Ten Places To Travel To This Christmas in The Holiday Spirit


Christmas is a regarded as the world’s most observed holiday with offices and businesses taking a well-deserved break from the hustle of the winding down year. People take time out to be with their loved ones and go on vacations to catch some fun before the New Year begins. Any place can string up lights and decorations here and there but everyone wants to get possessed by the holiday spirit and enjoy the short break while it lasts. Many people will even want to take a trip this period to have a feel of Christmas in another city or country altogether, the challenge, however, is where can they go to be guaranteed of maximum fun this season?

That is why this article is written, to give you options on where you might want to visit this season, here are the ten cities that top our list.



 There are only a handful of cities where you can celebrate both the births of Christ and Jane Austen with just about the same fanfare, Bath is definitely one of them. There are several places to visit, especially if you are stickler for historical artifacts. Bath is a city with rich history, from the beautiful museums to the old yet elegant buildings that line the streets. You can also visit the Bath Christmas market, theatre royal, the Jane Austen center and the Bath Abbey. In Bath be sure that the holiday fun cannot elude you.


Legends label the North pole as the official historical home of Santa, the Finns, however, propose a different theory. During Christmas holidays children work with Mrs. Claus to make gingerbread cookies, some register for elf or calligraphy classes. There are even holiday jobs as Santa’s elves at the post office. There several other attractions in the city, the Ranua zoo, Arktikum and the Arctic Snow hotel.


The Christmas market in Nuremberg is a certified German institution with over two million visitors every year. Only handmade and traditional holiday goods are put on sale, a strict recommendation from the market’s governing council. There are several side attractions for visitors like the Toy Museum and the German Railway Museum.


What the beautiful state lacks in snow, it definitely makes up for in peaceful vibes during festivities. Santa is adorned in his beachwear rather than the traditional Santa clothes. Visiting the city you can be sure to enjoy the beautiful and exciting Christmas parades, lively music and 15 meter Christmas tree. The festivities are never dull here, you can be sure of that.


The city is definitely a haven for environmentally friendly visitors who love outdoor fun. There are plethora of winter activities and the city is sort of turned into a Christmas village. Several activities are available for family pleasure, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, etc.


This ancient city is the home of the popular hymn “Silent Night,” the place “Sound of Music” was shot and the birthplace of renowned musician, Mozart. There is also the somewhat unusual tradition in Austria of people dressing like krampuses, a scary animal, and walking through the streets seeking little children in need of punishment, how strangely fascinating.


Originally known as Santa Fe, the city practically celebrates Christmas all year round. The city gets letters from children all through the year who are trying to reach out to St. Nick, these letters are replied by volunteers known as Santa’s elves. Among numerous events which hold each summer are the dinners hosted by Santa on the first three weeks of December.


The series of Christmas villages magically turn Strasbourg into a Christmas wonderland. Each year the city celebrates the Christmas in the tradition of one of the guest countries, it is always such a beautiful experience. There is also a traditional market, live music and street art displays.


The traditional Christmas colors are expressed in the New Zealandish meanings, with the green represents the “kiwi”, the white “the sandy beaches” and the red representing “pohutukawa,” the country’s ruby-red flowering Christmas tree. Visitors can enjoy paragliding and surfing at the lake, or enjoy a lamb meal while they set up camp at the lakefront.


This little town is regarded as the center of Christmas celebration in Netherlands. There is the Christmas market, a view of Santa’s residence filled with gifts and the reindeer sleigh.

Visit any of these cities and you can be sure of a blissful Christmas.