Top 10 Best Classical Guitar 2016

Also known as Spanish guitars or nylon string guitars, classical guitars are NO ordinary guitars. Compared to their steel-stringed cousins, this one boasts a smaller body and mellower tone.

But that’s NOT to say that all classical guitars are the same. While majority of the brands filling up the market don’t hit the mark in terms of quality, there quite a good number of them that come with an impressive quality.

For instance, those whose soundboards happen to be made of either spruce or cedar are thought to have a better sound quality than their counterparts made of different materials.

It’s for such reasons that we decided to filter out good classical guitars from an endless list of bad ones, and condense them into this one list of 10 for you to make a pick.

1. Alhambra Crossover CS1



If there’s one thing Alhambra is known for it’s that they have been in the guitar business for an upward of 40 years.

The crossover CS1 just happens to be one of their best nylon string models. Granted, the guitar is well built, clean and very sharp. When amplified, it can perform to a very high standard. It’s also very easy to play, and once you get used to it you’ll certainly have a harder time playing a larger-necked traditional classical.


2. Cordoba C5 Nylon String Acoustic Guitar



Cordoba C5 makes another great choice of a classical Spanish guitar. Not only is it lightweight, but one of the easiest guitars to play as well.

The guitar’s top is made of cedar with the sides and back made of mahogany, both of which work together to ensure the guitar produces the best quality of sound in addition to being lightweight.

3. La Patrie Presentation



Le Patrie guitars are made in Canada, and with a special lacquer finish that works to improve wood response over time. It also increases the resonance the more the guitar is played. All these coupled with the low action that makes it easy to play, makes it one of the best Nylon string guitars in the market.

4. Schecter C-1 Hellraiser



This one makes a good choice if you’re out shopping for a metal guitar. For starters, every single component of this guitar was designed with only one thing in mind: style. From the 24 Frets to the EMG pickups, this one happens to be among the few guitars that make it possible to play all the single tones without the need to take the extra tweaking to the bitter end.

5. Fender American Special Telecaster



Fender American is one of the best electric guitars in the market as of now. If you decide to settle on this, the first thing you’ll be impressed with is its weight (5lbs) and the 25.5 inch axe.

6. Epiphone Les Paul Standard



Are you a rookie guitarist? Well, this might just be the guitar for you. But make no mistake; this guitar is still favored even among those with over 10-years of experience. So it’s good to just say it’s the guitar for everyone; not just newbies.

7. Hohner HCO6



Sporting a spruce top with catalpa sides and back, the size of this guitar works for anyone from the age of 13. And unlike lots of other guitars in the market today, this one comes with a 1 year replacement warranty.

8. Kremona Rosa Morena



As a member of the flamenco series, this guitar flaunts a shallow neck and the Andalusian bracing pattern. Though designed with the Spanish music in mind, the guitar functions as any typical classical guitar, save for the sweet sound it produces and the beauty of its construction.

9. Yamaha NCX1200R Electric Classical Guitar



If there’s one thing Yamaha is best known for is the consistency they offer on their products. The NCX1200 doesn’t make an exception.

For starters, it’s the only guitar on the list that features an ebony fingerboard. Its soundb0oard is made up of solid spruce, while its back is made of rosewood. But both work together to ensure the guitar produces a clear tone laced up with an excellent projection on the higher end.

10. Dean V Dave Mustaine



Dave and Dean just outdid themselves on this one. Try taking a keen looking at what the guitar’s axe offers, then get back to the price and you’ll know where I’m coming from with this.

It goes without mentioning that the model makes the best pick if you’re into metal guitars. Its sleek beautiful body, negligible price and the quality of its components also add to some of the reasons some people choose to settle on this.