10 Best Home Products You Can Buy For This Summer

Summers are long and hot, that makes people to think twice before stepping out of their house. Though, they can still step out with some cool gadgets or spend time with some amazing gadgets while staying in home. Let us see, what you can gift someone you care about for this summer to beat the heat and stay cool doing their daily work.

1. Water slider

Gifting your kids with water slider in this summer to enjoy their summer vacation is considered as one of the best family presents. Where the kids no more need to hit the amusement parks or water theme parks to enjoy the water slide, because now they can have it in their backyard. There are also larger version of water slider, where adults can also join the fun along with their kids.

2. Salad crusher

Vegetable and fruit salads are good for health which can boost your performance in summer. The process of making salad is easy but with salad crusher it is made even more easy. All you have to do is, put a combination of fruits and vegetable and spin the blade, within 2 minutes your salad is ready to be served.

3. Floating wireless speaker

Having a pool party with your friends and colleagues is the best way to spend your summer, along with music that floats in water makes it even more fun. Wireless floating speaker is portable and easy to carry, it is waterproof that makes it float on water and play music to everyone present in the party. The vibration of water due to the sound of the music, creates a different music which can be uniquely experienced using this.

4. Solar powered fan

It is a struggling task to walk outside in the summer, but with a fan the task can be lowered from hard to moderate. The solar powered fan comes with a clip, that can be attached to your cap while going outside. The fan recharges with the help of solar power, thereby making it easy to charge it.

5. Snow Cone maker

Ice-cream is another important and most needed food in summer. With snow cone maker anyone can make an ice-cream in 5 minutes with just some ice cubes and syrups. It is also easy to carry, therefore making it portable where ever you go and grab an ice-cream on the go.

6. Waterproof underwater MP3 player

Being a music addict, you are fond of listening to musics where ever you go, but can you listen to musics with your MP3 while you take a swim in hot scorching summer? Yes, it is now made easy just for your convenient, the waterproof MP3 players are capable of taking underwater that you can listen to musics while swimming under the pool.

7. Pizza scissor

Having pizza along with your friends while watch a movie in summer, truly gives the feeling of heaven. Giving everyone a fair share of equal size is more important. With Pizza scissor, you can slice many slices with no more or less in the difference in their sizes. Pizza along with a coke, is a best combination and this pizza scissor is one among the best gifts to gift your friends.

8. Watermelon Tapping Kit

Summer without a watermelon fruit juice is not a good summer and the process in making it is quite 20 minutes process. There is an alternate technique to do the job for you, it is this watermelon tapping kit that simply extracts the fresh juice directly from the watermelon without having your hands contact with it. You have to insert the tap inside the watermelon and rotate the lever to grind the fruit inside, then by opening the tap you get the fresh juice pouring into your glass.

9. Bottle Opener Ring

No one can survive a day easily without a cool beer or drink, at the same time it is hard to find an opener to open it. Worry no more, you no need to search for the tiny opener that hides under your couches while you have an opener that is your ring. With this, you can open a bottle easily without applying any extra force, it just happens in a snap of your finger.

10. Mini USB Fridge

These days people spend more time in front of their computers and laptops, they do often get bored and wants to grab some cool drinks. Not everyone will finish the drink entirely which they grabbed, some like to take a sip and leave it aside to drink later whenever they feel like. The question is, do you think the drink will still remain cold by leaving it aside during the hot summer?
To overcome this, Mini USB fridge comes handy that can occupy the space of 2 mini coke cans or one beer. It can be connected to your computer or laptop’s USB port to make the refrigerator on, thus making the product cool which is stored inside.
Nothing can make your friends and loved ones feel better in this summer, than gifting this amazing mini USB refrigerator to those who spend most of their time in front of computers and laptops.