Top 10 Best Magnetic Therapy Bracelets reviews

Tired of aches and pains? Want to see what magnetic therapy is all about? Here are 10 good bracelets to start with.

1. Elegant Titanium Magnet Therapy Bracelet Pain Relief for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel



Sold by Smarter LifeStyle, this magnetic bracelet is made with pure titanium and has 3500 Gauss Magnets in each bracelet link. Good for fighting pain, fatigue, muscle tension and improving blood circulation. Of its overall ratings, 75% are 5 stars.

2. Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet from Earth Therapy



This bracelet is a solid copper band that fits most sizes of wrists. It contains 6 unique earth magnets that together, deliver over 15,000 Gauss. To improve your experience, included with your purchase is a free Ebook.

3. Accents Kingdom Women’s magnetic Hematite Tuchi Pearl Bracelet



A stretchy bracelet that can be purchased in any birth stone color, and has healing properties- what can be better? Each magnet included on this bracelet gives off 600 Gauss.

4. Copper Bracelet with Magnetic Therapy in Rose Gold



A bracelet that looks trendy, yet casual while healing from the inside. It’s made of pure copper and is adorned by a gold braid and 8 powerful magnets. This bracelet is also adjustable and will fit most.

5. Men Sleek Titanium Steel Magnetic Therapy Bracelet



Tailored specifically for men, this bracelet is classy and masculine. It’s made of titanium and and is adjustable. It ships in a velvet box that is perfect for gift giving, and also includes a free link removal tool to make the bracelet fit just right.

6. Ladies Magnet Bracelet with Fold Over Clasp



This ultra feminine silver bracelet looks elegant with any outfit. A silver twist containing 10 therapeutic magnets encases a row of 11 clear crystals, and comes with a free Ebook on magnetic healing therapy.

7. Steel Link Magnetic Bracelet for Women



It’s title says for women, but really, this black and silver bracelet can be worn by anyone. The bracelets is made of stainless steel links that are embedded with magnets and polished to shine. The bracelet is rated a 4.2 out of 5 stars online and includes a link removal kit.

8. Magnetic Bracelet Stainless High Power Pain Therapy Magnets 2 Tone



This one has a long listing name, but is worth the mouthful. As the name suggests, it has 2 tones of stainless steel- gold and silver. The band of this bracelet has a delicate silver striped pattern while the ends are made of plain gold stainless steel. The ends are also magnets, and aid with arthritis pain and circulation. It comes in 3 sizes.

9. Blue Titanium Magnet Therapy Bracelet



This particular bracelet is unique because of its beautiful blue color. Each magnet included on the bracelet is 5000 Gauss, and the whole bracelet is 100% hypoallergenic. Both men and women could wear this bracelet with confidence, and feel better while doing it!

10. Sabona Executive Elite Duet Magnetic Bracelet



On the more expensive side of our list is this gem of a bracelet. Each silver ink contains a magnet, totaling up to over 1200 Gauss. The design of this one is simple, yet draws the eye to it.

That completes our top 10 list, however, I could go on and on about great pieces of magnet and copper jewelry. There are tons of beautiful healing bracelets, and these are just 10 of them that can be found online.