The 10 Best Mini Projectors of 2016

Mini projectors can be divided in two categories: pico or palm-top projectors. The main difference between these two is their size and portability. Palm-top projectors are mostly used for more informal situations like watching movies, while pico projectors are more suited for business presentations. The reason is simple: pico projectors usually offer more portability than their counterparts and the overall lower picture quality they provide doesn’t really matter when it comes to power point presentations.

1. Brookstone Pocket Projector

Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro amazone

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, easy to set up micro projector for your next business presentation, then Brookstone have the perfect solution for you. This projector have inbuilt speakers, a 2-hours playback battery, HDMI port that makes it compatible with most of the smartphones and tablets. Its 15-lumen lamp perfectly suits a semi-dark room.

2.iClever IC-P01

iClever IC-P01 Multimedia Mini LED HD Portable Projector with HDMI USB VGA AV 1080p Black amazone

This mini portable projector offers a great picture quality. It has a normal resolution of 800×480 and it supports movies with up to 1080p. Its 800 lumens lamp will deliver a clear and bright picture even when the lights are on. Although a tripod is not included in the box, the projector has a tripod hold, so you will be able to easily mount it on most of the tripods of your choice and hence adjust the angle.

3. RioRand 60″

RioRand 60 Portable Mini LED Projector Cinema Theater, amazone

RioRand is one of the top leading brands of projectors in 2016. Their mini-LED projector is meant to deliver a clear picture on a surface of up to 60” diagonally. It has a VGA, AV, SD and USB input ports, making it a versatile and compatible with both old and new notebooks and media players. This projector also has an inbuilt media player that supports cideo, image, MP3 audio and E-books.

4. ASUS S1

ASUS S1 200-lumen 854 x 480 HDMI MHL USB Built-in 6,000mAh Battery bank Short-Throw LED Pocket Projector amazone

It’s hard to find a projector with more portable qualities than the ASUS S1. Its pocket size, combined with all of the features and a batter that delivers a 3-hours projection time make it one of the best choices in the market. Its 200 lumens lamp can deliver a big screen image (up to 100 inches with an 854 x 480 resolution) in a semi-dark room. This pocket projector also offers an enhanced audio quality and total compatibility with most of the modern portable devices.

5. iVation

iVation Portable Handheld All-Connect Projector  Tripod, Cable, Remote & Case amazone

This portable handheld projector is compatible with most of the portable devices, including tablets, smartphones and laptops. Nevertheless, the iVation’s projector key feature is that it’s specially designed to be fully compatible with Apple devices. The 854×480 image resolution it provides is another pro to consider.

6. AAXA P4-X

AAXA P4-X LED Pico Projector with 90 Minute Battery Life, 125 Lumens, Pocket Size, Li-Ion Battery, amazone

AAXA is yet another leading brand in the portable projectors niche. With more than 8 years of experience, AAXA knows exactly what does a good projector require. The signature vibrant color technology lets the AAXA P4-X to project high-quality image through its 15,000 LEDs. This particular model also includes a tripod, which is quite rare for mini-projectors.

7. Taotaole

Taotaole Multi-media Mini 800 Lumens Portable LED Projection Micro Home Theater Projector amazone
This high-quality mini projector can deliver a 120” huge picture. Its 800 lumens lamp is one of the most powerful lamps among mini projectors, allowing it to deliver high quality projections even in bright environments. It requires two AAA batteries to work, so you can stock up some batteries and use the projector non-stop for as many hours as you want.

8. iDea Pico Projector

[PCMag's Pick] iDea Pico Projector amazone

Proudly named a true pocket projector’, the iDea Pico offers 240 minutes of battery life, Wi-Fi connectivity (which is both a rare and useful feature for projectors) and can deliver a huge projection up to 120”.

9. RIF6 Cube

RIF6 Cube 2-inch Mobile Projector with 20,000 Hour LED Light and 120-inch Display amazone

This 2-inch pico projector provides a bright and clear image. Its 50 lumens lamp can project a 120 inches picture in a dark room. The RIF9 Cube is compatible with HDMI, Micro SD and MHL, which makes it ridiculously user-friendly.

10. AAXA P300

AAXA P300 Pico Micro LED Projector with 60 Minute Battery Life amazone

Last but not least, this top-notch mini-projector is the ultimate choice for anyone who looks for a superior projected image quality. One of the key features of the AAXA P300 is the 1280×800 output resolution. Let’s not forget that a high output resolution is the key aspect of the projection quality. The AAXA P300 also offers HDMI and VGA ports, as well as a MicrSD and USB reader.