10 Best virtual reality headset for sale 2018

Gamers and virtual reality lovers opt for virtual reality headsets for playing and seeing with a different set of eye. These gadgets are popular because of the experience it emulates among the adorable fans. Here is a list of ten tenacious headsets for virtual reality lovers to enjoy some ebullient experience.

1. Oculus Rift Developers Kit Dk2

Sprinkled with the goodness of sensors, this VR headset offers a dynamic display for each eye with integrated headphones. And, a crunchy camera for enriching the user experience through movement detection patterns is an advantageous attribute to VR lovers. Facebook proudly acquired this Kickstarter project recently.

2. Google Daydream View – VR Headset (Slate)

Google is the proud owner to acclaim their status in the VR section with this brand-new gadget that supports Motorola and Google Pixel for now. And, this device is going to be compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8, and LG’s next flagship model. Lighter the view, better the product becomes. And, a 30% lighter view is a noteworthy inclusion to this VR product.

3. VR Headset Virtual Reality Goggles V2

The VR beatz Headset VR Goggles Glasses are very much cardboard compatible. This headset works comfortably with numerous Google cardboard apps, video apps, and many games. Users can get entangled by the joy of watching through the magnifying lens, giving a 3D IMAX experience. The anti-reflective material used here reduces the glare which comes out of light excruciating through the kit.

4. Motoraux 3D Vr Movie Visor Version Virtual Reality Glasses

With its competitive edge gleaming every day bright with vivid images, Motoraux 3rd Vr gives an alluring and addictive experience. The three straps present in this gadget are adjustable, and so the rubber would glide any smartphone to produce the best quality images. The price of this product is considerably low.

5. Canbor VR Headset, Virtual Reality

This 3D VR glass and headset will make the wildest dreams of users come true. The specific design for playing games and watching 3D videos with a pupil distance adjustment of 55-75 mm is something cost effective and is highly recommended by its users.

6. Wensltd VR Headset Box 1080P HD Virtual Reality

The kit is extremely comfortable with all the users. Since the built-in smartphone drenched with a VR case won’t ask for any additional hardware. This particular model’s processor is octo-core CPU. 8 GB of storage space, and 2 GB RAM speed adds more value to the product within its product range.

7. SUNNYPEAK Deluxe Virtual Reality Headset

This model is somewhat similar to the genuine Google Cardboard VR headset. Still, it has Sunnypeak VR – 10900 has many advantages. With a secure locking mechanism, the device can hold 6-inch smartphones for a longer number of hours using the predominant head straps.

8. NOON VR – Virtual Reality Headset

This expensive and sophisticated gadget comes handy and suits well with all the smartphones larger than 4.7 inches. And, the dedicated app allows the viewers to watch enthralling videos using the VR kit and is often not seen in other kits like Noon VR. The removable frame, eyesight control, and adjustment lenses make this product highly electable for the top ten lists.

9.Virtual Reality Goggles by VR WEAR 3D 

The price of this newly built Moonflor VR kit is considerably low. And, it has been constructed for people who’d love lightweight devices with padded edges for creating a perfect fit. Premium lenses with a hedonic headband give the viewers an ultimate experience with this product.

10. Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset

This is the best headset that weighs very less and also has a beautiful touchpad which is unavailable in other kits. The construction of this Samsung Gear VR holds one long head strap and soothing padding for utmost comfort. There is also space for eyeglasses to fit in. VR fans would certainly be having a visual treat while watching movies and playing games.