Cape May, New Jersey amazing place in usa

With so many wonderful places here in the USA, it really becomes the question as to why anyone would ever internationally travel and have to go through the trouble of passports and jet lag.

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Cape May, New Jersey is one such amazing place. Situated at the southern-most tip of New Jersey, this shore town is home of hundreds of Victorian-era homes, many of which are utilized as bed and breakfasts and beautiful vacation homes. Loaded with history and stories, Cape May, New Jersey has many fantastic five-star restaurants and shopping. Perfect for young and old alike, Cape May should be on your list of shore towns to visit without all the hustle and bustle of busier seashore communities.
Keeping with the theme of shore towns, many of us think of areas from New Jersey on south when it comes to the east coast beaches, but let’s not forget about New England’s pristine beaches and rocky coastlines. Newport, Rhode Island is one such amazing location. Complete with many historical mansions, art, culture, and fine dining, Newport is the perfect spot for the mature adult looking for a New England beach getaway.
If a warmer climate is your thing, consider visiting Florida. The nice thing about Florida is that as a peninsula, one can travel from the Gulf coast to the Atlantic Coast by car in just the course of a couple hours. In between, many fantastic attractions like Disney World and Sea World. And with one of the sunniest climates in the country, there’s no question why Florida is one of the top retirement spots in the country.
Speaking of retirement spots, yes, many folks always think of Florida, but Prescott, Arizona is turning into quite the spot for retirees, as well. The nice thing about Prescott is that despite the sunny climate and being in the far southwest part of the country, elevation gives Prescott four seasons, complete with a touch of snow during the winter (but not too much) and a nice, long, warm summer.
Lastly, perhaps one of more un-thought of places that just so happens to be quite a nice location to visit or live, check out Lawrence, Kansas. Home to Kansas University, Lawrence is also a great spot for the arts and culture. Boasting a rather personable climate and plenty of arts and culture as well as a generally inexpensive cost of living, don’t let being in the lonely center of the country discourage you from checking out a great town in a great part of the country.

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