Winter is as already known by many the most coldest time of the year for the states that experience it. Those are the times when our homes become a warm remedy for our chilly bodies. As a matter of fact, the temperature during winter usually drops to as low as a range of 20 degrees Celsius to -20 degrees Celsius. These beyond zero temperatures are usually characterized by heavy snow falls and extremely cold winds. However, it is during this time of the year that most people go out of their way and have fun by engaging is activities such as snowman making and snowboarding.

It is therefore prudent to adequately prepare for these times and the best way to do this is by having the right gear for it. I will specifically talk about some of the best winter boots on the market currently.

1.Burton Transfer Snowboard Boots Mens



These boots come in a fine blend of charcoal black top and a snow white dynolyte outer-sole. It features a traditional lacing with an imprint with integrated lacing. One amazing feature about the boots is that they are fitted with a footprint reduction technology so one needs not worry about shrinkage. Moreover, they have grip fit ribs and a soft flex thin profile 3D molded tongue that guarantee you its comfort.

2. Thirty two lashed snowboard boots

Featuring an assorted colors of synthetic material is the thirty two lashed snowboard boots. These boots come in a fine assortment of two or more colors making it have the camo type pattern. Moreover, these boots come with an 100% heat molded intuition form for personal custom fit. It has a dual density intuition foam for warmth, comfort and support. It also portrays an internal anatomical foam overlays for optimal heel hold and a high density evolution form outer-sole. Yes! these are the boots we are talking about.

3. Flow VEGA BOA COILER snowboard boots

They are black in color. They have a brand boa coiler lacing style as well as a removable liner. These boots are made of 100% injected Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), a special polymer that offer the boots its softness and flexibility. This gives you, the potential buyer total guarantee that your feet will be comfortable in them. These boots are a pro at basically all mountain freestyle and are the perfect companion for your snowboarding adventures.

4.Vans Men’s Hi-Standard Snowboard Boots Retro White

These boots come in a fine blend of black and white colors and feature synthetic leather and textile uppers. They have heat mold-able flex liners and have internal web hardness that gives a firm but comfortable grip to your feet. They also have ultra V2 foot-beds embedded in them and a reverse waffle rubber outer-soles to complete its finesse look.

5. Sapient Mason Snowboard boots

These boots also come in a fine mixture of black and white colors with the laces being white and the body having a charcoal black color. These boots feature a traditional lacing system and is slightly less flexible in nature. This is due to its shell that is comprised if synthetic leather, support panels, flexed notched, reinforced support spine, a pull handle and a double reinforced stitching.

6. Burton Fastplant Snowboard Boots

These black and white boots portray a fine blend of artistic assortment of design and color. These boots look appealing from the outside and are definitely comfortable in the inside. The forever fit construction type Burton boots have a traditional soft touch lacing as well as an imprint liner with an integrated lacing. Its soft flex tongue finalizes the soft touch to these glamorous boots.

7. Sapient guide snowboard boots men

These boots come in a fine blend of black and white color. They feature a deluxe lace up and fleece liner. The boots have a molded tongue as well as a molded back-stay to add on to its comfortable nature. These boots are of light weight nature hence enhancing mobility and have an EVA injected outer-sole that not only adds the soft touch to the boots. but also gives it its flexible nature.

8. k2 arrow snowboard boots women

The k2 arrow prototype boots are indeed high end. Coming with a Boa Conda liner lacing as well as a double boa lacing system, these boots look amazing. They feature an intuition pro foam 3D liner and an outer-sole of the new kwicker light design. This aids in enhancing mobility as the boots feel light on the feet. They also have a 3D formed dual density foot-bed fitted with EVA for comfort and flexibility.

9. Burton Coco snowboard boots women

Comprising of white and gray colors in its structure, the Burton coco boots for women feature a 2 support system and are a women’s-specific true fit trademark design. These boots have traditional lacing with new speed hooks attached to them and a phantom 2.0 construction liner. In addition yo that, they have the new dynolite outer sole and an inner cushioning to give your feet the comfort they deserve.

10. Burton SLX snowboard boots

They come in a black color. These boots have a speed zone lacing system powered by Burton exclusive England ropes with a lifetime warranty. Moreover, they have a life+ liner with dry-ride heat cycle throughout the lining and an ultra-loan performance foam. These boots also features a vibram xwing outer sole with ecostep plus rubber and re-bounce cushioning and sleeping bag reflective coil. To add on to its outstanding features is the easy slide articulating cuff and a firm flex power up tongue to enhance flexibility and response.

From all the above mentioned boots it is evident that there are numerous types of shoes for the winter season each designed to give our feet comfort, flexibility and a firm grip for snowboarding purposes and they all come at a fair cost. So why not purchase yours today!