Some dumb jokes that are in fact cute

This blog post features a collection of fun jokes that will certainly fascinate you. You will be certain to break right into giggling as you review those.

The most silly jokes bring no significance at all. Despite just how stupid and also dumb these appear to be, a few of them are a lot more amusing compared to the others as well as there are some that are even worse compared to the craziest joke you may have listened to in your life.

We search for quick funny jokes that make us laugh and like to discuss such amusing jokes on the social network systems. Merely request for a joke on the internet as well as you are certain to be discarded with hundreds of dumb jokes with corny puns!

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Build a car out of spaghetti

What time does Sean Connery get to Wimbledon?

I went to the zoo the other day

What kind of bagel can fly?

How does a train eat?

Knock knock

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