formats. These discs are all given away the feature of DVD+RW format. One of the biggest benefits over the R discs is that you would be able to burn files and hence erase them later. This disc is much reusable.  If you need with some extra space in this DVD then you delete unwanted files and make room for new ones.