Best 10 Crafty Pumpkin-Decorating Ideas on halloween

In the US and some of the neighboring countries, pumpkins go hand in glove with the fall of holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving. During these time, merry-makers delight in carving pumpkins into different and assumingly bizarre shapes and forms. People try to outdo one another with unique pumpkin decorating ideas. If you are looking for some of the best products to help you actualize mesmerizing pumpkin decorations, this review is for you. Here we present ten of the best products available from to help you have the most fun-filled holidays.

1. Halloween Stickers for Kids, Glitter Craft for Pumpkin


The kids, and adults as well, will love these. Here you get 500 assorted stickers in four bright colors: green, orange, black and purple Another great thing is that every sticker glitters on the surface further adding its appeal as an excellent decoration for Halloween-themed events and party time. The stickers are ready to use; they come cut in the perfect shape so you won’t waste time cutting the shape you want. Add to this the fact that you get 13 Halloween themed patterns like pumpkin, moon, spider, ghost, cat, skulls and many others and it becomes clear why this craft kit is so highly rated.

2. Pumpkin decorating craft kits – 50 pc bulk set

If you have looked for foam pumpkin face stickers without success, this product is for you. The Pumpkin Decorating Craft Kits 50 pc (Bulk Set) is without doubt one of the best pumpkin decorating sets available at Amazon. The Craft Kits 50pc comes with 48 to 50 separately sealed assorted kits per package. Compared to other sets, this one offers one of the highest numbers of kits per single package.

Another great thing about this bulk set is that you don’t have to worry about buying the adhesive separately. Why? Because self-adhesive foam pieces are included in the package. With these adhesives, you can comfortably decorate anything between 48 to 50 pumpkins. However, note that pumpkins are not included in the package. Overall, the Crafts Kit 50 pc makes decorating your pumpkins your cherished jack-o-lanterns pretty easy.

3. Halloween Mask Craft Kit – Crafts for Kids


When you a have a whole battalion of kids and want a kit that can easily meet the requirements of all of them Halloween Mask Craft Kit for Kids & Hat & Assorted Masks comes in handy. The kit is sufficient for fun for a full classroom party. The Halloween Mask Craft contains everything you need to make the green monster, werewolf and jack-o-lantern masks. So, if for instance you are thinking of doing a freeze dance, this kit will make the activity an instant hit with the kids. Even kids as young as 2 years old can have a lot of fun just sticking the shapes on, pulling the stickers off, and parading the masks around.

4. Foam Pumpkin Decorations Craft Kit for Halloween


If you want cute pumpkin decorating ideas, this kit will not let you down. It comes with 12 styles for the kids; these styles include princess, big lips, cat, witch, jack pumpkin and many others. What many users find even more appealing about this kit is that it supports self- assembling and comes with instructions to help you do the assembly. This feature takes this kit a notch higher when compared to other similar kits; it’s not only kids and teens who can have fun by using its contents adults too can find their excitement with this crazy pumpkin craft kit.

5. Funny Foam Mustache Pumpkin Decorating Craft Kit

If you love your pumpkins having mustaches, this is one of the best decorating kits you can have. These are absolutely safe for kids and offer fun pumpkin decorating ideas for the little ones. You will also appreciate these stickers since their use is not just limited to Halloween; you can also use them for decorating your Valentine exchange boxes and other crafts all year round. Included in the package are self-adhesive foam pieces to make the activity easy and fun to complete. Note that the stickers are divided into 12 different sheets meaning you can easily pass one sheet out per kid or use them to decorate 12 pumpkins. As you buy this kit remember each of the 12 sheets look like the image shown, that is 3 sets of mustaches, glasses etc. The kids will simply love them.

6. Foam Pumpkin Decorations Craft Kit


These are a perfect party craft. With this kit you are set to surprise your trick-or-treaters with something better than any candy they might have ever tasted. With a dozen craft pumpkin decorating kits in every package and six assorted faces including Frankenstein, Cat, Dracula, two, goofy faces and classic jack-o-lantern you will have sufficient variety to generate as many ideas as you want. Depending on the size of the pumpkin, you can do as many as six pumpkins and as few as one; the smaller the pumpkins the more you can decorate. The good thing about these stickers is that you can actually mix and match parts of the face the way you desire.

7. Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving Kit


Here comes a pumpkin carving kit with great designs and tools. This kit has 12 patterns including spooky tree, skull, spider, vampire, goblin, cat and more. giving you and the kids a wide selection of patterns to select from. To make the carving easy and fun the kit comes with several vital tools including 2 saws, one scrapper scoop, a drill and a pounce wheel. To make things even easier you will find step by step direction included to guide you and the kids through the process of completing your spooky Halloween pattern. Given that this is carving kit that has tools, it is more suitable for older kids of age 9 and above who can safely handle these tools

8. Pumpkin Decorating Kit

When you want to simplify issues during the Halloween and other parties you will find this a great kit for your kids. Granted, it might not offer much compared to other higher-end craft kits but it allows your kids to create up to 4 complete Jack-o-lantern faces. This kit comes with a total of 27 stickers enough to carry out the task and make the celebration worthwhile. What is even better about the Pumpkin Decorating Kit Makes 4 4 Jack-o-Lantern Faces is that if you are thinking about a Black Cat themed party, this kit is fit for purpose. This item makes your party decorative and easy to plan.

9. Halloween Funny Face Pumpkin Decorating Premium

If you want the kids to decorate 12 pumpkins in a fun and easy way, this is one of the best craft kits for this purpose. It comes with a variety of colors and shapes. This feature gives the children the opportunity to stretch the imagination as the combine and blend the colors to come up with unique and exciting pumpkin decoration ideas. Included in the package is self-adhesive foam pieces sufficient to decorate up to 12 pumpkins. This kit gives you good value for your bucks since it comes with extra pieces. The sizes and assortments of the stickers may vary.

10. Cute Characters Halloween Trick


This is another fabulous crafty kit for your kids. Using the 29 pieces cute characters decorating kit the kids can make jack-o-lantern without your assistance. The good thing about this carving kit is it is friendly even to younger kids; absolutely no carving is required to come with the pumpkin decorations. So, your kids do not have to handle knives and other potentially dangerous tools. For this reason, you will find this kit to be the perfect companion every time you want to keep your toddlers busy during Halloween or any other event.

With any of these fabulous crafty kits available at you can now you can stretch your kids’ imagination during any of the holiday seasons. Make your choice today and let your family have great and fun-filled holidays.