List 10 Best Power Banks Reviews in 2015

It is strongly believed that almost all the smart device owners always have a problem with their devices do not last long as they expected. Since power banks has appeared, that kind of problem is not a big deal anymore. Power bank is just like an portable charger that you can bring along every where you go. Since power bank is pretty important, we have come up with a new article that review about the best power banks that are on sale with a great price. Those the best power banks will be a big change and also a battery problem solvers. Let check them out:

1.Vinsic Tulip 3200mAh Power Bank


A powerful portable adapter which will keep your device runs powerfully all the time. This special power bank is features 3200mAh power and it also comes with “a 5V 1A output USB port“. Moreover, this is a power bank that is suitable for many smart devices like iPhone, iPod, Samsung devices, cell phones, tablet PC, etc. Even better, with its 4 LED indicators will alert you with its light when you charge you device. It is convenient and safe to use.


2.Portable Charger 6000mAh


Having many special advantages makes this portable adapter the best one that you should purchase. This the best power bank provides 6000mAh power.  It is small ,ye powerful and is an ideal type of power bank to take with for when you have outdoor activities. Eve better, this power bank charge your phone up pretty fast and it is suitable for almost all kind of smart devices.


3.Zilu ZLBPX 13000mAh Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank


A professional power bank which is small enough for you to carry along every where you go. This the best power bank features “High quality Samsung Battery Cells Inside, Samsung Grade A 18650 battery cells.” It is well-made and also safe to use. Even better, this power bank is two time market standard and it is good with every smart device. Purchase this power bank also include 2 year warrantee.


4.UNIFUN 10400mAh Power Bank Dustproof Shockproof


Life is easier with this charger in your hand. This is powerful power bank that features 10400mah of capacity charges  and it is water proof.  It is great for all kind of smart devices and its speed is pretty fast. Moreover, this power bank comes with 4 LED light that will show when you charge your phone and it automatically turn off when you do not use it. Overall, it is an innovative and powerful power bank that you should consider.


5.Vinsic 20000mAh Ultra-slim Power Bank


This is one among those the best power banks which are available on sale. This power bank is well-designed; it is pretty slim and lightweight which makes it easy for you to take along with you. It is powerful since it comes with high capacity 20000mAh and iphone can be charged for 10 times with this power bank. Even better, it “equipped with dual USB ports to fast charge two digital devices simultaneously.”  Moreover, this power bank is also durable even though it is slim; it is alos safe and easy to use.


6. Anker Astro Mini 3000mAh

Stand on the best-selling list, this is one among those the best power banks that you should make a consideration of purchasing one for your own. It is a powerful power bank with with 3,000 mAh capacity. With its lithium-ion polymer battery makes this power bank light and safe to use. It is suitable for almost all kind of smart devices and its speed is pretty amazing. Purchase this power bank also include “AmazonBasics 1-Year Limited Warranty“.

ama-btn7.Lepow Moonstone External Battery Pack

If you are looking for a high quality and powerful adapter, this is exactly the best choice for you. This power bank is pretty slim and light weight, yet it is strong and works fast compares to the similar power bank. It is also an eco-friendly power bank. Moreover, this power bank ‘s package also include Micro USB Cable, Travel Pouch, Instruction Manual. It is offered 12-month warranty.

ama-btn8.PS Vita Portable Charger


Another awesome power bank which is designed to make those battery problem is longer a big deal. This special power bank is lightweight ,yet it is strong as well as durable. It maintains charge up to 1 year. It is suitable for almost all kind of smart devices.” It is very compact, recharges itself quickly, charges the Vita properly, and is at a very good price point” one costumer responded.

ama-btn9.External Battery Power Bank 10000mAh


This is a special power bank which features many special advantages that you should notice. This power bank features a high capacity which is 10000mah. It can be added To 200+ Hours. Even better with the unique design makes this power bank a unique and stand out. It works fast with all kind of devices and it is also durable.  With this special power bank, your smart phone will run all day long.

ama-btn10.Lepow Moonstone External Battery Pack


This is an ideal power bank for everyone ,especially for those who travel a lot since this power bank is pretty and small which is easy to take with. It charge fast and it features” a lithium polymer battery for up to 1000 charging life cycles.” This lithium also makes charging safe as well. Even better, this power bank protect your smart phone from every unexpected accident while charging. Talking about price, this awesome power bank is available on sale with an in expensive price.