The best USB Magnetic Charger review 2018

2018 has marked the introduction of the most reliable and durable USB magnetic chargers ever seen. They are available for all gadgets which include MacBook Pro, Samsung phone, and apple devices.The new USB charger is more useful in that not only does it charge but also can be used to transmit data.They come in several types and technology.

1. MAGMAX Magnetic Phone Charger Micro USB

It is unique in that it is designed such that the connector can be flipped freely.One end can be used for charging while the other one can be used to transfer data.It has a high data more trans rate.It also has micro cord braided with a nylon cable.It is 3.3 feet long.It as well has copper wires used for charging your phone faster.An LED for indicating if it is working well is present

2. Multiple 2.4A Quick USB Charging Cable

It is a charger that is most suitable for iPhone users. This is especially iPhone 7. It is designed such that its tip can be flipped to do alternate jobs of charging or transmit data between devices.Another unique feature of this charger is that it has a double braid of the nylon with a shield of aluminum foil. The cable is also fitted with strong wires of copper in the inner side meant for charging.It also has with it a charge indicator LED.
Thoughts in Motion Micro USB to Magnetic Charger Adapter
It is a type of charger that best work with Android gadgets.Its casing is made of an alloy of aluminum.It has a micro cord plug.The cord used a nickel-plated connector that is attached to one’s phone.

3. Geeks Garage 2 in 1 Magnetic Phone Charger

It has a micro cord.It also good for both iPhones and Androids.The cord will comfortably work well in the transfer of data and charging of the device. The casing of the charger is made of aluminum alloy too.It is 3.3 feet in length and is braided with nylon. It also has an LED that indicates and help to monitor if it is working well.

4. Smart &Cool 3.3 Feet Super Magnetic Charging and Data Sync Cable

It is suitable with both androids as well as iPhones.The casing of the charge is an alloy of aluminum.The USB cable is braided with nylon and is 3,3 feet long.This too has ends that are modified to strictly either transfer data or charging purposes.

5. Smart&Cool Gen3 Nylon Braided Super Magnetic Micro USB

This is very smart USB that has a silvery casing made of an alloy of aluminum.It has with it a micro-magnetic cord of charger. It amazing in that one end of the USB cord is for charging while the other is meant for data transmissions. It is as well 3.3 feet long.

6. VOLADOR Magnetic Micro USB Charging Cable

It is compatible with both iPhone as well Android phones and also Samsung devices.It has a silvery look(design) and has LED that indicates charging or not. It has a USB rated 2 amperes.The USB is 3-9 feet long.
Keymao Magnetic Phone Charger Cable Type-C Micro USB Lightning 3-in-1
It comes with both Android and iPhone version or models.It is made of an alloy of the aluminum casing.The tip of this charger is silvery in look.One advantage of this charger is that it has a chip which enables it to hold up to a current of 2.4 amperes that is high charging rate.Again the USB has a very high speed of data transmission of about 480 mega bytes per second.It also possesses an LED that indicates if it is charging. It is about 3,3 feet in length.

7. iPhone Magnetic Lightning USB Data Cable

This charger can be flipped on either side.One end is meant for faster charging of your device while the other is for data transfer.It has a cord that is fitted with a chip that is used for authorization purposes.The cable has a rating of 2.4 amperes.It has an LED which indicates whether the charging is on or off.