Top 10 Best Caster Boards in 2017 Reviews

Caster boards are a great way to enjoy the sunny outdoors taking in the fresh air while the wind swifts through your hair while sashaying through the streets. Another great experience will be to skate with your friends or kids. Caster boards are without doubt a great way of having fun on your own or as a group. With the fascinating large selection available on the market today it is possible to find the perfect caster board to please beginners as well as the most experienced skater.

10. Arbor Rally Premium Complete Skate Board

With a price tag of $169.95 you can expect some supreme features such as 61mm Bogart 78A wheels, Abec 5 bearings, 149mm Paris street trucks, and certified as Arbor complete. The wheel color may be different from pictures shown.

Additional advantages include easy opening packaging from Amazon or you can opt for the gift wrap option.

9. Zoom Stik Caster Board / Skateboard – Light Up Wheels! Skateboarding Sport

This red groundbreaking board is a hybrid between a snowboard and a skateboard and at the amazing price of only $34.99 it is a steal.

It is suitable for persons of 8 years and older and can support weight of up to 220 pounds. The board is about 84cm long and 23cm wide. The wheels that light up are perfect for a beginner enthusiast.

8. Deluxe Junior Caster Board

With illuminating wheels this is surely for the kid that wants to make an impression! It signifies fun and certain visibility and perfect choice for building confidence and enhancing balance in children. It is 80cm long and 21 cm wide with 80 mm wheels made of polyurethane with green, red, and blue lights. The high performance ABEC-7 bearings will ensure a smooth ride.

7. Enkeeo Caster Board with Illuminating PU Casters

It weighs a comfortable 2.3 kg and has a compact size of length of 87cm and is 15cm wide. The maximum weight it can handle is 99kg and makes it suitable for kids and adults. The anti-slip design on both decks makes it easier to ride while the bright colors enhance visibility.

6. RipStik Caster Board

At $83.53 you will get an innovative caster board with a pivoting deck that allows you to have an experience similar to snowboarding with the 360 degree caster trucks. The spikey traction pads, nose, and kick tail along with the inward caving deck makes this a safe product for all users. This board is suitable for people 8 years and older and can support weight up to 99 kg.

5. Razor RipStik Caster board Blue

This board sells for $99.70 and is made of ultra-modern polymer with a deck plate that can be removed. The torsion bare is made of steel and rubber padded. Wheels are of high quality urethane and the board weighs a little more than 3.5kg. The maximum weight is 99kg.

4. Razor Rip Surf



With this board you can carve and cut like you would on the ocean with a genuine surfboard only you are on land. It featured the patented Ripstik One-piece torsion technology with industrial grade polymer composition. At $99.99 you get a textured traction pad deck alongside with the kick tail. It is suitable for persons 8 years and older with a weight of not more than 99 kg.

3. Razor RipStik Bright Caster Board

For $75.29 you will get an 86cm in length, 23cm in width, and 11.5 cm in height with a mass of 3.6kg bright Razor RipStick caster board. As the owner you can boast with a pivoting deck, inclined caster trucks, and a distinctive design that allows you to accelerate and turn without impelling. The deck is concave for improved foot control.

2. Razor Ripstik Caster Board

Ask When you put all the fun of surfing and snowboarding on wheels you get this beauty at a $99.99. It reminds you of something that belongs in the far future. You can make a 360 degree turn on only 2 wheels. Subtle movements will propel you even uphill! A spinning high grade aluminum center provides fanatical grinding.

1. Razor RipStik Ripster

The Razor RipStik Ripster is the perfect board for riders that gets a kick from tricks and is best suitable for riders with aslighter stance. It is the petite edition of the classic RipStik. It provides the riding experience like never before. The board is only 68 cm long and weighs only 2 kg.