Top 10 Best LED lamps with Exclusive Features Suitable for All Purposes

Incandescent lamps have phased out. With advanced technology, several energy efficient LED lamps have come to the light. Desk lamp, floor lamps, table lamps, bedside lamps, LED desk lamps are available with various specifications. To choose the best among them is not all that easy. Here is a list of some of the best LED lamps available online. They are suitable for your home as well as work.

1. Brightech- SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp



This 20-Watt LED lamp provides a warm white colored light that has a life of more than 20 years. It is energy efficient and does not get heated up. It has been designed specially to meet your requirements. With its slender frame, you’ll not need to accommodate a separate space. You can rotate its head as per your need for light.

2. Ikea 101.398 Floor Uplight lamp



This silver colored, metal lamp provides 60 Watts light. It weighs only 5 pounds and its design is modern and sleek. This lamp is easy to put together. You can use a any light bulb for it. It is available at an affordable price. Its sturdy frame provides it with a long life.

3. TaoTronics LED Desk lamp



This sleek, durable, metal table lamp provides 12 Watts of light in 5 different colors and 6 brightness levels. Its head and arm can be adjusted in multiple angles and provides glare-free illumination. Apart from that, it has a 60-minute timer and is upgraded with iSmart USB port of 5V/2A.

4. TaoTronics LED 12W Table lamp



Suitable for studying or working, this energy efficient lamp saves energy by 75%. Its brightness can be adjusted to 7 different levels. With a long life of 50000 hours, you can fit it in your office or bedroom in a small space. It comes with a cleaning cloth and a power adapter.

5. Etekcity Wireless LED desk lamp



With exclusive features such as touch control for brightness adjustments, personalize your atmosphere with its dimmable 3.2Watts light. It is free from the hassle of wires and is rechargeable. Included with this energy efficient lamp are a micro USB, power adapter and a one year warranty.

6. TaoTronics LED 7W Gooseneck table lamp



This table lamp provides a soft, uniform and flicker-free light which can be adjusted to 7 different levels of brightness. It saves power up to 75% , fits almost anywhere and weights only 1.7 pounds. It has a soft gooseneck and it can be adjusted as per need.

7. Brightech- Litespan LED floor lamp



With an adjustable gooseneck, you can change the direction of its 6000K color temperature light to any direction. With adjustable brightness, you can dim or bbrighten the light as peer your need. Being energy efficient, this 12Watt LED lamp can last for more than 20 years.

8. Trond Halo 10W LED desk lamp



Upgraded with the latest technology to provide flicker-free, anti-glare and uniform light, this LED lamp is suited for studying, working or any other purpose. It has 3 lighting modes, adjustable light temperatures, 7 brightness levels and a warranty of 18 months.

9. Boyon touch control, portable LED Lamp



Modern features like touch switches, humanized design and third gear light intensity, this LED lamp can be rotated up to 360degrees. Having a super slim body, it can be easily fitted anywhere. It comes with a power adapter and USB port.

10. LE LED dimmable Desk lamp



Made with some of the best features, this LED lamp has 7 brightness levels which provides eye friendly, anti-flicker light. Its head, arm and base can be separately rotated up to 270, 150 and 340 respectively and it is energy-efficient.

Whether you need a lamp for your bedside or office desk, the list covers ten of the best lamps with features that are of utmost convenience. You can customize the angle, brightness and light color of the lamps and save energy at the same.