Artist Statement/Paint with watercolor bird review


A professional Architect and wildlife artist paint project will create many rich possibilities when properly harnessed. Karolina Kijak holds the essence of this dynamic blend and it is well expressed through her watercolor bird paintings. Each fusion of style, beauty and unique plumage showcases the dexterity that has marked her works. With a wide acceptance in different regions of the world, the spur of the moment inspiration that drives these paintings make for a good story. Nature has a great collection of creativity and style which each of these paintings carefully accentuate.

The plurality and the rich blend of beauty of each work epitomizes the essence of what a trendy Architect and wildlife artist paint project can make happen for the savvy art collector. The careful lines and the different expressions in each work will resonate with your soul. There is a thin line between wildlife and the ideals that hold us together as human beings. These paintings reflect freedom, genuine intent, beauty and the reality of the joy of living. A close look at each of these jobs show a composition of excellence and creativity that meets the best artistic impressions you can find anywhere in the world.

The glowing tributes that come with each of the carefully painted bird features make for an interesting review. It is important to mention that one cannot really understand an art job until you look into the eyes of the artist. Karolina Kijak is a proud representation of professionalism and an avowed lover of nature. Her works speak loudly about the things that make us great partners with nature. Each of the birds shows that we have the power to assemble the good things of life with well worked creativity. The paintings depict the rise in adaptations to unique patterns that cheers the heart.

This imposition of diverse colors makes for a unique masterpiece that has raised the bar in diverse ways. The context, the expressions, the unique blend of designs, etc; is earmarked to promote radical wildlife contemporary art. It has hit the mark by presenting iconic beauty with a rich array of painting and art. The splendor of these works is that they go beyond the literal theme of the exhibition. Despite the arguable purity of the formal aspects – graphic designs in a bright background – the overall effect of the paintings is orderly.

The power of its cozy nature would hold any art lover in awe. The captivating presentation of each bird’s beauty in unique canvas blended with rich colors; shows the victory of the sublime over conventional patterns. This is set against nondescript backgrounds, which at most hint at purity, originality and freedom.

This creative work could be said to buoy the utopia of the human experience. It suggests a bright side which is common to all mankind irrespective of the context. This concept sets the tone for openness and creativity. The imagery strongly bonds with the context of recent strides by humanity to connect with wildlife. It brings a new reality to the savvy art lover and helps each one live true to the ideals of this dynamic Architect and wildlife artist paint project. This work captures a rich display of dynamism and beauty.

Robin/ Rudzik

Raven/ Kruk

Cranes/ Żurawie Japońskie

Grey Herons/ Czaple siwe

Wagtail/ Pliszka żółta


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