Apple is one of the leading companies worldwide in technology, it’s also one of the best service producers and offers quality customer service. It has some of the best electronics that are up to date and at an affordable price. It crafts computer software personal computers and it’s a mainframe distributor of media content. The corporation also has shops called Apple stores. Apple computer was created on April 1, 1976, by founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. The firm was later incorporated Cupertino JANUARY 3,1997, California. Some of the apples products include IPhone smartphone, media players, iPad, MacBook and iPod touch, Apple Tv Os 9.2, and the new iPhone 7.


microsoftMicrosoft Corporation is a multinational leading company in technology. The headquarters are in Redmond, Washington. The core functions are to manufacture, develop, produce and sell electronics, Individual computers, and computer software. Some of its best products include Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office Suite, Edge web browsers and Microsoft Windows line of operating systems. Microsoft was created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975. The company also produces another full range of software for servers and desktops and is active in areas including the video game industry, internet search, mobile phones and the digital services market.
Android is a synthetic feature that’s built to work as a human. It’s a software stack for a huge group of mobile devices. It’s a corresponding open project led by Google. Android is primarily designed for touchscreens mobile devices such as touch phones and tablets. Android has been one of the best selling in Os since 2013. Android has the biggest installed devices on the operating system than any other kind.Android was bought by Google in 2005 and later unveiled in 2007.

Nokia is one of the oldest multinational companies in the communications and information technology industry founded in 1865. Nokia’s headquarters are in Esmoo, Uusima in the high melpinsiki metropolitan area. Nokia technologies develop and license the Nokia technology brand. Some of Nokia’s products include Nokia e90, Nokia 8, Nokia 9, and Nokia Lumia 920.

Alcatel was established in 2004 as a joint venture between TCL Communications of China and Alcatel-Lucent of France. Alcatel is a brand of mobile handsets. TLC Mobile manages three business units: Alcatel, Brand design lab, and TLC cell phones. ALCATEL OT EASY HF was the first phone to be produced by Alcatel. It was released in 1998 with a battery stand life of up to 140 hours.

Asus is a brand name for laptops and tablets. Asus products are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they are fitted carefully before being reconditioned using original ASUS parts. ASUS products come with a warranty, have affordable prices, and they offer quality products. They also have a wide variety of gaming products such as games- friendly mice and also you will find very powerful notebooks at the ASUS shop.

Huawei Technologies.Co Limited is a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications firm. It’s the largest telecommunications equipment in the world, and its headquarters are in Shenzen, Guangdong. Huawei was founded by Reng Zenfei, a former engineer in the people’s liberation army in 1987. Huawei has expanded its business to include building telecommunications market; manufacturing communications devices for consumer market; providing consulting and operational services and equipment’s inside and outside of China. Some of the huaweis products include the Huawei Ascend p6 smartphone, Huawei Mate 7 and Huawei Honor 6.