Top 10 Best Magnetic USB 2017 review

As technology develops, everything else that deals with technology also develops to keep up with the trends in the market. The development of magnetic usb has enabled faster charging and transfer of data. This micro usb cable connector extension cable usb 2.0 and 3.0 has also reduced the risk of falling smartphone device by grazing of cable. It has so many benefits to its user and can be cheaply found on Amazon. The following is a review of some of these products. This review should help you get see the best product to acquire.

1. Wsken Magnetic Micro USB

This is a unique magnetic USB. It comes with a detachable magnetic connector that has no opposite insert. It has been tested and proven that this kind of USB works well with devices that have micro USB 2.0. This device can act as an anti-dust plug when it is not charging. It is also protective as it has a shield to protect the device from too much power.

2. Stouch 2 in 1 magnetic USB charger

This wonderful magnetic usb comes with a very high charging capability. It is so easy and convenient to use because of its simplified features. The magnetic feature allows for easy usage even when there is no light. It is compatible with many phones and yours will actually not be left out. It is so much affordable and it actually will not leave you with a pocket injury, after purchasing it.

3. Magnetic 3-in-1 Magnetic Lighting USB Charging

Magnetic Usb is a magnetic usb with a difference. It is capable allowing charging and data transmission at the same time without altering the speed of any of the events. This feature is so advantageous, as it can help you share or transfer data while your device is charging.

4. Griffin Breaksafe USB-C

The USB-C is so much affordable and is compatible with all devices that use the USB-C feature. The breaksafe allows the device to charge faster with the cable going to a maximum of 20vols at 3amps. It is majorly used for charging.

5. NetDot 3 Pack 5th Generation Micro USB

The magnetic USB has a magnetic connector detached to it which reduces abrasion during plugging, because it can easily snap at any angle. This one can also function as an anti-dust plug when not charging. Its compatibility is limited to devices with USB 2.0

6.Magnetic Phone Charger Charging Cable

The magnetic connector detached on this product helps reduce the friction that may be experienced during plugging or unplugging. Devices with Micro USB 2.0 charging port benefit more from this USB.

7.UGI 2018 Newest Version Magnetic Type C

This magnetic cable has a modification that enables it to be used in car charging systems. Syncing data is also possible when using this magnetic cable hence making it more convenient, effective and efficient. The phone will be protected from falling during charging by the one-handed charging feature.

8. Micro USB Cable White

It has a LED indicator which alerts you that the device is charging. Besides charging, it also helps in data transfer for various devices. It not complex and can be used easily by any individual.

9.NetDot 3 Pack 2nd Generation 5ft USB2.0

This magnetic cable is made from a rare metal which has contributed greatly to the holding power of the cable. It is detached with a Micro USB connector which makes plugging and unplugging an easy task. It is also not discriminative as it allows for different devices to connect with it.

10.Apple Lightning Magnetic Connector 

The Apple Lighting USB Magnetic Cable is only compatible with devices that use lighting to USB cable. It also has a detachable connector which enables easy connections and reduces the friction that may be produced during insertion and unplugging.

These are the best magnetic USBs in the market. If you don’t have one, make a point of getting one today.