Top 10 Best PC Virtual Reality Headsets Reviews and Buying Guide

While the original generation of PC Virtual
Reality was only something of a test run, it is now sophisticated enough to
offer pleasurable entertainment experiences that can be enjoyed for hours at a
time, especially in the case of PC Virtual Reality headsets. Developers are
constantly making iterative improvements to the experience that now allow users
to enjoy a wide range of social and gaming sessions that come at a wide range
of price points. True, the best VR headsets are the pricier ones, but that doesn’t
mean you can’t gather a few friends to show off your new toy, one that is
significantly more affordable than top of the line equipment like the Oculus

That’s what the list below is there to help you
with. 10 of the best PC VR headsets you can purchase on Amazon right now.

1. HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System

Make no mistake, the HTC Vive is one of the best
and most popular PC VR headsets out there. It’s backed by a major manufacturer,
integrates with Steam, offers a 90hz refresh rate and a 2160 x 1200 resolution.
That makes it one of the best…and one of the most expensive. It’s what you
get for all of the features. You will also receive some content for free if you
purchase it now. The strongest selling point is the wide access to Steam

A definite buy for the VR enthusiast.

2.Oculus Rift – Virtual Reality Headset


The Oculus Rift is the HTC Vive’s main
competitor. It is identical in many ways but is $20 cheaper (and more if you
get it on sale), it has almost as much access to Steam as the Vive does. The
motion controllers have rightly been raved about. Where the Rift excels is in
optics and comfort. There is noticeably less blur when your eyes move and the
headset is far more comfortable than the Vive, allowing for longer periods of

If those factors are important to you, then the
Rift may be a better buy than the Vive.

3.Samsung Gear VR w/Controller (2017)

The Samsung Gear VR is technically not compatible
with the PC. However, with a little fiddling with the computer on your part,
you can use the Samsung VR for your PC. The benefit here is that you can use
the device for both your PC and your Samsung phone, if you’ve got one.It won’t
allow you to do much more than stream from your PC, however.

At 310 grams, it’s one of the lighter VR devices
and is quite comfortable. The best thing about it is that it sells for $100,
which is unmatched by other major VR headsets.

4.Acer AH101-D8EY Windows Mixed Reality Headset 


Though it is dubbed Mixed Reality’, what Acer
offers with its new Windows based headset is a virtual reality experience. The
$400 headset comes with two swanky controllers, which are quite good. The 1440p
display is a little blurry, and nowhere near as good as the more expensive VR
devices. Among WMR headsets, this is the one that you’d call entry level. The
inside out tracking system, however, is phenomenal. Furthermore, WMR headsets
will integrate directly with Steam.

5.PIMAX 4K Virtual Reality Headset


At $340, the Pimax PC VR headset is somewhere
between the lower end models and the high end ones like the Vive. It weighs at
a surprisingly low 290gms, works with Steam, offers its own software interface
and claims to offer 4k display. This device was designed with gaming in mind
and the specs speak for that. The tracking system is a little underdeveloped,
with inaccuracies occurring every so often. What is going for it is the picture
quality and its comfort. WIth a few improvements, the Pimax could challenge
high end models, but as it is, it requires some optimization to be truly

6.VISIONHMD Bigeyes H1 584PPI 2.5K 

With a 720p display and a HDMI cable to connect
anywhere, the VisionHMD tries to offer users a viewing experience that they can
take anywhere. While it does use LCD technology, it offers pleasant viewing.
You can also hook it up to a blu-ray player, which is quite cinematic,
theatre-like even. The overall FOV is good, at somewhere around 75 degrees,
though it does blur around the edges.

7. 3Glasses Blubur S1 PC Virtual Reality System


Even though the 3Glasses Blubur offers a 2880 x
1440 resolution, it does not have the crispest display. It is also not
recognised by Steam, which can be a bummer for those looking to use it to play
games. You can use wand controllers with it, though you’ll have to buy them
separately. Overall, not the best buy.

8.SARLAR 3D VR Headset, Virtual Reality Goggles Movies


At $14, this may seem like a steal. For the
price, yes that is something, but you’re obviously going to be getting some
catches with it. This is clearly an entry level device, and is geared more
towards phones. You’ll need a phone to use, but it can stream content from your
pc. It’s light, comfortable and can be taken anywhere, though it isn’t very
good with games. It’s the kind of device you want to buy if you’re just looking
to test what VR is all about. At the cheap price, it may not be a bad idea to
go for it.

9.VR Headset All in One Immersive PC Game Movie 3D


The Magicsee is a 90 degree FOV VR headset that
claims to be compatible with all devices, pcs and phones included. It is price
at $180, but that cash will bring you the wide FOV and 5.5 inches of space. It
also runs at 1080p. However, there’s problem: the lens themselves aren’t very
clearly and the display as a whole is quite poor. Sadly, the PC market has few
options other than the ones listed here, so until all developers improve their
offerings, potential buyers will always have compromised products to deal with.

10.VR Here All In One Virtual Reality Headset VR Glasses


Like most All-in-One headsets, the VR Here headset
lets you use the device with phones, consoles and PCs. The display is that of
1080p and the display quality isn’t mindblowing, but is suitable given its
sub-200 dollar price tag. It is definitely more of a phone-based VR device than
a PC one, but you can stream any activity on your PC through the HDMI cable
that is provided.

Virtual Reality is just kicking off, and the PC
VR headset market is growing by the minute. What is good now will become better
soon and what is bad now will, hopefully, become decent enough for use. The
quick pace at which the VR world is developing should give us some hope.