10 Great Laundry Baskets to Make Wash Day a Breeze

Whether you live in a house, apartment, or dorm, one thing remains the same: the inevitability of laundry. Everybody does it, but having the right laundry hamper can make this chore far easier! There are so many options for laundry baskets that it can be hard to know where to begin! Here are some options that can be found on Amazon to make things easier.

1. Rubbermaid Configurations Custom Closet Folding Laundry Hamper


This hamper is ideal for anyone in a small apartment or dorm. It is made of durable, easy-to-clean canvas and collapses in order to fit in small spaces when not in use. When you’re not using this laundry basket, you can store it behind a door, in a closet, behind your washer/dryer, or pretty much anywhere. It has a neutral color and design that blends with any decor and is well-built and sturdy, perfect for surviving multiple moves. It is at a very friendly price point of $11.35, making it perfect for a student budget. If you live in a small space or are on a budget, this is the laundry basket for you. There you have it! Pick up one of these great laundry baskets during your next online shopping trip! Please note that prices may vary slightly depending on your local currency. Happy washing!

2. SimpleHouseware Laundry Sorter Cart, Chrome


This three-bag laundry hamper from manufacturer SimpleHouseware retails for $36.87. It is extremely sturdy, with six stainless steel bars making up its frame. It has three compartments for easy sorting, and its sturdy structure makes it ideal for large families as it can carry quite a lot– each bag holds a volume of 13 gallons. It is on two sets of casters which have a brake, allowing it to roll smoothly regardless of the size of the load, even with a heavy burden.

3. Chrislley Foldable Double Laundry Hamper


This laundry basket has two compartments: one for dark clothing, and one for light, preventing you from having to do any troublesome sorting later on. Its aluminum frame makes it collapsible, and it has a sturdy handle for easy transportation. This collapsible design makes it great for small spaces, allowing it to be tucked away when not in use. This hamper is great for families with pets like dogs or cats, as it has a drawstring cover. Anyone who has had their shorts carried away by Fido or found Fluffy sleeping on top of their t-shirts will know what a useful feature that is!

4. Lifewit Foldable Laundry Hamper

This hamper from Lifewit boasts a waterproof PEVA lining, preventing moisture absorption– this makes it perfect for folks who work out a lot, or yoga studios or gyms with damp towels and sweaty gym clothes. It has a handle for easy transportation, and a steel frame making it extremely sturdy. Despite this sturdy frame, it is quite lightweight. It also makes great storage for children’s toys, books, or other household items. It also collapses for easy storage.

5. Whitmor Easycare Laundry Hamper


This laundry basket from manufacturer Whitmor has a lightweight aluminum frame and is very easy and quick to assemble. It has a mesh drawstring, allowing clothes to be covered but still providing airflow. It is made from easy-to-clean polyester and has a vinyl interior that can be wiped down easily. It is small and transported easily, and its low price of $12.99 makes it ideal for any budget.

6. Skytoy Hanging Laundry Bag Backpack


One of the more unusual items on this list, this laundry bag from Skytoy is ideal for anyone who must travel in order to do laundry. This 100% nylon drawstring bag is actually a backpack– perfect for college students or apartment dwellers. It also comes with two hooks, making it easy to hang on a wall or door for easy storage.

7. Honey-Can-Do Steel Canvas Rolling Laundry Hamper

When purchasing this hamper, you have the option of selecting a canvas or nylon bag. The bag can be thrown in with your laundry, allowing you to wash your clothes and the bag at the same time. The steel frame is very sturdy with a stylish chrome finish, and the five caster wheels allow for stable transportation. The bag has a drawstring, making it easy to transport and ideal for pretty much any lifestyle.

8. Household Essentials 7172 Rolling Laundry Hamper


Retailing at $29.99, this laundry basket from Household Essentials has a sturdy canvas bag that can be removed for easy washing. It folds flat for easy storage and is on caster wheels making it very easy to transport. It has a large volume and can hold quite a bit. The beautiful bronze frame fits in with any type of home decor.

9. Whitmor 3 Section Laundry Sorter


This laundry hamper has three sections for convenient sorting and retails at $24.48. It is very easy to assemble and requires no special tools. Its wheels allow for convenient and easy transportation and it has a durable stainless steel frame. The bag can be easily removed and washed. This hamper can be folded down for easy storage, making it great for small spaces such as apartments.

10. Finnhomy 3-Bag Rolling Laundry Sorter Cart

While this wheeled hamper is larger than many of the others on this list, it is excellent for busy couples or families as it also has a hanging bar, making it easy to sort laundry after it is washed as well. The hanging bar could also be used as a valet stand, for laying out the day’s clothes. It is made of a sturdy metal, and the bar can hold unto 50 pounds. The bar has an adjustable height. Below the bar, multi-functional polyester sectioned bags can hold clothing. They have handles, making it easy and convenient to hold and remove the bags. They can also be washed with your regular laundry. At $59.99, this is the priciest option on the list, but it also offers the most features.