Hot Sale of the Top 10 IPhone 7 Cases Reviews 2016

iPhone 7 just launched a few day ago with a huge support from Apple lovers. The new iPhone 7 has change the outlook and a few performances from the previous iPhone 6. For example, the metal-clad slab is changed to the curved sides of the phone and now iPhone 7 is the first iPhone ever that has water resistances.  Moreover, camera performance is so good that you ever expected; there is a dual camera for wide angle photo and telephotograph. iPhone 7 is so slim and colorful plus the memory of it will start from 32 GB, isn’t iPhone 7 cool? Order iPhone 7 now and check these cases to decorate your iPhone 7.

10. X-Doria Case for iPhone 7 (Defense Shield) Military Grade



The new design of iPhone 7 has 2 speakers since iPhone 7 has no headphone hole. By applying this x-doria case will make the sound from iPhone 7 hits perfectly. Because of the soft side rubber band of this case; it will absolutely protect your slim iPhone 7 from any damage. The designer has already drop tested. There are 4 colors basically and the price is so affordable to use. This iPhone 7 case is just like a defense shield which is so premium and pocketable.

9. iPhone 7 Case, ESR iPhone 7 Hybrid Protective Case



The is a soft case to protect your newly iPhone 7. The design of it is really cool that you can see by the pattern at the back of the case. The designer has make different patterns and different color for users to choose according to their preference. This soft iPhone 7 case is so easy to apply and it could secure the safety of the phone perfectly. It could protect the screen, the edge and the camera. Especially, there is 180 days’ warranty of this iPhone 7 case so you don’t have to worry that much.

8. iPhone 7 Plus Case, Spigen [Rugged Armor] Resilient



Here come to a new look of carbon fiber case of iPhone 7. If you look at the back side of this case, you will notice the upper and lower part is made from carbon fiber texture which is kind of cool and premium. Moreover, this case is pretty easy whenever you want to install or remove; it will surely just take a few second. User will love the original click designed of this case because the designer was made the on/off button and volume up/down so perfectly.

7. iPhone 7 Case, Caseology [Parallax Series] Modern Slim Geometric Design



This caseology iPhone 7 case has a dual layer which means it is a double protection. Users don’t feel anxiety whenever they accidently drop their lovely iPhone 7. Moreover, after installing this case, all the buttons are still responsive because it was made from hard TPU which made them tactile feedback. There is a bigger port so it will enable users to charge the phone easily. There are many colors of these cases and it is a good design not to mention a breathtaking pattern at the back.

6. iPhone 7 Plus Case, TOZO Ultra-Thin World’s Thinnest Hard Protect Case Back Cover Bumper



Are you looking for a slim case for iPhone 7? If you answer is YES, you are in the right paragraph. This TOZO case is the thinnest yet hard protection case for iPhone 7. Even though it is so thin, still it could protect the phone perfectly because it is a cover bumper. One more, this case comes with a nice price that you could order with any colors you like. Since it is so slim, you will feel like the original size and it is so pocketable.

5. iPhone 7 Plus Case, Spigen [Liquid Armor]



This iPhone 7 case is so awesome; there is a unique texture that you have never ever seen. There is a 26 times drop test to proof that this case is so protectable. This Spigen iPhone 7 case is so flexible that users will feel secure since the first use. You will definitely love this case and can’t deny to order more because of the high quality than you ever imagine. Can’t wait to show it off, right?

4. X-Doria Case for iPhone 7 Plus



Here come to another model for x-doria iPhone 7 case which will melt your heart. It was made from aluminum, soft TPU and clear PC back. This case is known as a heavy duty case which could protect iPhone 7 from dropping. The edge protection is so good because of the soft TPU that made this case become an ultimate way to secure the safety of the smartphone.  There is a few color to choose yet the clear PC back is grey color.

3. iPhone 7 Case, Spigen [Flip Armor] Card Holder [Gunmetal] Slim Fit Dual Layer



This is not just a simple case that you have ever seen before. It is more than just a protective case. This Spigen iPhone case also could be a wallet since the back lower part of this case could flip away. It is a creative design which allow the user to put their value things such as credit card, name card, ID card or cash. It will stay slim even you put 2 cards in. Isn’t it gorgeous? Last, designer made this case the same as contour of the antenna on the iPhone 7.

2. iPhone 7 Plus Case, Spigen [Ultra Hybrid] AIR CUSHION



This is a transparency iPhone 7 case which is filled with charming color at the edge of the case. However, this case is still in a good drip since it is so slim. For the clear PC back, it will enable users to personalize your own case. It is a dual structure which could protect the screen, camera with the raise lip. You will be very satisfied of having this case in hand; it is an awesome case you’d ever owned.

1. X-Doria Case for iPhone 7 (Defense Lux) Military Grade Drop Tested iPhone Case



This is absolutely amazing iPhone 7 case. It was drop tested from 2 meters above the concrete and still reminded okay. By using this iPhone 7 case, you won’t worry about any scratches that may occur to your newly iPhone 7. It is a dual protection which soft rubber interior combined with a hard polycarbonate shell to protect your phone from dropping.