Top 10 Best Absorbent Bath Mats For Home

Bath mats are essential part of any bathroom. They are needed when a person steps out of shower or tub. Their function is to absorb the water that may be dripping from the body and prevent the bathroom from becoming wet and acquire water spots. In addition, they serve to keep feet “warm” as bathroom floor can be quite cold, especially during winters. Soft bathroom mats can have luxurious feel while stepping out.

1. Norcho bath mat rug


This bath mat is made from microfiber. It is a non-slip rug meant to protect the feet from stepping on to cold floor, and simultaneously, protecting the bathroom’s floor from being ruined by moisture. There is a rubber backing that provides the gripping and anti skid nature to this polyester rug. However, this rug can easily be washed in the machines. It exhibits good water absorbent nature because of soft microfiber and soft fiber pile. This rug can be used to serve different functions such as in the living room or in bathroom. As of date, this rug is sold for approximately $20.

2. Cotton Craft bath mat

These bath mats are fully reversible bath rugs for stepping out on them from shower. Each of these bath mats is 24 inches in length, and 17 inches in width. The mats are fully reversible because of plush pile that is there on either side. They do not have come with any anti skid backing because of which some anti skid rug pad may also be needed with these. Not having any such non skid backing made from rubber makes them machine washable. These mats are highly absorbent because they are made from 100 percent cotton. They also have construction that is hand tufted. As of now these mats are sold in pair and each such pair is available for approximately $11.99.

3. Alurri Bath mat

These bath mats are made from a fabric that is 100 percent organic and free from harmful chemical. The cotton used to make these mats is of premium quality. It is therefore free from chemicals as well as pesticides. It can be washed in machines and dries quickly. It is also fully reversible with sheared pile and plus on each of its side. There is no rubber back in these mats making it easy to wash this mat with other mats and even towel. It should however be low tumble dried. The mat’s construction is hand tufted. Each of these mats has a length of 30 inches, and width of 20 inches. It is also available in vibrant colors and comes with satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, if the buyer is not satisfied, the product can be returned in 30 days and the costs will be reimbursed. As of date, this bath mat is sold for approximately $15.47 .

4. AmazonBasics bathmat

This bathmat is 28 inches in length, and 18 inches in width. It is a non slip mat, with memory foam in it. It is made from 100 percent polyester fabric. A thick “memory foam” inside it, makes it comfortable to stand on and is also responsible for that dry feeling. It does have microfiber “fabric” capable of holding water that weighs almost 4 times the weight of the mat. It also dries up very fast. This mat has seams that facilitate easy storage and folding. On its back is a mesh for preventing it from slipping. This mat can easily be washed in machine. It is manufactured in a facility that has OEKO-TEX certification. Such certification implies that the fabric used in this mat conforms to environment and other safety standards. As of now, it is available for approximately $12.

5. Ikea Supersoft bathroom rug

This bath mat from Ikea is made from 100 percent “polyester” microfiber. Even though it is made from polyester, the water drains down into it, and dries up from there. Therefore, it is reasonably good absorbent. It can be washed in machine and it is about 24 inches in length, and 16 inches in width. Its characteristic is it is very soft, and though it does not have any anti slip material on its bottom, it remains in place. It is basically something to step out on after “shower”. The mat is about 0.79 inches in thickness. It is not as suitable for tiles or marbles as it is for grainy laminate flooring. As of now, this small bathroom mat is available for approximately $7.50.

6. Mayshine bathroom rug

This mat can be washed in machine unlike many other bathroom mats in which the inferior material used on their back to prevent slipping can be damaged. Many bathroom mats are also made from fabrics that disintegrate when used in machines. Mayshine bathroom mat’s fibers do not come away when washed in washing machine. This is because there is fiber locking technology used in these mats. These mats absorb water quickly. The fibers on this mat are extremely dense so they do not seem t deflate when used. This is the reason these mats continue to look new, even after using them for long period. The height of each fiber is about 2.4 cms. These fibers are thick microfibers and soft as well. Each of these mats is 20 inches wide, and 32 inches in length. As of now, this bathroom mat is available for approximately $14.99.

7. Lifewit Bath mat

This non-slip bath mat is made from microfiber shaggy “Chenille”. It’s neat and no fuss look gives it a very stylish appearance. The back or bottom material is made from some anti slip material, which does not damage the floor and is highly durable. This part of the mat is also stain resistant. The sponge and chenille yarn construction collects the water in it because of it being cotton. But the structure also helps the water to dry up very fast in it. The chenille fibers also cushion the feet and keep it away from cold floor of the bathroom. It is durable, 32 inches by 20 inches bath mat sold for approximately $10 as of now.

8. Luxury Hotel and Spa bath mat set

There are two of these bath mats in a set which is sold for approximately $15 as of now. Each of these mats is about 34 inches in length, and 22 inches in width. The border is panel banded. It is not a rug; it is closer to being a towel. Basically, it is made from 100 percent cotton yarn, which is premium “long staple” cotton. These mats are fully reversible, having plush “sheared pile” on either side. They do not have a rubber back making them easy to wash. The only precaution that needs to be taken is to ensure that it is low tumble dried. Because of the plush and the premium quality cotton it is long lasting, as well as extra absorbent. There is safety as well as cushioning for that comfortable feel. The construction is hand tufted. It is certainly warm and dry to step on. These mats are woven on swiss looms with double dobby on their hem borders. The finishing is optical white. These bath mats come with satisfaction guarantee, which means the user can return the product within thirty days if dissatisfied with it.

9. Utopia Towels – bath mats set

Though these bath mats are referred to as towels, they are bath mats. These mats are made from 100 percent cotton that is ring spun and woven. Washing these cotton mats is not very difficult since they can easily be washed in machines, and tumbled dried as well, but on low speed. To reduce lint from these cotton bath mats, it would be better to wash them separately the first time. They are sold as a pair for approximately $20. Each mat is 34 inches in length and 24 inches in width. The biggest advantage this mat offers is its moisture absorbing capacity. In addition, it being made from natural materials, it is considered safe too for the health of family members.

10. Vdomus Non-slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Mat

This non slip bathroom mat is made from microfiber shag, which is extremely soft. Its non-slip feature is because of its bottom which is non-skid. Because of such nature this feature, these bath mats do not move from their place, even when they are wet. Therefore, elderly and children would be safer with this mat than any cotton mat since they could step on it with wet feet and not risk slipping on bathroom tile. The mat also absorbs water quite easily. It is also resistant to mildews. In so far as washing is concerned, it can easily be washed in the washing machine. The product will last forever. It should not, however be passed through hot water or dryer. As of now, it is available in the range of $12.5 to $13.50.