10 Gym Sport Bags again Waterproof 2018

Deciding what kind of sports or gym bag to buy varies depending on individual needs. Size, number of
compartments, style, color, and ease. Women are more selective in choosing a gym bag. They are more
concern about styles and colors. Men are more concerned with convenience. Below are choices to

1. Toodou Foldable Lightweight Waterproof Gym Bag

Best for rainy days as it is made with the interior waterproof layer to keep your things dry. Can be
stored easily when not in use. It can be folded into a small pouch. Assures customers of complete
product satisfaction. They will refund you if you are not satisfied with their goods

2. Holyluck Men & Women Outdoor Sports Gym Bag


Zipper compartment keeps your valuables like keys and phone safe. Clothes and other items can
be taken in and out easily because of the drawcord closures.

3. Forestfish Women’s Lightweight Gym Tote Bag

This gym bag is very stylish and feminine. It boasts of easy-to-reach customer service. Perfect
sports bag for small or petite ladies.

4. Marlboro Water Resistant Polyester Sports Duffel Bag

This gym bag is specially designed with a fluorescent light zippers and simple-looking tails making
it uniquely different with its stylish logo pattern.

5. Key new Gym Bags for Men


Has three adaptable carrying options – carry, shoulder and crossbody with detachable straps
included. This sports bag is made from water-resistant nylon fabric with outside zipped
compartments and two ventilated air vents to separate shoes and soiled clothes.

6. Legendary Drawstring Waterproof Gym Bag


Can carry any sports ball like basketball, volleyball, tennis rackets, etc. Boasts of compartments
that keep your things deodorized and bacteria free and lifetime replacement warranty. It also
offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

7. HITOP Drawstring Waterproof Sport Bag


This is a sack-like backpack ideal for both men and women. Made from sturdy waterproof double
layer water-resistant fabric that is easy to clean. It is available in different colors. This gym bag
can be used not just for the gym but for swimming, day trips, camping, overnight stays, vacation
for school PE and many other activities.

8. Fila Sprinter Small Gym Sports Duffel Bag


The best feature of this gym bag is the EXOVENT mesh ventilation pockets for used sweaty clothes
from workout. It keeps the rest of your sports bag smelling fresh. Organizing your clothes, shoes,
water bottle and other items is easy because it has lots of compartments. It is not too small nor
too big and can fit in lockers and behind the front seat of the car. What it does not have though
is a separate compartment for shoes. It is made from sturdy ripstop nylon fabric.

9. Freeman Small Sports Duffel Gym bag


This gym sports bag is made from tear resistant nylon that is lightweight, durable and water-resistant. Weighs less than one pound but can carry up to 35L. Aside from the gym, it can also
be used as back up carry-on bag for short family trips. This gym sports bag can carry clothes,
towels, light blankets and shoes. It has a zippered pouch that makes storage easy when not in
use. Boasts of high-quality SBS zipper.

10. MIER Small Gym Sports Bag for Men and Women


This sports bag can be used as a carry-on bag or as a shoulder bag with a detachable strap provided.
This gym sports bag is small but has many compartments that can be used for your phone,
headset, car keys and water bottle. For more convenience, it has a separate shoe compartment
for your gym clothes making it easy to change after a workout.