Top 10 Best Digital Body Fat Scale 2016


Body fat is an important determinant of health that requires monitoring every day. While it was a tedious process in the past decade taking weight measurements, development of technology has aided the ease. Here are the top 10 best digital body fat scales with different prices suiting your needs.

1. Etekcity Body Weight Scale


Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale, 400lb:180kg amazoneIt has automatic functions of power saving for making the battery durable. It has high accuracy and precision levels. Its high precision is due to the four high precision sensors available in the weight scale. The ease of reading the weighing machine makes it easy for use. It weighs to ranges between 11 to 400pounds.

2.  EatSmart Precision Digital Body Fat Scale

EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale w: 400 lb. amazone

In addition to body fat, it has capacity of measuring the body water. It has a user identification technology that differentiates it from other digital scales in the market. It can store data to a maximum of eight individuals.

3. GoWise Body Fat Scale

GoWISE USA Body Fat Scale with FDA approved- Measures Weight, amazone

It is a digital scale that monitors your daily percentage of body fat, with a BIA technology that helps you monitor other health variables like muscle mass and the body water. Also, its scale has a large LCD in addition to a LED system that makes it easy to read. It can store data for eight users.

4.  Ozeri Touch Total Body Scale

Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale - Measures Weight,amazone

It is a scale used to monitor your hydration status through the various health indicators it measures. It has an inbuilt auto-recognition system that does not require switching before use. Besides, it stores data of up to 8 users and has GX sensors for precision and accuracy.

5. Omron Body Composition Monitoring Scale


Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale amazoneIt is a system measuring many indicators in your body. Its hick tempered glass makes it easy to look through the screen. Its scale weighs a maximum of up to 330 pounds and has a capacity of storing data for a maximum of 4 users. Besides this, it has a retractable cord used by adults and kids up to 6 – 7 feet tall.

6.  VonHaus Body Fat Scale


VonHaus Body Fat Scale - BMI Weight Scale with Body Composition Analyser, Hydration Monitor, 400lb Weight amazoneIt is a scale that uses BIA technology with a bathroom scale that can calculate calories for people making diet plans. It has an automated system that helps you reserve the battery energy. It is long-lasting if taken care.

7.  Surpahs Dual-S Body Fat Scale


Surpahs Dual-S 330 Lb Body Fat Scale amazoneIt has a beautiful electrode design appealing to most users with a hick tempered glass aiding in its durability. Besides, it has 4 G sensors for precision, measuring to a maximum of 330 pounds. It is installed with a BIA technology that helps you achieve precision of the body fat scale.

8.  Smart Weigh Precision Body Fat Analyzer


Smart Weigh Precision Body Composition Analyzer and Digital Bathroom Scale amazoneIt is a comfortable scale with a BIA technology and able to measure various health indicators. It has four sensors for precision, an automatic calibration system, and a durable tempered glass. It measures a maximum load of 440 pounds.

9.  Epica Precision Pro Body Fat Scale


Epica Precision Pro Digital Body Fat ScaleamazoneIt has the capacity of storing data up to 8 users, able to measure a maximum weight of 400 pounds with an accuracy level of 0.2 lbs. It has a touch screen interface for attraction.

10.  Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Scale


Taylor Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale with Fitness App amazoneIt has an inbuilt Bluetooth technology that ensures sharing of data to other devices. It is supported by a smart technology, a display with a blue backlight that is attractive for users.