10 Tip Halloween – Women’s fashion

Halloween is just around the corner, but if you haven’t found what to wear yet, there is no need to worry. There are quite a number of gorgeous Halloween costumes and accessories you can buy that will give you the look you want and won’t cost a fortune. This article will help find the right costume/accessory for you through a review of some of the most popular Halloween fashion items currently available on the Amazon store.

1. Disguise Women’s Disney Snow White Deluxe Costume


Disguise Women’s Disney Snow White Deluxe Costume is a simple but elegant outfit that is a great option for anyone in need something decent an uncomplicated to wear this Halloween. The dress is made entirely from polyester and it can be washed by hand. The entire outfit consists of a detachable cape, petticoat, matching bow headband and a full-length skirt with a sparkle overlay. The top is quite stretchy, so it gives a good fit. This outfit would be a great purchase because it is made from high-quality fabric and so it looks better than most costumes that are similarly priced.

2. Leg Avenue Women’s 2 Piece Storybook Witch


It is a decent Halloween costume based on one of the evil characters in the series and would make a great outfit for adults escorting children to trick or treat. The costume is imported, made completely from polyester, and is hand washable. The costume is well designed with rich detail such as lace ruffles and ribbon trimmings. The materials used also have really bright colours and should last a long time if it is not used regularly.

3. Thrones Daenerys Targaryen khaleesi Long Wavy Hair


Thrones Deanery’s TargaryenKhaleesi a great purchase as an addition to any Khaleesi costume this Halloween. The wig is about 65 centimetres long and is handmade from high-quality synthetic materials that offer a realistic texture and are easy to comb. According to the manufacturer, the wig can withstand blowing temperatures of up to 180 degrees.t head size before any stretching is 58 CM, the wig may be adjusted to the users liking and is suitable for different head shapes. The quality of the wig itself is quite impressive. The texture is convincing too and is a definite improvement over most wigs that look plastic and are too shiny

4. Leg Avenue Women’s Cozy Bat Shrug and Headband

It is made entirely out of polyester and is hand washable. This outfit comes as a shrug that is made from soft fleece and also includes a furry ear headband that can be used on its own. The costume only comes in black but is easy to put on and is perfect as a last minute resort in the event that something goes wrong. The batwing shrug that gives this outfit its iconic look is warm and well designed and easy to wear as well. The Velcro that joins the two sides at the chest area may feel uncomfortable but this problem can be rectified by adding a softer fabric to the back of the Velcro material

5. Rubie’s Costume Women’s Wizard Of Oz Adult Dorothy


Made entirely out of polyester, Rubies’ Costume Women’s Wizard Of Oz Adult Dorothy Dress and Hair Bows is an officially licensed Dorothy costume and would make a great disguise for anyone interested in looking cute and innocent this Halloween. The costume is hand washable and comes as a white and blue gingham jumper looking dress combined with a white top. Though the hair bows included as part of the package, the basket must be acquired separately. The outfit’s material is of relatively good quality and its unmistakably vibrant colours would accurately convey a sense of innocence and happiness. That said, the outfit still lacks a proper finish, the seam allowance at the edge of the bodice and skirt is quite tough and uncomfortable. It would, therefore, be best to add a layer of clothing beneath the outfit.

6. Star Wars The Force Awakens Adult Rey Costume


It is an officially licensed outfit offered by Amazon and could be a major trend this Halloween season. The outfit comes with a deluxe top, detached sleeves, elastic waist pants, belt, pouch, and cuff. The costume is 100 per cent polyester and is hand washable. The manufacturer ruby, advises all buyers to visit the Ruby adult size chart before choosing a particular size since ordinary clothing is sized differently than costumes. For an officially licensed costume, the outfit is not the best quality. However, at the cost of 43 USD, it is still worth buying.

7. Leg Avenue Women’s Large Ruched Witch Hat


A great Halloween accessory and would be perfect as an addition to any witches costume this October. The hats are made completely out of polyester and are hand washable. The wire in the brim is not very flexible and the hat must be tilted to attain the right position. The label on the inside shouldn’t be taken as an indication of the back because it isn’t always reliable. The product has a nice fitting and can be pulled down to cover more of the head because of a slight elasticity in the material used to make the opening. The cone is supported by metal wires which are flexible, so the hat can be curled or fluffed out as required. The shirring is a nice design and is much more realistic than a simple cone shape. From a general point of view, the hat is a well-designed product that is competitively priced.

8. Sheer Spider Web Arm Warmers Costume Accessory

spider web arm warmer is made entirely out of nylon and are hand washable and may come in handy as a complimentary accessory for another costume such as the spider web poncho costume made by the fun world or it may be combined with other accessories to create a complete outfit. Since the arm warmer is made from the same material as panty house, it may snag or run quite easily. So you should be cautious when using them with jewellery. That said, the spider warmer is still a great buy at a really low cost and would be ideal for anyone looking for a decent last-minute addition to their costume.

9. Wonder Woman Boots

The wonder woman boots are made from 90 per cent polyurethane and 10 per cent rubber. They are manufactured in China and come with a bungee enclosure for added comfort. The boots are quite high and the vinyl they are made from very squeaky (this is to be expected from most vinyl fashion). Though a few clients have voiced complaints of scuffing and poor zipper quality, the majority are satisfied with this product and are pleased with its quality. The wonder woman boots are highly desirable for anyone seeking to masquerade as a superhero this Halloween. The boots may be combined with golden bracers and a golden lasso for a more convincing look.

10. Leg Avenue Women’s Fawn Horn Headband

It simple but attractive costume that is made entirely out of polyester, save for the horns. The material is imported and can be hand washed. What makes this costume so desirable is the fact that it is simple, elegant, and durable and can be the perfect finish for a creative DIY project. The fawn horns are made from high-quality resin for a realistic texture and are joined to a wire headband for stability. This accessory can also be used for other festivals throughout the year so it would make a great investment.