10 Best SSD Optimization To Boost Computer Speed

Our computers no matter how pricey or branded it is. It will always come to the point where it becomes very sluggish to operate. And the all in all speed becomes very sketchy.

Computers doesn’t rely on how much it is. It relies on its particular parts that needs to be more upgraded in order to have it faster and better. Parts like SSD are things that needs to be replaced and upgraded. But if you ask, Hey, There’s a lot of them at the market? Which one should I get? That’s why were here for you. Check out the best SSD you definitely need to buy.

1. WD Blue 250GB Internal SSD

WD Blue 250GB Internal SSD

This also is something to be recommended. Not quite expensive nor cheap. This product reads up to 545 mb and writes up to 525 mb per second. It also boast 175m hours MTTF and was optimized for multitasking and heavy operations. The actual product is not that big and also not that heavy.

2. Crucial MX300 1TB

Crucial MX300 1TB

This product offers sequential read up to 530 mb per second and write up to 510 per second. It features Extreme Energy Efficiency to lessen power consumption to prolong batter life span. It also has Dynamic Write Acceleration Technology, Micron 3D NAND and Adaptive Thermal Protection all of which you usually expect in a Crucial SSD. Unlike most, This product has Crucial Storage Executive for a more secure and well-sustained storage.

3. ADATA SU800 128GB


ADATA has a lot to offer for an affordable price. Offers a sequential reads up to 560 mb per second and writes up to 520 mb per second. It also has SLC Caching and DRAM memory buffer for better and much sustained performance, DEVSLP mode for energy efficiency, Advanced LDPC ECC Engine to increase data integrity and RAID Engine for a better protection. This product also promises a much lower power consumption and a longer battery life.

4. KingSpec


KingSpec offers sequential read speed up to 570 mb per second and write speed of 500mb per second. It has 3D NAND Flash Memory to lower the cost per gigabyte and was built in a cool aluminum alloy to improve electrical use and lessen power consumption. This product is very budget friendly.

5. Kingston Digital 120GB SSDNow

Kingston Digital 120GB SSDNow

This product offers sequential reads up to 500 mb per second and writes up to 450 mb per second. It claims to be 10 times faster than the traditional drives. It also has shock and vibration resistance and is ideal for desktop and notebooks.

6. Crucial MX300 525GB SATA

Crucial MX300 525GB SATA

This product offers a sequential reads up to 530 mb per second and writes up to 510 mb per second. It features Extreme Energy Efficiency for a much longer battery life span. It also has Micron 3D NAND for a much secured and bigger storage and an Adaptive Thermal Protection for heat.

7. Sandisk Ultra II

Sandisk Ultra II

This product offers sequential reads up to 550 mb per second and writes up to 500 mb per second promising a well accelerated performance for faster boot-up and shut down. This also has Sandisk nCache 2.0 which allows speeds to be more enhanced and a SSD dashboard for software downloads.

8. Silicon Power 120GB SSD S55

Silicon Power 120GB SSD S55

This product offers high sequential reads up to 460 mb and writes up to 370 mb per second which is also a game changer. This also offers SLC Cache Technology for a much better performance boost and a long lasting life span. Not only that, They have bonuses like Bad Block Management, TRIM Command, Garbage Collection Technology , SMART Monitoring System and ECC Technology. It also has 7mm slim design and shockproof.

9. Sandisk SSD Plus

Sandisk SSD Plus

Boost your laptop for a more high tech experience. Sandisk SSD Plus promises an easy and affordable upgrade making boot-ups and shutdowns twice as faster than before. With high sequential read speeds of up to 530 mb and a durable shock and vibration resistant, This is absolutely worth it to buy.

This product claims to be 20 times faster than the usual hard disk drives. This is also not quite expensive.

10. Samsung 850 EVO 2.5 Inch SATA III

Samsung 850 EVO 2.5 Inch SATA III

This one is a game changer. It truly transforms your PC into a much higher level. Being the #1 best selling SSD as of now. Samsung 850 EVO offers a sequential write speed up to 520 mb with TurboWrite technology. Not only that, There is Rapid Mode that doubles up the data processing speeds. Furthermore, This product has 4 tb. Being also the first one in the Market. This also has AES 256 bit hardware encryption and a dynamic thermal guard for a much reliable experience.