Top 10 best Electric Bikes in 2016

Have you ever wished you could ride a bike around town but felt you weren’t up to pedaling for miles and miles? Well, then an electric bicycle might be just the thing for you! These fantastic machines have been around for years, but the latest batch available are some of the best ever produced. Let’s look at some of the best electric bikes on the market in 2016, starting with the cheapest and moving to some of the more expensive options.

10.Ancheer 14″ Folding Electric Bike 36V Lithium-ion Battery



This bike from Ancheer is the ultimate in portability. It’s a folding electric bike that weighs 55 pounds. You can keep it in the trunk of your car and take it on trips or store it under your desk at work to avoid paying for parking. Ancheer has packed this little bike with power. It can travel for around 25 miles after a 4-6 hour charge. This bike is available in both black and white models.

9.Watseka XP Cargo-Electric Bicycle-26″-6 speed-Adult/Young Adult-Black



Riding a bike around town can be a ton of fun, but trying to run errands can be difficult when you don’t have any storage space on your vehicle. That’s where the Watseka XP Cargo electric cycle comes in. It has a basket in the front and a cargo rack in the back so you can drive to the store without having to hold bags in your hand while you’re steering. It goes up to 14 mph, travels for around 18 miles, and comes in white and black.

8.Cyclamatic CX4 Pro Dual Suspension Foldaway E-Bike Electric Bicycle Black




The CX4 pro is another folding electric bike that is fun and convenient. It’s a bit heavier than the Ancheer model we looked at earlier, but the extra weight went into a design that looks more like a traditional bike. The CX4 can cruise at a max speed of 15.5 mph for 18.5-25 miles total. And remember, these kind of electric bicycles can still be pedaled like a regular bicycle when the batteries are dying or dead.

7.Ancheer 36V 250W Electric Bicycle Lithium-Ion Battery Electric Mountain Bike



The next bike we look at may not fold, but it makes up for it with a sleek and sturdy frame. After charging for 4-6 hours the Ancheer 36V 250W is able to travel for around 30 miles at 29 mph. It’s an electric motorcycle designed with safety in mind, with an LED front light for night driving, anti-slip tires for rain, and a German designed rear brake that can stop on a dime. To top it all off, this bicycle comes in black and white, white and blue, and black and yellow color schemes.

6. 26″ Fat Bike Tire Wheel Men Snow Beach Mountain electric Bicycle 500W electric moped



If you want to take your riding off the streets and onto bumpy trails the 26″ Fat Bike is for you. It’s designed to be an all-terrain vehicle, able to handle well on and off road. It’s packing a powerful electric cycle, able to reach a top speed of 20 mph and cruise for around an hour at that speed. You can get bikes that go further or faster, but you won’t find many other electric bikes that have 4 inch thick tires designed to help you tear up the snow, dirt, and sand without a struggle.

5.E-Glide SS Electric Bicycle



The E-Glide SS packs a lot of power into a lightweight frame. It only weighs 49 pounds but it can keep up with the best of them with its top speed of 20 mph and long travel distances. It can cruise for 20 to 50 miles on a single charge, depending on whether or not you rely entirely on the engine or go with pedal assist. A great choice for a quiet, comfortable, and quick ride.

4.Prodecotech Stride 400 V6 Electric Bicycle from Electric Bikes To Go



Riding the Prodecotech Stride 400 feels like flying, which makes sense since it was made with aircraft grade aluminum. The engine will help you glide at speeds of up to 20 mph and maintain them for between 20 and 35 miles. Even at high speed, the bike can stop quickly thanks to both front and rear wheel brakes. It also comes equipped with a back rack for extra storage, making it both a sweet ride and a workhorse.

3.SEEV-800 Electric Lifestyle Fat Tire Scooter 800w Hub Motor E-Bike Bicycle



You’re bound to turn heads rolling down the street in this electric scooter from SSR Motorsports. It’s large, wide tires make it a sturdy electric motorcycle that can balance perfectly when parked, no kickstand necessary! The powerful battery allows for 50 miles of riding per charge. Last but not least, you can express yourself by choosing between black, red, and white models.

2.ProdecoTech Phantom X R V5 36V600W 8 Speed Electric Bicycle



If you want an electric cycle with a distinctive look then ProdecoTech’s Phantom X R is a wise choice. It has a design that speaks to power and speed, and its specs back up the look. Its 600W motor takes it to a top speed of 20mph and its Samsung 36v battery will keep it buzzing down the road for 25-35 miles. With great tires, suspension, and waterproofing this bike works well whether you’re dealing with rain, sunshine, dirt, or pavement.

1.Pedego Interceptor 26″ Classic Brushed Aluminum with Mag Wheels 48V 15Ah



The Pedego Interceptor is an interesting vehicle because it’s an electric bicycle that doesn’t look like it’s electric. Its silent 500W brushless motor and Samsung battery cells are so well hidden that at first glance people won’t know that you’re riding a bike with an engine. Originally designed for police use, this bike is powerful. The Interceptor reaches speeds of around 20 mph and can cruise for somewhere between 20 and 40 miles based on the environment and the battery you choose. If you want the best you have to look at the Interceptor.