Top 10 Best Deal Footlocker Storage box 2017

The auspicious day of Black Friday is here and it offers you plenty of shopping opportunities, so here is some list of top footlocker that will help you to buy the best deal. Let’s have a look at them.

1. UnderGrad Footlocker Trunk

The USA made Undergrad Footlocker is a top rated product on amazon and falls in the category of the best sellers. This trunk is made from the natural wood and is available in 20 different attractive colors. The volume of the footlocker is quiet larger that is 4.7 cubic feet and is having the dimension of 32″x 18″ x 16.5″. The best thing about this product is that it comes with a lifetime free repair warranty.

2.Beautify Cream Vintage-Style Steel Storage Trunk Set

This vintage style storage trunk comes in a set of 2,one of which is small and other is large. It is made from robust steel with a creamy metal finish on outside. It has got an awesome look with the rose gold handles and clasps. The dimension of the larger footlocker is 23.6″ x 14.1″ x 9.4″ and of the smaller is 20.4″ x 10.2″ x 7.8″. The most amazing thing about this product is that it can be used to decorate the empty spaces in your home.

3.Sterilite 18429001 Footlocker

This Sterilite footlocker is specially made to serve for extra heavy duty with a long life span. The latches of this trunk are made up of galvanized steel and handles are of titanium. With long durability, at the same time it offers a large volume too. It is available only in black color at very affordable price. The product is manufactured in USA itself.

4.Seward Trunk 30-Inch Footlocker with Wheels

This 30″ trunk from Seward is constructed with durable wood to serve with high durability and strength. The body is covered with the heavy gauge vinyl covering and comes in 5 different colors. The latches and handles are made up of metal with push button key locks to provide safety. The eye-catching feature of this product includes the two wheels which provide mobility to the trunk. The external surface is dust proof and can be cleaned easily.

5.SecureOnCampus College Dorm Trunks

This high rated hand crafted footlocker trunk is specially made for college students who need large volumes to keep their accessories. It is available in 17 different colors. The body of the trunk is waterproof, dust proof and scratch proof thus no maintenance is required at all. It is constructed with birch hardwood ply wood to provide high strength and durability. It is so strong that it can be used for sitting purpose too.

6.Happy Camper Footlocker Camp Trunk

This attractive piece of trunk is highly used product for camping activities. It is constructed with birch hardwood plywood to provide strength and durability. It can be found in 19 different colors. There is an option of wheel for mobility if you want. The outer surface is enamel baked thus making it scratch proof, water proof. By these properties it requires very less maintenance then other footlocker trunks. It also carry lifetime repair warranty.

7.Barracks Footlocker

The Barracks Footlocker is a classic vintage style trunk. It comes with vinyl cover over it which makes it look attractive. The inner part of the footlocker is finished with paper line which is very smooth. All the latches and handles are made of metals coated in black color. The edges and corner are laced with metal works. Thus this piece is ideal for decorating the empty spaces in your home.

8.Collegiate II 30 in. Footlocker w Handle in Purple

The 30 inch Collegiate Footlocker comes in an attractive purple color. It is equipped with polished metal handles and latches to provide better look and durability. The outer cover is made up of vinyl which makes the surface waterproof, dust proof and scratch proof for easy maintenance of the Footlocker. The key locks works on the push mechanism with tongue groove closure for easy handling.

9.Graduate Footlocker Trunk

This high quality Footlocker from C&N Footlockers is very spacious made for high volume storage. It is constructed with hard ply wood to provide extra durability and strength. It comes in 20 different colors and is very attractive. All the handles and latches are made up of metal polished in black. The whole product comes with a lifetime C&N free repair warranty. This footlocker is best suited for summer camping due to its vibrant color.

10.Bolt Trunks – Rustic White (Extra Roomy Footlocker)

This classic trunk made up of natural wood with fabricated interior serves for a large volume storage. It is equipped with slow closing mechanism to provide safer handling. The locks and handles are of classic look made up of stainless steel. This footlocker is raw polished and gives you an option to paint it with your favorite color.