Best 10 Foot SPA at Home Machines Reviews

Relaxation is the best treat we can give to ourselves if we only have the luxury to do it. Foot SPA is the best way to treat your tired feet and yes, you can do it straight from home without having to cost you a fortune.

Here are the top 10 products you can choose from and bring the Spa in your home.

1. Giantex Portable Foot Spa Bath Massager

This is one of the best tool that will really give your feet a great time. It’s not easy to be on your feet all day. All the walking and running can really tire you down and feel pain on your feet. It can sometimes make it a bit sore because of a bad footwear choice. But don’t worry because your feet can really take a lot literally. All you need is to give it time to rest and treat it with a foot spa massager and you will be back on your feet in no time. This spa massager will relax your tired feet and revive it with the bubbles and red light exposure. It also comes with a digital heat and time control so don’t worry if you fall asleep.

2. Kendal FBD2535 Deep Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager


They provide treatment not only for your feet but also for your tired calf. It has a deep foot tub that will let you soak your legs as well and have the treatment it needs. It has a motorized rolling massage feature for a better circulation. You will really feel rejuvenated after soaking your feet and legs after a tiring day. There will be more soothing bubbles that will massage all your feet pressure points which is good for the entire body as well.

3. All in one foot spa bath massager


This is an attractive foot spa set as it comes in pink. Perfect for a girly person who wants to have a collection of everything in pink. But aside from it’s face value, you can never go wrong with this product as it is a foot spa all in one treatment that will give your feet a full soothing and relaxing treat. Tired from all day’s work? Relax in this spa treatment and sleep a bit if you please. It has a double overheating protection so you don’t have to be fully awake while trying to relax.

4. Foot Salon Pro Pedicure Spa with Heat

Foot Salon Pro Pedicure Spa with Heat This have the heat boost feature that makes it possible to heat up cold water in just a matter of minutes. The four pressure node rollers massages your sole and toes completely that will revive your tired feet as you soak in it. A good treatment for your feet wellness and relaxation. It has the complete pedicure set attachment that will make your feet attractive after the treatment. Don’t worry about the spills as well as it has the spill protect feature that will avoid having water spilled all over the place. Safe and effective for your home spa treatment.

5. Kendal Complete foot spa with Oxygen bubbles

Kendal will give help you heating therapy not only for your feet but also your body. It can improve metabolism and relieves fatigue from your usual daily routine. This product have the high frequency vibration to massage your feet providing the treatment it needs. It also promotes circulation that is good for your body. The O2 bubbles will also serve as an additional massage. It is recommended for people who complains about soreness and painful feet.

6. Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa


It will revive your tired feet as you soak it to the heated water that is maintained while you are on your foot spa treatment. It comes with the massage rollers to help treat your feet so it will be ready for another action again. It also comes with a removable pumice stone to smoothen the soles of your feet. It’s a real steal as you will also get a 5 piece pedicure set that will make your nails get done and your feet smoother . You can get the foot treatment oil and fungus treatment to get rid of those foot issues.

7. Conair Foot / Pedicure Spa with Waterfall

This will give you a different relaxation treat. The waterfalls feature will gives you a different experience feeling. The heat will soothe the pain from your overused feet. You can finally give your feet what they deserve. It also comes with a pumice stone that will make your soles smoother. The scrub brush and toe massager are also included in this set. This is a complete pedicure and foot spa experience. Just add some salt and essential oil for a total resort experience. Your feet will thank you for treating them well and be ready for another action again when you get back to work.

8. Ivation Foot Spa Massager – Heated Bath

Ivation Foot Spa with Heated Bath, Automatic Massage Rollers, Vibration, Bubbles Bring the spa resort in the comforts of your own home. With this amazing product, you can say goodbye with sored foot and achy toes as it provides a complete massage action for your tired feet. It has two rollers to massage your feet that is similar to having a shiatsu, acupressure, hydrotherapy and heat combined. Activate the whirlpool to let circulation and provides a better blood flow that will serve as a treatment for your achy toes and soles. This will give you a total relaxing experience.

9. ArtNaturals Foot Spa Massager with Heat

It is especially made for athletes or people who always walking and running. It comes with lights and bubbles sooth and relax your feet. It’s an all in one therapeutic home salon you can own. This is also recommend by Podiatrists all over as it can really give your feet the massage it needs. The nodes and massage rollers can soothe and relax achy spots as well. The sit back foot spa is a very good treat for people who are always on the go. It is the perfect treatment for your achy toes and to give thank to your feet for their hard work.

10. Conair Foot / Pedicure Spa with Vibration

This product comes with a toe touch control feature that allows you to have a heated and relaxing experience. Soak your tired feet and rejuvenate with it using a spa salt that will make your feet smooth and calloused free.
The vibration will help with massaging your toes and no need for you to go to a foot spa salon. You can use this at home. Have some essential oils ready as well and put some drops to the water so that it will serve as an aromatherapy for your feet. It comes with a massage attachment and a splash guard for more stability and good home relaxing experience. You can say goodbye with your tired toes and hello to a happier feet.