10 Best Night Lights for Kids Room in 2018

To add up your kid’s room with the marvelous decoration pieces, we would suggest you to opt for the idea of the night light stand right now. Nightlight stands are an awesome piece of the room decoration that does look so amazing in the night time through the flawless glittering effect of the lightning impressions. If you think that these products are accessible in high prices, then you should not be missing out reading this post. Here we will discuss out with the list of top 10 best night lights for kid’s room under the cost of $25.

10. GoLine Cat LED Baby Kids Night Light, Cute Multicolor Silicone

This night light product for your kid’s room has been all set with the 7-color breathing light mode and standby mode. It has been made really funky through the use of the cute cat face that is all made by BPA-free washable silicone. It has been comprising with the handheld size and eco-friendly design that does makes it turn out to be the best and fabulous gift idea especially for kids, girls, and ladies. It is a complete build it 1200mAH lithium battery that hence supports portable use up to 15 hours.

9. Emoi Multicolor LED Baby Night Light, Portable Silicone Cute :

Emoi Multicolor LED Baby Night Light, Portable Silicone Cute Mushroom Nursery Night Lamp is the night light stand that has been comprised with the Emoi LED night light that hence offers patented dual light modes i.e. 2-brightness natural light mode and 6-color multicolor mode. BPA-free soft silicone surface and ABS base has surely made the whole product perfect in innovations and finishing. Its switch lightning is provided in 6 different colors. You can also switch on the Vibration Sensor Button that is located on the bottom to change colors by tapping the silicone surface.

8. LED Night Lighting Lamp -Elecstars Light Up Your Bedroom



This is somehow taken as one of the extraordinary looking smart night lamp that projects the cosmos on top of the ceiling of your room. It is adjusted with the 3 lighting modes. It has the rotary switch inside it. It can run on 4*AAA batteries for charging or you can also make the use of the USB cable connect for the purpose of power supply. You can even make it known as the well-known cosmos star projector lamp.

7.  LED Star Projector Night Light Amazing Lamp Master

This is said out to be one of the best and greatest upgraded product which you can add up in the awesome star lightning show. This will be adding the kid’s room with the larger impact and with the feel of more brilliant light showing in favor of the viewing entertainment. It can work with the USB cable connection use. You can use it as the medium of decoration for the room. It has been all covered with the auto flashing star with the range of various multi colors.

6. Motion Sensor Light, Magictec Cordless Battery-Powered LED Night



On the 6th spot, we would be bringing out with the name of Motion Sensor Light, Magictec Cordless Battery-Powered LED Night Light This product will be performing the functions through the use of ultra-bright LED night light bulb in the midst of the six bulbs 20-lumen output. LED Nightlight with the medium of sensor Auto-on within 10 feet, auto-off after 20 seconds of no motion detected is one of its main features which help it in the category of prolong battery life. It adds up the 4-cordless battery powered LED night light pack.

5. Sensky Plug-in Motion Night Light Skl001 Motion Activated LED


This product has the motion sensor service access where it gets off in the daytime and on in the night time. It gets even much brighter as you walk into the sensing range images. It would be preventing the light from turning on during the course of daylight hours. It has long life and energy saving too. It does not require any battery use and is a suitable nature white. It is safe and reliable because of the Adopt fire-proof material and is CE Approved. This product has 1 Year Warranty.

4. SOAIY Soothing Aurora LED Night Light Projector with Timer


This product is a complete remote controller product. It can be used over the build it features of 1 hour, 2-hours and the 4 hours auto-off timer. It has the 3 levels of brightness adjustment and has been set best with the great soothing projection night light for everyone. You can choose this product from the range of red, blue, green and 3 colors allochroism with the access of the colors gradient. In its added with the volume adjustable, where you can make it plug into the iPod, iPhone, MP3 or another device.

3. SHAVA Night Light with Bluetooth Speaker

This product device has been set best with the easy color change feature where you can simply tap and hold speaker mesh to change between the options of the Ambient & Color modes. It has the settlement of the color modes where it can tap for 3 levels of brightness. In Color mode, you can tap for 7-color changes including LED lights. It has the soothing audio feature with the commencing taste of the Shava Nightlight Bluetooth speaker. It has a Built-In feature of the Mic where it comes up with the supportive hand of the handsfree capability.

2. Sensor Led Night Light, Color changing Plug-in LED

You will be falling in love with this night light product and would surely be making it place in your kid’s room. This lamp nightstand has been designed in the shape of the 3 adorable mushrooms will light up with 3 colors including with blue, yellow and white. It is all carried out with the warm and soft lighting effect that does glitter in the night darkness. It has the pot that is made from ceramic.

1. ZEEFO Table Lamps / Indoor Motion Sensor LED Night Light


On the last we have the name of ZEEFO Table Lamps / Indoor Motion Sensor LED Night Light! This product has been equipped with the PIR motion sensor feature where the light turns off automatically after 20-25 seconds when no motion detected. It has the placement of the Energy-efficient LED that would be delivering the soft brightness and long-lasting illumination with great softness. No wiring is required for battery charging.