10 Best Holographic Nail Powder Art Beauty Summer Decor

Everybody is obsessing over holographic nail art right now. And the attention is well deserved,if the interest in holographic nail powder and the amazing Instagram photos are anything to go by. So, if you would like to get in on this trend for the summer, here are the 10 best holographic nail powder art beauty for the summer.

1. PrettyDiva Holographic Powder Rainbow Unicordn

PrettyDiva Holographic Powder Rainbow Unicordn

This laser nail powder is unlike any other. It helps achieve superior results that are perfect for a summer look. With proper application, you should achieve salon quality results after using this product. Otherwise, you should be very happy with the results it can achieve.

2. NICOLE DIARY Mermaid Nail Powder

NICOLE DIARY Mermaid Nail Powder

With this nail powder, quality is assured. The powder can be used with gel or acrylic, and it is very easy to use. For best results, it should be used over a gel top coat.

3. OneDor Chrome Pigment Glitter Shinning

OneDor Chrome Pigment Glitter Shinning

This is a sleek nail powder that comes in 6 different colors. Application is easy, and a no wipe top coat is included, as well as a no wipe top coat. The powder will help you achieve a gleaming metallic mirror effect.

4. Sliver Nail Glitter Powder Shinning Nail Mirror Powder


Sliver Nail Glitter Powder Shinning Nail Mirror Powder

This is a very high quality product. It is very easy to apply, regardless of whether you are using it on artificial or natural nails. With 5 grams of product with this purchase, you will also get plenty of it.

5. Holographic Powder For Rainbow


Holographic Powder For Rainbow

This product can deliver a premium look, and it comes in a huge selection of colors. The powder is very fine, and therefore the results are pretty powerful. This product will have your nails shine like a rainbow unicorn, in color shades of your choice.

6. LilyAngel Mirror Nail Powder


LilyAngel Mirror Nail Powder

This holographic nail powder comes in a variety of styles. Many of them are perfectly suited for a summer look. Being a mirror nail powder, it delivers splendid results. The color choice variety also makes it a perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

7. Pinky Petals Holographic Laser Nail Powder

Pinky Petals Holographic Laser Nail Powder

This is a salon grade nail powder. For that reason, the effects are pretty professional even when used in the comfort of your own home. The application process is easy. The powder, however, has to be applied on gel nail polish. You can go for glitter effect and a chrome metallic effect.

8. Elite99 Mirror Effect Nail Chrome Powder


Elite99 Mirror Effect Nail Chrome Powder

Creating magical nails with mirror holographic effects should be easy with this nail powder. The effects will also be long-lasting. Getting the desired effect is also easy, thanks for an easy application process.

9. Born Pretty Holographic Laser Powder

Born Pretty Holographic Laser Powder

Because it is made of high quality material, only a thin layer is needed when applying this holographic powder to get splendid results. The mirror metallic nail you will get after applying this beauty product will definitely be a head turner. Application is also pretty easy.

10. Pretty Diva Holographic Powder

Pretty Diva Holographic Powder

This is a best selling holographic nail powder. It has a high quality smooth and non-grainy texture. Also, it is ideal for the summer look because of its shiny look and the ability to have its full visual effect in the sunshine.