Top 10 Best Photo Light Boxes Studio in 2018

If you are looking for reliable quality light boxes then here are the top 5 photo light boxes reviews for you. Do you know that a large in a number of crafters and artists, they always want to take high-quality photographs, that is why these photo light boxes have been invented for them! Through this product, you can easily take the pictures of your products. You can call them as light tents.  From these below-mentioned details, you can check out the reviews. These light boxes or light tents are kinds of contraptions.

1. LimoStudio 16″ x 16″ Table Top Photo Photography Studio Lighting


On the first spot, we have LimoStudio photo light box for you. This product gives excellent photography results. It is easy to use. With this product, you will get a mini tripod stand and a white photo-shooting tent. Then you will get a 16-inch cubic that comes with various color backdrops. You will get a tabletop LED light and also a cellphone clip holder. When you choose this Limostudio photo light box, then make sure that you get all of these items along with the light box as well. Without these attached items, light box will be of no use to you. This photo-shooting box will make it easier for you to create and make soft lighting environment. A neutral light effect will come on your product. Through using this photo-shooting box, you will be able to minimize and decrease the contrast which is present in between hot-spot area and shade area.

2. TWONE Folding Portable Lightbox Studio

Then we have TWONE photo light box for you. It is one of the great light boxes which you should try. You can call it as a mini photo studio. You can carry it easily. It is attached to two different backdrops. One backdrop is available in a black color and the other backdrop is available in a white color. This product is attached to an instruction guide as well that how this light box can be used. It can be assembled anywhere. You can unfold this light box in few minutes. If you want to take pictures of small sized products then this is the perfect light box for the photographers. For taking pictures of cell phones and other accessories, for taking snaps of small gadgets and fashion jerwelry pieces, this is a handy one photo light box.

3. MyStudio MS20 Professional Table Top Photo Studio Lightbox Kit



Then comes the photo light box brand My Studio! This photo light box can give you maximum shooting angles and also depth. It is attached to 5000K color-corrected kind of daylight fluorescent lighting system. This system will make sure that you get the perfect color for your product. This product does not require any kind of additional lighting or any kind of additional flash feature. This photo light box has curved corners. It can give you a soft and too seamless background.

4. Fovitec StudioPRO 24″ Photo Studio Portable Table Top Product Photography Lighting Tent Lightbox Kit


Next, we have Fovitec photo light box for you. With this whole product package, you will get a: 1x 24″ lighting tent and 2x lamp heads. You will get 2x stands and 2x 45 watt CFL bulbs and also 4x colored backdrops. It is an ideal light box if you want to do product photography, It is attached to soft and a wrap-around lighting system. If you want to do the photographing of small-to-medium-sized kind of items then this is a great light box. It is made from a modular design. You will get fabric backdrops of blue, white and black color. You attach as well as detach these fabric backdrops easily.

5. Casio XPRO 36 inchx36 inch Studio Photography Light Tent

The last photo light box we have for you is from the brand Casio! This light house consists of the dimensions of 36″ X 36″ X 36″. It is attached to a front screen and 4 color backgrounds are offered along with it. These XPRO tents are commonly and highly used if you want to do catalog photography. This light tent offers”ultra soft” lighting effect. This product can easily reduce unwanted kind of glares.  These photo light boxes give quality pictures.

6. Professional 24”x24″x24” Portable Photo Video Lighting Studio

In its backdrop fabrics, red, black, white and blue colors are included. Now it is up to you that which backdrop fabric you want to choose. It is currently available in these 4 colors. Talking about its LED light stand specifications, they are of 5500 Kelvin / 600 Lumen and they work at 120° beaming angle . The maximum height of this LED light stand is 9.5-inch. You can adjust the height of its mini camera stand. You can adjust the height up to maximum 8 inches. Its cellphone clip holder is also compatible with any of the smartphones. The dimensions of this product are 16 x 16 x 16 inches. It is made of high and exceptional quality fabric. It can give a perfect shot of your products. It can eliminate all kinds of spots and glare. You can carry this entire product in a single bag. Its lumen is of 570-600 lm.

7. Mini Photo Studio Box, PULUZ 20cm Portable Photography Shooting light Tent Kit


You can fold it easily and after folding it, it will just look like a paper. It has a collapsible design and it can resist compression. It can give you an ideal and best backdrop. It opens into a cube form. This light box can hold any item that falls in the range up to 8.9 inches by 9 inches by 9.5 inches. This light box is made of a creative design. It is designed with 6500K LED lights. It can too give you an additional lighting while you are doing your photography sessions. It is attached to a Micro USB port so that you can get a convenient power supply. Its structural material is made of a hard polypropylene material. This light box comprises of a matte-finished surface. It is durable and also lightweight. It is a waterproof light box and comes with anti-flamming properties.

8. LimoStudio 700W Photography Softbox Light Lighting Kit Photo

Once you will take a picture by using this light box, you no longer have to re-touch that picture. It makes use of 110V/120V light fixture. It required voltage range of 220V – 110V. You will get tremendous and awesome results from using this light box. Smooth finishing will come on your pictures if shots will be taken from My studio light box. It gives seamless finishing to your shots. It works on daylight fluorescent lighting system. It is not weather resistant.

9. Portable Photography Studio, Zenic Mini Portable and Folding Photo


It is an energy-efficient light box. It gives low heat output and consumes less energy as compared to other light boxes. Its bulb dimensions are 7″x 3″x 3″  and it is made of Tri-band technology .You need to use it with fluorescent bulbs which fall up to the range of 105W. Its product dimensions are 18 x 12 x 12 inches. It is an ideal and recommended light box. It is best for the shooting of small-to-medium-sized range of items. It consumes less energy. It needs regular and daily maintenance.

10. Amzdeal Photo Light Box 32 x 32in Photo Studio Professional

Its product dimensions are 36 x 36 x 36 inches and weight of this item is 2.65 pounds. You will always get a seamless and flawless shot finishing upon using Casio XPRO 36 inchx36 inch Studio Photography Light Tent. It is easy to carry and handle. It is attached to 4 color backgrounds. It is expensive.

We have shared the pros and cons sides of these light boxes. These pros and cons details will help you to choose the best light box for yourself. Now many brands are making these light tents, and it seems tough to pick out the best photo light box. But these top 10 mentioned light boxes work on most reliable and professional notes.