Top 10 Best LED Garage Lights for 2018

Giving your garage area with the bright and amazing effect of LED will bring much improvement and attraction in it for the outsiders. But for this sake, it is important to take in account the best and premium product of LED garage lights. So here we are with the list of top and best LED garage lights for you!

1. Hyperikon LED Garage Light

The Hyperikon LED is namely known as the powerful garage light that provides 4,000 lumens of light all along with the duration of up to 45,000 hours. The available colors do hence range from 4,000K to 5,000K but the 4,000K is somehow been recommended color temperature as its more natural. It is accessible with the 5 years unlimited warranty to give you peace of mind. All the parts that are to be set aside the LED bulbs are a very high quality that is from the chrome finished pull chain to the rugged steel housing of the bulbs. It has the dimension that is around 6 inches in height, 48 inches in length and 12 inches in width. It has been namely known as being one of the most popular garage lightings and offers great value for money. It hence provides maximum lighting and installing them took less than 10 minutes. It promises with the no flickering, no buzzing, as well as UV and mercury-free light and commercial grade quality. All through the 38 watts of electricity required it is hence upgrading to these lights will not only look great but also help you to save money.

2. Luceco 3600 Shatterproof Plug-in LED

The Luceco is taken to be the cheaper alternative to the Hyperikon model with the means of the similar performance. It can brighten any garage with the means of 3,600 lumens of light from just 36 watts of electricity usage. It has the approximation of 40,000 hours of LED lifespan that is a good indication and there is 5 years warranty that is provided with this light. It is added with much lighter thus making it easier to install for the majority of garages. Its major drawback is that it cannot be linked and will require a separate power source. They hence offer out with the great value for money with good performance on a budget.

3. French May Linkable LED Garage Light

The French May garage light has 4,800 lumens whilst all the way by using 40 watts of electricity from a standard sized light. The light temperature color is mentioned to be 5,000K with a lifespan of over 40,000 hours or over 22.8 years with the duration of 3 hour day. The dimensions of the French May garage light are 48 inches in length, 5 inches in width and 2.5 inches in height. It can be mounted with the medium of the chains and all the daisy chain hardware is included with the means of light itself. It hence offers a five-year warranty for peace of mind.

4. Prime Lights T8 LED HighBay Lights

Prime Lights are mentioned to be the lighting manufacturer in the US that have produced a powerful 4 lamps LED garage light that produces on with the 11,000 lumens. The performance will not be stopping here as it has the lifespan of over 50,000 hours producing 5,000K daylight white color. As because of the extra LED bulbs, it has a larger size with the dimensions of 15 inches in height, 48 inches in length and 3.5 inches in width. The wattage output is counted to be 88 which is fairly energy efficient that is considering the lumens output. It has a 5-year limited warranty. It is the cheap and powerful garage light that will last the longest amount of time.

5. Bobcat Lighting 30W LED Area Light

This Bobcat high sensitivity photocell light system is ideal for the sake of the illuminating your garage from dusk to dawn. It is highly stated to be and can be used in backyards, shops, barns, alleys among others. The bulb is energy efficient and with the means of the total of 3600 lumens. We would call Bobcat Lighting 30W LED Area Light to be perfect for all your needs. Plus is energy efficient and consumes only 30 watts of power. This particular product is accessible with the aluminum die-cast body that keeps the LED lights safe and free of dust, as well as debris, and moisture. The LEDs are also perfect ideal and rated for wet places. The installation is quick and hence it often mounts on the ceiling, a wooden plank, or even a pole. The installation lag screws come out with the purchase. The brightness hence covers a large area with the LED shining down from where it is installed. The daylight temperature is somehow taken to be 5000K that is much white enough for a perfect illumination.

6. LeonLite 4ft Linkable LED Shop Light

At the limit of the 40W as it may be low on power but this LeonLite 4ft Linkable LED Shop Light outputs a total of 4100 lumens. It has the daylight temperature of 5000k as which is similar to the natural light. If you prefer a lower temperature than that, therefore, there is a 4000k option with a cool light you should consider on with. It has been much easy in installation. The process has been on the whole involving with the mounting it in a desired position or location or hanging with the means as included chains and plugging the power cord into the nearest outlet. It comes out with the pull cord to switch it on and off. It is hence linkable for up to four fixtures.

7. Hykolity Utility LED Shop Light 4ft Fixture – Best Shop Lighting Fixture

This lighting fixture has a design with a 5000k daylight temperature. The light is giving out the result of the pure white as which everything you want if you like the daylight setting. It hence saves up to 63 percent on the cost of your electricity bill. The light intensity of its LED lamps is much high at 4800 lumens. This lighting fixture is equipped with the means of motion sensor that triggers illumination when you enter the room or when you drive home in the dark. It turns itself off as it does not detect any motion. The motion sensor is also optional. It has the quick set of installation. You can make it simply hang it with a chain or mount it on a surface. The body is made of aluminum for the additional and some extra strength. The hanging accessories are included in the product box. Its major drawback is that the fixture comes with cheaply made clamps and screws. This requires on with some extra care while installing it to avoid breakage.

8. Lithonia Lighting 4-light Heavy-Duty Shop Light – Best Fluorescent Shop Light for Garage

The Lithonia Lighting – 4-light Heavy-Duty Shop Light is basically known as the type of light if you are scouting for lighting fixtures for the sake of wide-space garage and at minimal cost. It comes with the range of four fluorescent bulbs and a capacity of 32W. Although relatively heavy, it can be hung with the means of hooks and two hanging chains. The Lithonia Lighting 4-light Heavy Duty Shop Light has passed Energy Star efficiency, where it is attached with the fluorescent and not a LED lighting system. It has four bulbs that are protected by a removable wire guard. Hence detaching it can be easily done without using screwdrivers or other tools. It also features out with the reflector for even distribution of light, and also the pull chain power switch if you prefer it more than the traditional wall switch. It is painted as gray.

9. Sunco Lighting 16 PACK – Best LED Garage Lights for Large Garage

This product does not necessarily specialize in LED lights or lights intended to be used for a garage though they do make them. They have been manufacturing high-end LED garage lights that allow them to branch out into another market just like making the best-LED garage light for a large garage. You are hence purchasing 16 different LED garage lights which as unless you have a fairly large space to light. It does have the sheer volume of LED garage lights that actually drives up the cost of the Sunco Lighting 16 PACK LED garage light as well.

10. AntLux 4ft LED Garage Shop Lights LED

It is taken as the mid-range LED which comes into our top 10 LED garage lights. It can be used along with other LEDs to be linked together in terms to form one long LED light. This LED has a light output of 4800 lumens at 40W. The light does have the temperature of 5000K which is natural light making it suitable to be used in the areas of the garage where color accuracy is required.