The Best 10 Travel Backpack with USB Charging

If you travel a lot, things become annoying when your phone battery is low on power. Yea sure, you can always opt to have a portable power bank wherever you go, but then this a bit of a hassle. If you are looking for something more convenient to help charge your phone, laptop or tablet while you are on the go, you should look into getting a powerful backpack with an incorporated power system. This is highly convenient for you as your backpack holds your gear and also charges it.

Considering the different backpacks available in the market, it is a difficult task to choose the best one for your needs. No worries, we have outlined ten backpacks from different brands that will serve as the best travel companion;

1. Yuanye Backpack

Yuanye Backpack

This $28 backpack incorporates an external USB port having an inbuilt charging cable. It is durable and comprises of an anti-theft design that keeps your devices safe.

2. Uoobag Backpack


Uoobag Backpack

Tired of always carrying you power-bank with you, the Uoobag has an external USB port that helps you to charge your phone. This $41 bag has various compartments that assist you in organizing stuff. It also gives you additional storage space just in case you need to pack some extra stuff.

3. Sosoon Backpack


Sosoon Backpack

This affordable backpack costs $28. It is complete with a USB interface that allows you to conveniently and effeciently charge your electronic gadgets. Its high-quality material is water and wear resistant.

4. Kopack Laptop Backpack


Kopack Laptop Backpack

Kopack gives you its high-end backpack that has an external USB interface that makes it convenient for charging using its inbuilt cable. It features a durable fabric that makes the bag resistant to tear. It costs $ 37.

5. CoolBELL Backpack


CoolBELL Backpack

This Functional backpack has a 2.0 USB charging port with a built in cable. It helps you charge your electronic devices conveniently without running out of power. It’s lightweight designs makes it easy for carrying. This $40 back pack has a roomy compartment that helps you keep enough things for you travel needs.

6. Kolako Travel Day Backpack


Kolako Travel Day Backpack

This high-quality backpack has a charging USB port that is easily accessible. You can get to charge your electronic device anywhere. It is made of a quality polyester that has a PU coating. This makes it robust and highly resistant to wear and tear. It is $30.

7. Winblo Travel Backpack


Winblo Travel Backpack

This is a stylish and lightweight backpack for both women and men. It houses a USB port with a built in cable. You can charge your phone comfortably without necessarily opening up the bag. It has an ideal and stylish design that is best for traveling, school or everyday use.

8. Mancro College Backpack


Mancro College Backpack

Mancro brings you to the ideal travel companion with a USB charging port. The $33 laptop ensures safety with its dual access zippers that give an anti-theft lock design keeping your devices safe wherever you go. It comes in a variety of colors that you can choose.

9. Mupack Laptop Backpack


Mupack Laptop Backpack

This lightweight backpack from Mupack features an external USB port that has an inbuilt charging cable. It is $35 and ensures comfort with its comfortable shoulder straps. If you intend on traveling with a lot of different devices, the backpack has multiple storage pockets that keep you more organized.

10. Oscaurt Travel backpack


Oscaurt Travel backpack

This convenient backpack helps you charge your electronic devices in what ever location you may be. It features an external USB that has an inbuilt cable charger. Oscaurt travel backpack incorporates an anti-theft design that protects your equipment and is suitable for travel, school or work. This $45 bag pack ensures night safety with its reflective stripe.