Best way to Protect your computer from Virus

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for your slow PC to churn through some of the most basic tasks. Although there are a number of factors that can cause your PC’s speed to reduce considerably, there have been breakthrough programs that are designed to boost your PC speed and performance and restore them to their previous state. Well, in the following article, I am going to enlighten you on programs you can download that will transform your slow creaking laptop or desktop into a super computer.

Let’s jump into it




PCSpeedUp is designed to enhance the performance of your PC. The program is a winner of numerous 5-Star awards and boasts of 1.5M downloads making it one of the most sought after program globally. The file size of the program is only 8.6MB, meaning it takes a matter of seconds to download and install. PCSpeedUp is compatible with the following operating systems Windows ©XP, to windows:7,8.1,10, Vista®( both 32bit and 64 bit) .

Some of the pros that PCSpeedUp comes with include:

· Fast startup and shutdown

· Enhanced system speed and performance

· Enhanced internet connection speed that is second to none

· Keeps at bay all future slowdowns

PCSpeedUp scans all your PC for a number of issues that includes: fragmented files, invalid registry issues, internet connection settings, unused services, window tweaks all of which are likely have a negative impact on the speed and overall performance of your laptop. The free version offers a limited protection while the full version which costs only $29.95 offers you four pre-emptive performance tools and fixes all your speed issues


The program is powered by ScanGuard™ which offers premium window protection & amp by detecting and eliminating all viruses, Malware, and Adware that maybe silently attacking your computer .This advanced tool was developed by a group of highly skilled technical software developers to resolve virtually all windows vulnerabilities whilst boosting up the performance of your computer. The ScanGuard tool is compatible with the following window operating systems windows 10,8.1,8,7 , Vista and XP( both 32 and 62 bit)


Some of the additional features of the repair and protection tool include:

· Real-time cookie threat and malware or virus recognition: This can be brought about by internet browsing which exposes the PC to a number of vulnerabilities posed by compromised cookies which may submit all your information to the dark world. Therefore, ScanGuard offers immediate safeguard that will identify and eliminate any dangerous threat.

· System boost optimization: Constant use of windows supported devices usually causes the clog-up of disk space. ScanGuard performance boost tools allow the system to identify and rectify these anomalies thereby enhancing the overall performance of the system.

· Cleans Memory and Disk Space :The tool comes with a disk cleaner that remotely locates and wipes out all unnecessary files in the system.


Driver Updater

Driver updater is a state of the art tool that is capable of detecting and automatically tuning up old device drivers on windows compatible PCs . Driver updater has access to a database of over 200,000 drivers which means your computer will be fitted with some of the latest updates to give you uninterrupted operation on your PC.

For the Driver Updater to function optimally, the system needs to be:

· windowsVista,XP,7,8,10

· 300Mhz

· 50 MB hard disk

· 250 MB RAM