Top 10 Best Key Lock Boxes in 2018

Do you still store your lock keys as under the doormat or some piece of clothing? Well if yes, then you are still living in the old age era of the world! Now as you would be making the look around you would be viewing with so many wide ranges of the key lock boxes that are being accessible out to give away your keys with the best storage to have a security and safety. The main purpose of these boxes is that they would be ensuring the fact that the keys would stay around to be safe and secure all the time without putting you into any sort of trouble of losing it.

You should be careful about considering the sizing of the box as well that would make it clear much that how many of the keys you are intended out to store in the lockboxes. Right into this piece of article, we will be heading on to the discussion of the best and top 5 key lock boxes in 2018 for you! Let’s check them out one by one!

1. Master Lock Lock Box

This key lock is best to be used as for the indoor and outdoor areas of the home.  This has been known as the portable form of the box that is being used as for the key and access card storage as well as for the large internal cavity allows secure storage for multiple keys. It has been put together with the coverage access of the Resettable 4-digit combination for the purpose of the keyless convenience, set and reset your combination allowing thousands of personalized combination code options. It is put together with the metal body finishing that makes it much durable and featured with the vinyl coated shackle to prevent scratching. It is accessible in ball, biscuit, and tulip door knob styles. It is simple wall mountable key safe for you that do make it end up being complete safe secure.

2. Vault Locks 3210 Wall Mount Key Storage Lock Box

It is basically a wall mount form of the storage box that has been all put together into the combination of the different kinds of keys. It does accompany with the large key storage compartment that would be taking into account with the multiple keys for house, car, or padlock.

It is also attached by means of the wood or the accessories that can be drill easily into the screws. It has been attached to the personalized combination of lock that has been offering with the 10,000 combination possibilities for optimal security. It does comprise the involvement of the reinforced body withstands hammering and sawing.

3. Kingsley Guard-a-key Black Realtor’s Lockbox

On the third spot, we would be bringing out with the name of Kingsley Guard-a-key Black Realtor’s Lockbox! This product of the key box has been attached to the durable finishing of the all metal construction. It has the space of easily getting fit with the 5 keys. It does offer out with the 10,000 possible blends of the combinations.  Its shackle can fit around most doorknobs that make it come about to be one of the best choices for the realtors. It is all designed with the rugged metal body with the finishing of the weather resistant shackle coating blend.

4. Cocoweb HKPV-S | Heavy duty combination storage lock box

Cocoweb HKPV-S | Heavy duty combination storage lock box is another one of the best designed portable key lock boxes. It is safe to be taken in favor of the keys and cards on the go.  It has the settlement of the heavy-duty framing with the durable zinc alloy frame that offers the best protection on the market. It does get easily and much simply adjustable for personalized security with over 10,000 possible combinations. It does release the inside of the hang on top of the doorknobs, gates and car bumpers with ease. No matter whether you are moving in rain or the shine, the box will hence remain intact and completely operational.

5. ORIA Key Storage Lock Box, 4-Digit Combination Lock Box

ORIA Key Storage Lock Box, 4-Digit Combination Lock Box is manufactured with the durable material coverage access. It is made of zinc alloy and heavy-duty steel by which it will best protect the box from hammering, sawing or prying. It is added to the environment-friendly paint so it would not be harmful to the body. This product is an adjustable combination lock with 4 dials. It can offer 10000 combinations. The key box has been added with the large spacing by which it has the capacity of storing with 5 keys only. It is much easy to install and use it as well. The 4-digit combination is easy to remember and reset. It is best to be used in the outdoor places. You can make it fit easily on the wall.

6. ShurLok SL-600W 4 Dial Numbered Key Storage Combination Lock

ShurLok SL-600W 4 Dial Numbered Key Storage Combination Lock Box is in the 6th spot of our list as being one of the best key box locks. It has been all patented with the dual designing that has been providing with the two layers of security to your property. It does even feature out with the durable all metal construction with a hardened steel shackle as all the way by making the ShurLok and your keys very difficult to be cut or broken into. This box would be giving you the complete freedom as for where you can get the keys all stored in the 10,000 possible combinations and even bring a change into your code with ease. Hence the zero locking system allows you to open your Shurlok in the dark. It has the front opening door that would let you get an easy access to the keys. It is fully portable.




You would love to make the use of realtor key lock boxes as well. It does offer out with the front opening that gives out the locking system for protecting your keys at the best.  It has been adjusted with the durable finishing of the construction Metal/Hard Plastic. It brings about the taste of the 4 pin user code for maximum security and safety.

8. KeyGuard SL-590 Punch Button Key Storage Wall Mount Lock Box

KeyGuard SL-590 Punch Button Key Storage Wall Mount Lock Box is making you provide with the sturdy and yet the secure keyless access for friends, family, or guests. It does offer you with the codes that are easily memorized with familiar phone style keypad. It does not put you into the trouble of the spinning dials and scrunching your eyes. Its spacing will let you hold keys as well as car keys, fobs, and credit cards/IDs. It does have the tough ABS plastic coated vault with metal frame infrastructure protects surfaces from scratches and the door on the front keeps the keypad hidden from sight.

9. Master Lock Lock Box, Preset Combination Portable Key Safe

It is best to be used for the indoor as well as outdoor purposes. It is added to the extra small portable lock box that is best used to store keys, cash, and coins. It has been adjusted with the fixed combination locking mechanism for keyless convenience.  It is about 1-3/4 in. wide lock body, and 6 in. cable; Internal dimensions and about 2 in. height, 1-1/2 in. width, and 1/2 in. depth

10. ZENY Digital Security Cabinet Safe Box Solid Steel


This lock has been set best with the two keys all along with the program 3 to 8-digit PIN. It has the security and power status shown by a series of LED lights. It gets open all through the digital pin code or overrides keys. It does not add any kind of battery.