10 Best Massage Chair Review 2018| Massage Full body

The daily routine can be quite disturbing. It also may damage both physical and mental health in a long term. In order to get rid of such consequences, you can take some massage or just rest at your quiet and peaceful home. Or you can combine those by buying a massage chair! And not just simple, but so-called Zero gravity chair. This type of product will elevate you into highly reclined position, taking the stress out from your spine, legs, and brain. Below you will find reviews on 10 best massage chairs for 2017.

1. Volito “Instant Revive” Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

And the last one for today is Volito. This product could appear as a simple office chair, but don’t let yourself be tricked. Providing you with the advanced technology of both massage and zero gravity positioning, Human Touch Volito will let you enjoy a full cycle of satisfying relaxation by relieving muscle tension and fatigue, as well as accurately and naturally decompressing your vertebrae.

2. Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Burgundy Massage Chair


This particular model is designed for those who are in desperate need of a powerful and deep massage. If you’ve ever found yourself unsatisfied after a really hard massage session, this chair is your choice. Being supported with unique 3D technology, as well as full set of zero gravity settings, this product will provide you with a great and powerful massage.

3. WholeBody 5.1 Swivel-Base Full Body Relax and Massage Chair

This zero gravity massage chair can provide a full relaxation to your back, neck, and shoulders, using its own unique and patented technology, called FlexGlide. This technology lets this chair to accurately touch your body contour, with great flexibility and soft glide, exactly like it’s named to be.

4.Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair Recliner

With this chair, you can provide yourself with a peaceful relaxation any time you need it. Supported with 20 3D massage balls, as well as 5 massage modes, this chair can assure you that it will bring the most satisfying and deep session his price segment actually can provide.

5. Ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair


Being a bestseller of the year 2016, this massage chair surely owns its reputation of the high-quality product. Four featured modes can be separated into two groups – first can be used for a bit of relaxation, focusing mainly on your back and legs, while the second group of modes is designed for deep and long massage, so much needed at the end of the day. Moreover, inserted rollers will emulate human touch perfectly, while heater will help you to drive your stress away.

6. Novo XT Zero-Gravity Ultra High Performance Full-Body

This very stylish chair looks like a drop of water and can become not only an instrument of relaxation but also a great addition to your interior. Moreover, this model is the only one being approved and featured by WFC (World Federation of Chiropractic). This product is also highly adjustable, providing its users with 3 different massage types, as well as 5 modes of intensity. Considered to be a part of the premium segment.

7. New Fujita 3D Full Body Massage Chair Recliner

In this point, we present the third generation of Fujita’s massage chairs with a brand new 3-D roller technology. These rollers will protrude for up to 8 mm, providing you with a deep and satisfying massage session. Being aimed at more than 350 points in the human body, this zero gravity chair is one of the most innovative products in the market.

8. Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Undoubted advantage of this product is the fact that this chair can provide you with multiple and understandable working modes, like refresh, relax and recover. And due to the customer’s reviews, these options do exactly what they are meant to do, quietly and precisely. Sensors technology is able to find a person’s shoulders in order to provide most accurate massage possible. It will fit for every person smaller than six feet tall.

9. AcuTouch Zero-Gravity Massage Chair


This one could be the most simple-looking in our whole list but still is quite stylish. In addition, he is not as bulky as probably any other massage chair, which makes it easier to place it and to put it in use. Provided with back heating and full-body massage, this chair will provide you with a great comfort, while still looking appropriate in your apartments.

10. Osaki Fully Body Massage Chair


To open our list, we introduce you Osaki’s OS-4000, astonishing massage chair of high functionality. This model can offer you 3 massage modes, each of which is featured with additional adjustments of working types (6 for each mode) and speed control (5 options for each mode). Being provided with twin rollers and width settings, this chair will surely provide you with a piece of rest you’ve deserved so much.